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C13 Aunt shen's embarrassment

Mommy Ling said that I will be going to work in a few days, and in that case, I don't know if I will meet that hook nose trio, who knows if I will meet them again. Sh * t, these three fellows are the biggest disgrace in my life, I really want to kill them.

Time passed very quickly. Around an hour later, Xiao Ru and the other two finally walked over with large and small bags of packaging.

I got out of the car and helped him open the trunk, but Xiao Ru's face was a little ugly.

"That bastard Hou San, he actually called for people to come here, luckily you're not here!" Xiao Ru looked at me and she said.

I was angry and frightened at her words. As expected, it was because I had run away fast, or else I might have been beaten up if I hadn't been caught. But it didn't matter.

After leaving the Dragon's Dream, we rushed back to the small district, at the same time, Mommy Ling called us again. The meaning was very simple, she wanted Xiao Ru and the others to go to work in the afternoon, she said that there would be an important guest waiting for them, as for me, I was very quiet, sitting alone in the villa with nothing to do.

After lunch, I went upstairs by myself. When I reached the third floor, I heard a faint sound of water flowing. It's really weird, is there anyone else at home? Could it be the Aunt Shen? But just now, I only saw the lunch prepared by Aunt Shen, I didn't see her at all. Could she be bathing in the bathroom?

That was true, Aunt Shen said that her family's condition was ordinary and was still allowing her son to study, because her husband left early, making it difficult for her. If Mommy Ling did not ask her to come here to do some work, then the pressure on her shoulders would be too great.

Although this Aunt Shen looks to be around thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old, her figure is also extremely good. Not only is her front and back protruding, she is also mature and sexy. Why would I say that she bathed at home during the day? Or was it because she felt we should have come back later?

I tiptoed to the door of the bathroom. At this moment, the door of the bathroom was ajar, and I could vaguely see the indistinct figure of a body inside the rain glass. This body was not only extremely beautiful, but I could also faintly see the Aunt Shen leaning against the shower, touching her thighs with both hands.

"So comfortable!" Aunt Shen said softly, and because of her words, my heartbeat quickened.

I really want to rush in now to let her understand the importance of being a man, but at the moment, I don't dare to act rashly. It's said that Aunt Shen and I haven't known each other for long, if they resist and call the police, wouldn't I be branded as a pervert? Being in jail was even worse.

"I wonder where Miss Xiao Ru bought this thing. It's so comfortable, I should put it back when I'm done." The Aunt Shen muttered. It was obvious that when she was cleaning up Xiao Ru's room, she discovered the thing Tao Bao bought. The thing said to have turned on its own, normal women would definitely be unable to bear it and yearn for it.

Of course, I'm talking about the kind of women who were single despite having a child. They haven't been in contact with a man for many years, so it's only natural for them to feel lonely.

He almost forgot a popular saying in the world, women are like wolves, 40 like tigers, 50 like suckers. This Aunt Shen is already around 30 years old, and is at the age where they are wolves and tigers. It is unknown how many years has passed since her body was plucked and doted on by men.

When I thought of this, I turned around to look, and just in time to see the Aunt Shen coming out of the shower. With a difference of two to three meters, her and my line of sight immediately intertwined.

I simply could not believe it. There were still drops of water on the white body of the Aunt Shen, and her wet hair was hanging down to her waist, her body was even more exposed to the air. I could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, just as I was about to say 'I'm sorry', something that made me feel even more awkward happened.

"Aunt Shen, are you there? Do you see the list I left in the bedroom this morning? "

It was the voice of the Mommy Ling. It was weird, didn't she go out to do something? That sound came from the corridor outside, which means that Mommy Ling is already on the third floor. If she sees me and Aunt Shen in the bathroom, that would be too awkward, right? It would be hard to say when the time came.

Aunt Shen's face was flushed red, she too, seemed to have realized the seriousness of the situation. After all, she was just a nanny, if something like this happened between us, Mommy Ling would definitely misunderstand.

As my mind raced, Aunt Shen made a gesture of silence. Under my astonished gaze, she grabbed my hand, pulled me into the shower, and even asked me to stand behind her.

"Miss Zhang, are you talking about those white lists?" After the Aunt Shen closed the glass shower door, she covered my body with a white towel and turned on the tap again.

Damn, I was so shocked by Aunt Shen's actions. I leaned right behind her and pressed my body against her back, what the hell!

Although this thing is a little smaller than mine, its shape is very similar. I don't know how long this Aunt Shen has been inside bathing for.

"That's right, it's the white list. Aunt Shen, you're bathing right? That's right, it's not convenient for your house to wash either." Mommy Ling had already appeared at the bathroom door, and when she heard the water inside, she immediately spoke up.

"I put those lists away in the drawer by your bedside. I'm sorry, Ms. Zhang. I didn't know that you had to use them urgently." Even though Aunt Shen's breathing was a little heavier due to me holding her up, she still maintained a calm mind and spoke.

"It's fine, as long as you can find it!" When the Mommy Ling heard Aunt Shen's words, she did not blame him at all. She hastily went downstairs and finally disappeared from the bathroom.

I remained silent the entire time, but my heart was beating very quickly. In just a few minutes, I heard the sound of a car starting up downstairs.

"Hu!" Aunt Shen heaved a heavy sigh. She turned around and looked at me with an awkward expression.

"Mr. Lin, you've returned. Sorry, I didn't want to be seen by Miss Zhang just now." Aunt Shen explained awkwardly. She was obviously worried about this matter.

"It doesn't matter. Right, what is this?" I pursed my lips and took the thing in my hand. I looked at Aunt Shen with suspicion.

When I asked this question, Aunt Shen's face turned even redder, and right now, I just happened to stick closely to her.

"Uh, this, this isn't mine." Aunt Shen really wished she could find a hole to hide in, as her little secret had been discovered by me.

Since Aunt Shen is so lonely and you are acting like this, then as long as I go from the back, hehe, I would be extremely excited.

"Oh, but I clearly saw Aunt Shen using this just now." I looked at her innocently, my lower abdomen emitting a hidden force. This move is called rubbing electricity. If it succeeds, the Yellow River's water will flood.

"Eh, Mr. Lin, don't move. I'll open the door right now and go out." Aunt Shen was trembling from head to toe. She quickly opened the glass door and under my teasing gaze, she took a dry towel and a bundle before disappearing from my sight.

The Thousand Blessings Sect had failed!

I secretly cursed in my heart. I didn't expect the Aunt Shen to be so reserved, and this trick actually didn't work.

Right now, my entire body is in a sorry state, completely drenched. Sigh, I have to change into a new set of clothes.

That's what I was thinking in my heart. Right at this moment, the Aunt Shen ran back in a sorry state, only to see her running into the shower room again and running out with that thing in her hand.

Hm? I have to follow.

As expected, Aunt Shen used a dry towel to wipe the item off, and then even opened Xiao Ru's room and placed it in a drawer in the wardrobe.

"Aunt Shen, what are you doing with that thing?" I kept looking at her innocently.

As I expected, she must be in a very awkward situation. She secretly took Xiao Ru's things, and just this alone, that grumpy girl would cause trouble for her.

"I, I just!" Aunt Shen's face was flushed red, he did not know what to say.

"You used Sister Xiao Ru's personal belongings. If I tell Sister Xiao Ru about this, how would she feel?" I opened my mouth in a serious manner, and felt even more elated.

"I, I really didn't mean to touch this thing. Mr. Lin, don't tell Miss Xiao Ru, she will definitely be unhappy if she finds out. I don't want this matter to become bigger." Aunt Shen was so scared by me that her face turned white.

Wahaha, that's what I want.

"Then why did you pull me into the bathroom and seduce me?" I continued.

"Er, I really didn't mean to do this to Mr. Lin." Aunt Shen did not know how to reply. She was still wearing her bath towel and had not even changed her clothes.

"It's too late, unless you, Aunt Shen, are willing to go against me, I believe you understand!" I simply sat on Xiao Ru's bed. There's only me and Aunt Shen here right now, so I'm not afraid.

"Mr. Lin, stop joking around, I'm already old and yellow in your Aunt Shen, how can I be suitable?" Hearing me say this, Aunt Shen's face reddened, and she didn't dare look at me.

Who said the Aunt Shen is old? I'll see that the Aunt Shen is a great beauty, not one bit inferior to Big Sister Xiao Ru and the others. I climbed up the pole and smacked the horse in place.

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