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C15 One thousand a glass of wine

"So it's Lil 'Lin. Lil' Lin, come and have a drink." The short-haired female entrepreneur is called Wang Danping. Mommy Ling can just call her Big Sister Wang, and she even poured me a glass of high-end wine.

"Thank you, Sis Wu." I hurriedly got up and took it. Talking about etiquette, I have to do it properly. Otherwise, who will take it as a tip?

Seeing that I was so tactful, the Mommy Ling nodded her head in praise and poured herself a cup as well. As for the girl with eyes, her name was Ge Ping, of course, although she looked as ugly as the fat woman, I also treated her with a smile.

The dishes on the table were quickly filled up by the waiters. Seafood, abalone and lobsters, these are all common dishes. I think that this table of dishes should have at least tens of thousands.

"Xiao Lin, come, let's drink this toast." The fat woman raised her glass and smiled.

Seeing that the fat woman wanted to drink with me, I hurriedly stood up and clinked glasses with her.

"Hmm, your alcohol tolerance isn't bad. Here's another cup." When the bespectacled woman saw me finish my glass, she hurriedly poured another one for me.

Speaking of which, that short-haired Wang Danping looks pretty good. If she were to be with me, I would definitely agree to it, but the fat woman and the bespectacled girl are scared to death. I am truly afraid of these two.

As a country kid, when have I ever tasted this kind of high-end wine? I'm already feeling dizzy before I've even finished one bottle.

At this time, the fat woman was happily chatting with her two sisters. As for Mommy Ling, he even said that he would take good care of the three of them and left the room.

When we were close to the bill, the fat woman swiped her gold card to pay, and the next thing I knew, she wanted me to accompany them to sing 'K.', so of course I agreed. After all, I hadn't gotten my tip yet, so of course I could only accompany the three of them.

I had to say, how could I sing any song? I hummed a few songs, and because I was drinking just now, I also started to get confused. I only knew that the three female bosses ordered a box of beer and fruit platters and were in the box, and they sang a couple of love songs in succession. I was also singing with them, and in my heart of hearts, I rejected them, but Wang Danping was looking at me with an unintentional expression, it was said that her husband and children only came back during the new year in the United States, and as for her, she was originally a pretty boy, but unfortunately married after returning home, and never contacted her again.

As for the fat woman, she was sitting beside me. Her big paws were not touching my thighs, but caressing my chest, she was making me sweat like crazy, but Mommy Ling had told me before she left that I had to treat them well, saying that the three of them were not simple characters, after all, they had big backgrounds.

After three rounds of drinking, I also drank a bit of beer. This was probably the first time I drank so much, I couldn't help but vomit when I went to the toilet. Damn, all the delicacies I ate just now were all spat out.

I wiped my mouth on the sink in front of the tap and looked at myself in the mirror. I felt like I was in a dream.

"Yi, Xiao Lin, are you alright? How did you vomit?" Is it okay? " A surprised voice sounded from behind me. I saw that Wang Danping walked a few steps in front of me. Although her face was also flushed red, she wasn't as embarrassed as I was.

"It's nothing, I'm just not used to drinking it." I waved my hands and spoke awkwardly.

"If you can't drink, then drink less. We all thought that your alcohol capacity wasn't bad. Come, let's go to the room." Wang Danping supported me and I leaned against her side, feeling a little dizzy. I staggered into the box once again.

When I entered the box, something unexpected happened. The fat woman was directing a waiter to set up a variety of wines on the table, only wine and wine, and she arranged seven or eight glasses in a single order. Each one had a glass of wine, and beneath the glass was a stack of bills, which was about a thousand, I guessed.

"Lil 'Lin, Big Sis Yang is so happy today. Every drink you drink is worth a thousand yuan. Don't say that I didn't give you a chance to earn money." The fat woman smiled and patted my shoulder. She didn't know that I had vomited in the toilet just now. As for the bespectacled girl Ge Ping, she held a beer bottle and chuckled. This woman drank quite a bit tonight.

The glass was only about two or three of the wine, and it was a mixture of wine and white wine. I looked at the eight cups of wine on the table and calculated.

After drinking eight cups of wine, it would amount to eight thousand!

This is 8,000 yuan, my family's annual income is only slightly over 10,000 yuan, and my parents have worked really hard when they went out to work. If I can get this money and pay the tuition fees for September, then I can lighten the burden on my family.

Thinking of this, a trace of determination appeared on my face. I walked over to the table, picked up a glass of wine, and drank it all in one gulp.

"Good alcohol capacity, Zhang Ling was right about you!" The fat woman applauded while the bespectacled woman looked at me in ridicule.

A scalding feeling mixed with a mixture of alcohol burned in my throat, and it felt as if it had entered my heart. After drinking this cup of wine, I stuffed the thousand yuan from the bottom of the cup into my pocket.

"Even if I have to risk my life, I want the money!" I shouted in my heart as my eyes swept across the remaining seven cups. I sat down on the sofa beside me and raised the second cup!


Every time I drank a cup, I would pick up a thousand yuan. With bloodshot eyes, under the exclamations of the fat woman and the bespectacled girl, I continuously drank these eight cups of wine. They simply could not understand why I could suddenly drink that much.

How could the female bosses who were in high society be able to experience a scene where people in poor areas were risking their lives for money? Forget about this one thousand yuan glass of wine, even if it was in the village, someone would do it for ten yuan.

My stomach was already in turmoil. I tried my best to hold back the alcohol so that I wouldn't spurt it out. The aftermath would be unbearable. I quickly opened the door to the private room and ran towards the toilet.


As soon as I ran into the bathroom, I threw up violently. The sharp sensation made my eyes water, and I felt dizzy. If I didn't hold on to the vomit tank, I think I would have fallen to the ground.

Reaching out to touch my bulging pockets, I breathed a sigh of relief. At least, I had earned the eight thousand yuan.

I inexplicably smiled, but my head simply swayed back and forth, making me unconscious.

When I woke up, it was the morning of the second day. I was in a large bed with no clothes on. On the bedside table, there was a yellow envelope.

I vaguely recalled what happened last night. I vaguely remembered that someone sent me to a hotel and gave me a drink at night. Anyway, I did a lot of things that night.

I got up and grabbed the envelope from the bedside table. I took out the letter and ordered, no more, no less than ten thousand. Adding to the eight glasses of wine I drank last night, I earned eighteen thousand yuan in one night.

Eighteen thousand, this, this is the money my parents saved after working for a year. And I, just last night, actually earned this money.

I got up and got off the bed, but I felt that my legs were weak and my spirit was not in a good state. However, when I picked up my phone, I saw that there were a few missed calls from Mommy Ling.

"Is it ten-thirty?" I muttered to myself, then quickly called the Mommy Ling.

"Hey, Lil 'Lin, how was it last night? I heard you were drunk. Are you alright? That Big Sis Yang is very satisfied with you. You did very well yesterday." Mommy Ling first expressed her condolences, then smiled and spoke out.

"Yeah, I feel really tired right now." I nodded.

"Then you need to rest well. Where are you? Do you want me to come and take you back?" Hearing my words, Mommy Ling immediately asked.

"No need, I'll take a taxi back." I shook my head.

After a hot bath, I put on my clothes and left the room. I handed the card to the lobby customer service department.

"Sir, here is your deposit of four hundred!" The counter girl took the card and gave me four hundred.

I took the money, thinking that it must have been left behind by that fat woman. It's a good thing I had a short movie yesterday, otherwise, this would have been a nightmare for me forever. That's right, I still had their business cards and my contact information at the hotel yesterday.

After catching a taxi, I directly returned to the villa. At this moment, the Aunt Shen opened the door for me and asked if I had eaten. My heart warmed as I hugged her tightly.

"Mr. Lin, what's going on? Why does it look like you have something on your mind?" The Aunt Shen asked with concern.

"No, nothing?" Is there rice porridge at home? I want some rice porridge. " I shook my head, but I was hungry.

"Ohhh, I'll do it right away." When Aunt Shen heard this, she looked at me again. She clearly knew that I must have drank quite a lot since I didn't come back yesterday, and this rice porridge can now nourish the stomach.

I nodded and went up the stairs. When I reached the door of my room on the third floor, I heard the sound of weeping coming from the next room.

Wu wu wu. Boss Fang was the only one to do it. Yesterday, they came here for three. Sister Zhang told me to hold it in. I-I really don't want to do this anymore.

This was Xiao Ya's cry, and according to the conversation in the room, it was clear that after Xiao Ya made her move yesterday, she had encountered difficulties with a large customer, and any person who was met with the same fate as these three would feel a shadow in their heart.

"Sister Zhang is doing this for your own good. Xiao Ya, you earned two hundred thousand last night. Have you forgotten that your little brother is going to university?

"Boss Fang is a person with a lot of reputation. Yesterday, I heard that his two friends were also officials of the provincial government. Don't cry, Xiao Ya. "When I've earned enough, I'll go back to my hometown and find a good man to marry."

Xiao Ru and Lian'er consoled her from the side. In other words, the three of them came out last night and I don't even know how much money they actually earned, but just the number of people saying that Xiao Ya earned 200,000 in a single night still shocked me.

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