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C18 Moxa cordifolia herb

In the blink of an eye, the next morning, I went downstairs to eat some breakfast before leaving. I said that I had to go to the bank to deposit the money today, and I still had to ask Wang Liping about carriages later on. If I could get my driver's license within a month, I would normally have more work to do.

I wonder how much she will give me to drive Wang Liping. After all, this is a female entrepreneur, I don't think she lacks money, right?

The distance from the bank to the district was only ten minutes. When I rushed to the bank, there were already many people waiting with numbers. After I took the numbers, I sat down on a chair and waited.

About ten minutes later, a van arrived at the entrance. Not long after it arrived, there was the sound of brakes and gunshots.

Bang bang!

Ah!" Someone is robbing us!

"Mom, I'm scared!"

"What should we do? I haven't saved my money yet! "

Screams and panicked screams filled the air. I, who was originally calm, jumped in fright. Damn it, bank robberies in broad daylight could happen as well. I thought I had only seen it in movies but didn't expect it to actually exist in reality.

"Nobody moves! Whoever behind the counter dares to call the police, I'll destroy them! "

Three figures walked in from the entrance as a result of these bold words. The one who spoke was a burly man with a big back and a bulky build. Both he and his companions wore black stockings on their heads, so it was impossible to see their faces clearly. As for the two security guards in the carriage just now, they had probably shot or subdued them.

"Take out 10 million in cash immediately!" The burly man held a double-barreled hunting rifle. He knocked on the glass of the first counter and spoke to the counter lady inside.

"No, not ten million. I-we're a branch here, so we don't have that much cash." The counter lady looked ordinary and her voice was trembling; she was obviously frightened.

"Don't think that I don't know. There's an alarm button under your counter!" A slim guy next to her shot at the glass counter number two. - Bang! - A bank clerk who was standing close to the counter was killed.

Ah!" Don't kill me, don't kill me! " The other bank staff behind the counter immediately panicked. They were holding the country's salary and thought that the iron rice bowl wouldn't be dangerous at all, but who would have thought that there would be bandits robbing the bank today?

"Bastard, who told you to kill someone!" The burly man was enraged when he saw his comrade get rid of one of his comrades.

"Boss, we're done for if they call the police!" The skinny man explained.

The rest of us were squatting on the ground with our hands on our heads. I knew that the moment these blood-sucking gangsters ran into a storm, they would be in a hurry to kill us.

"Put all the cash from your bank into a bag for me, and all of you will die within a minute!" The burly man and her companion looked at each other and fired a shot through the glass counter.

With a "bang", a big hole appeared in the window of the counter. Some of the bank staff were even scared to the point that they peed their pants.

"40 more seconds!" The burly man glanced at the electronic clock in the bank and pointed the gun at the bank clerk behind the counter.

Hearing that there were still forty seconds before she could die, the woman at the first counter hurriedly took out a yellow bag from the back and stuffed all the cash on the counter into it.

The rough estimate could be several hundred thousand yuan. Of course, it was unknown how much money there was in the other counters.

"Do you want to die?" The burly man saw that the bank staff at the other counters were not making any movements so he quickly shot again.

This shot was the final warning. Not long after, several bags filled with cash were thrown out from behind the counter. According to my calculations, there should be around one or two million.

"Retreat!" The moment the burly man received the money, he immediately ran out of the bank, his two companions shot twice in a row, the skinny man acted as a threat, he looked around, walking past me, but as he walked past, his knee suddenly touched my head, and his feet slipped and he fell to the ground.

"Motherf * cker, this little bastard dared to plot against me. Your father will kill you!" The skinny man fell to the ground and picked up his gun. He was about to aim it at my head.

I thought to myself, "Oh no, what does this have to do with me? You ran into me yourself, and you're relying on me. No, I don't want to die!"

I don't know where I got the courage to think of it, but maybe it was because I didn't want to die that I was getting up and snatching the thin man's gun.

At this moment, a siren could be heard from outside. Apparently, the gunshot from the van had attracted the attention of the people on the street. Some bank clerk in the bank had successfully called the police.

"How dare you steal my gun!" But in terms of strength, he is not as big as me.

"Ol 'Three, hurry up, the damn police is here!" When the burly man at the door saw that the thin man did not come out, he hurriedly shouted.

As soon as I saw that the burly man and the other robber showed signs of returning, I embraced the thin man and used all my strength to shield him from me.

"It's too late, boss!" The other guy looked at me and the skinny guy and ran out the door.

After a minute or so, the police finally arrived. When they saw me and the skinny guy were fighting, they grabbed the skinny guy's gun and picked her up.

"Sir, are you alright?" A clear voice came into my ear. I had been looking at the thin man, and I wanted to see what he looked like after he took off his stockings. But now, I looked away.

This was a young woman wearing a black police uniform. She was around 1.7 meters tall, and not only did she have a beautiful oval face, but she also had a valiant air about her.

"It's fine, it's fine. As long as we can catch the criminal, it's a good thing." I shook my head and hurriedly replied.

"Sir, would you mind accompanying us to the police station for a statement?" The pretty policewoman spoke again, she had already captured one of the robbers, and according to her colleague's walkie-talkie, the other two were already surrounded. If they did not surrender, they would obviously be killed.

"En!" I nodded. As for the other officers, they were either rescuing the wounded or investigating the bank's footage.

Speaking of which, it was a fluke this time. I seemed to have become a great hero, and that policewoman in the car started chatting with me.

"You're still a student. This time, you've done it bravely, so we have to go visit the school."

This beautiful policewoman was called Mo Xue, and after graduating from the Academy, she worked in the nearby Public Security Bureau, and in just three short years she went from a normal police officer to the position of captain, so one could imagine that this girl did have some skills. As for my identity, of course I am a student, but she said that she was going to the school to publicize this matter, which is really too eye-catching, if that bandit has other companions, wouldn't I be in danger?

"Captain Mo is too polite, but there's really no need for this. If this bandit still has companions at large, it wouldn't be good." I quickly refused.

There was no point in saying that she was helping an old granny to cross the road and catch a thief, but she was a murderer after all. There was no need to spread such things.

"That's true. After all, you're still a student. I'm being rude!" Mo Xue nodded, she understood me well.

Sitting with Mo Xue at a close distance, I felt even more safe. If I had such a girlfriend, I think no one would dare to bully me.

I don't know why, but I realized that ever since I left for work, my relationship with women seemed to be getting better and better. But today, I walked on the line of death.

It was already past ten in the morning by the time I finished my statement at the police station. I had yet to complete the matter of leaving today, but I received a contact information from the police, so I didn't know if it was luck or misfortune.

After leaving the police station, I changed to a different bank and finally took out the money. Just now, that police officer Mo Xue also called to say that the other two robbers had also been caught.

En, catching it is good. I have made up my mind. After all, too many things have happened to me recently. I think I should go to the temple to burn some incense and pay my respects to Buddha. No matter what, wasn't peace the greatest happiness?

I touched the police card that Mo Xue gave me, and finally dialed Wang Liping's number.

"Lil 'Lin, what are you looking for me for?" Wang Liping's voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Sister Wang, is the coach you mentioned before still recruiting? I want to learn how to ride a car. " I replied.

Ohh, you can call my friend and ask him about this later.

"Yeah, sorry for troubling Sister Wang!"

I hung up the phone and randomly ate some rice covered rice at a Shaxian snack by the side of the road. After I finished eating, Wang Liping's phone call finally came.

Wang Liping gave me a coach's cell phone number. She said that it would be best for me to call that coach as soon as possible, and she would arrange things for me when the time comes. As for the tuition, Wang Liping even said that she had already arranged everything.

I really didn't think that Wang Liping would treat me so well. I've only met her once, and because of this, I'm even more grateful to her in my heart.

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