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C19 My confessions

I called the number Wang Liping gave me. This female coach was called Qin Rong and was also in her thirties, but she was very polite when she found out that I was Wang Liping's friend. She also said that she wanted me to register with her as soon as possible, because no matter what, I need to print out a copy of my information to make a copy.

I repeatedly promised, and even said that I would be free tomorrow morning, while Qin Rong also promised to come to our district's entrance to pick me up. Speaking of which, this female coach was extremely passionate, which surprised me a little, and sometimes I even thought, this Qin Rong is a girl, can she really teach me well?

Although I was doubtful, I had an appointment for tomorrow. When I returned to the villa, it was already past one o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, it was the afternoon nap time for the three great beauties, and in order to not disturb them, I quietly entered my room.

Although I became a hero when I went to the bank today, my body was covered in perspiration. I needed to take a bath first and then have a good rest. This summer is indeed unusually hot.

Also, school is about to start in a month, so I have to go home first. No matter what, this time, I have to make Li Cuilian have a whole new level of respect for me.

Thinking about Li Cuilian, my heart was filled with hatred, but there was also a trace of pity. It was said that a pair of Daphne could make Li Cuilian become someone underneath her, this society was indeed very realistic.

"Eh, eh, be gentle, hubby doesn't want it!"

Just as I was deep in thought, a sound came out from the room next door. Strange, wasn't that Xiao Ru's room? Why did it sound like 'Golden Bottle Plum'?

This kind of movement was extremely sensitive to me. I hurriedly pressed my ear against the wall and listened for any movements inside. As expected, Xiao Ru was secretly watching a movie.

Just when I thought that Xiao Ru was the only one in the room, I suddenly heard another voice, and the owner of the voice was actually that fat butt beauty, Lian'er.

"Sister Xiao Ru, you're so bad, watching this kind of movie!" Lian'er's breathing became rapid, it was obvious that she rarely came into contact with this kind of film.

"How is it? This kind of movie, it's best if it works with my thing. " Xiao Ru said proudly, her voice carried a trace of enticement.

When I heard Xiao Ru say that, I knew that she had taken out the thing Tao Bao bought.

After hearing what Xiao Ru said, that Lian'er actually became silent. As for me, at this time, I'm actually a bit anxious. This voice is the most annoying, if I could take a look, wouldn't that be great? Speaking of which, if Xiao Ru and Lian'er were to hold onto that thing, it would definitely be extremely tempting.

I don't know where I can buy a pinhole camera and a bug right now. If I secretly install one of these three beauties' rooms, then wouldn't I be able to feast my eyes everyday?

How can I be so vulgar? In other words, I am a man of honor. Although I would be a bit lustful due to my instinctive reaction, which cat wouldn't eat meat?

A few minutes later, Xiao Ru and Lian'er actually started shouting out at the same time. Although this made me excited, but this Xiao Ru and Lian'er, do they have any homosexual tendencies?

When I think of homosexuality, I'm straight to Sparta. It would be a waste of resources if such a beautiful woman became gay. At least I've never heard of a gay woman being a lady outside.

As time slowly passed, even if Xiao Ru and Lian'er's temptation was even greater, I could only listen to their sigh, unable to do anything about it.

"I better take a cold shower and take a nap!" I opened the door and went to the bathroom.

Just as I walked out of the room and entered Xiao Ru's room, there was a creaking sound, and Xiao Ru appeared in my line of sight holding a pair of pants with different colors.

"Eh?" Xiao Ru was instantly embarrassed, I sized Xiao Ru up from head to toe. She was currently dressed in silk pajamas with an empty space inside, speaking of the matter between her and Lian'er, they must have been too excited and so they changed the inside out. But the one in Xiao Ru's hand right now, clearly had been changed out just now.

"Sister Xiao Ru, you have to bring me out!" Lian'er's voice came out from the room.

"Oh, oh, I know!" When Xiao Ru came back to her senses, she immediately shut the door.

"Sister Xiao Ru, why were you and Sister Lian'er shouting so much just now? I couldn't sleep at all!" I took a step forward and whispered into Xiao Ru's ear.

"You!" Hearing my words, Xiao Ru's face turned completely red. She was obviously a little annoyed, but she didn't know how to respond.

I laughed and ignored Xiao Ru's murderous gaze as I walked towards the bathroom. To me, it's better to take a cold bath now.

"Halt!" Xiao Ru walked up a few steps and stopped me.

"What's wrong?" I frowned, puzzled.

Speaking of which, I was just joking around to tease Xiao Ru earlier, I really didn't have the mood to argue with her, but now that Xiao Ru is so angry, I secretly cursed in my heart.

"Lin Zheng, do you think that Lian'er and I are both bad girls, or do you really not love ourselves?" Xiao Ru said coldly.

Being asked by Xiao Ru, my head started to hurt. What the hell, I just heard that she and Lian'er were using that thing and it was actually nothing much. After all, it's normal for women to do this for men and five girls.

"Sister Xiao Ru, actually, the first time I saw you, I felt that something was different about you. Did you know, when I saw you when I was staying here for the first night, I was extremely nervous. For some reason, I felt that you were a good girl. I thought about it for a moment, then kept my eyes closed for a minute, until my eyes started to tear up.

"Eh, Lil 'Lin, do you really think so?" After hearing what I said, Xiao Ru looked at me in shock. She didn't know that I still cared about her this much.

Whether it was Xiao Ru or Lian'er, they were both good girls in my eyes, I liked her anyway, wahah.

"Being friends with Sister Xiao Ru is the greatest happiness of my life, so I hope Sister Xiao Ru will not ask me like this again, because in my eyes, you, Sister Xiao Ru, will always be a good girl!" I spoke righteously, looking at Xiao Ru with extremely clear eyes.

"Then what happened just now?" Xiao Ru looked at me reproachfully.

Speaking of which, I had even eavesdropped on Xiao Ru and Lian'er just now, and I already know what they did. What should I do now? If I admit that I eavesdropped, then they must have thought I was a pervert, but if I didn't, then how should I explain their loud voices?

"Sister Xiao Ru, there is something that I have been hiding from you all this while." I scratched the back of my head as I thought of something.

"What is it?" Xiao Ru asked curiously.

"Actually, the first time I saw Sister Xiao Ru, I had already fallen in love with you, and only after hearing your sound of falling asleep every night, did I sleep peacefully. I don't know why, but you have already become a part of my life, maybe you will call me childish, but I really didn't eavesdrop on you guys on purpose, I really didn't know you had Sister Lian'er inside!" I said bitterly.

"Lin Zheng, you aren't drinking, right? Are you not awake today?" Xiao Ru watched in a daze, then shouted out loudly.

Man, she doesn't believe me! Speaking of which, is my acting really that bad? So what can I do to make her believe me?

As the saying goes, the highest realm one can take advantage of was to get taken advantage of! Obviously, I have not reached the highest realm yet, but if I were to take the initiative and attack, I think that even if Xiao Ru is a tigress, I should still be able to control her, right?

"Sister Xiao Ru, I like you!" While I was speaking, I abruptly grabbed Xiao Ru's waist and pulled him into my embrace, and my lips instantly touched Xiao Ru's sweet lips.

"Eh!" Xiao Ru felt like she was electrocuted, and her eyes grew wide.

Hehe, in this Korean dramas, it is known as the number one trick to pick on girls. Whenever the male lead wants to establish a relationship with the female lead, they would suddenly use this kind of cold violence. For some reason, those female lead usually resist a few times before accepting the male lead.

I kiss Xiao Ru's mouth, my heart blooming with happiness.

It's been almost five seconds and she still hasn't pushed me away. It seems that the tigress has already been subdued by me.


A resounding slap sounded across my face, and my confident expression was suddenly replaced with reality.

"Are you crazy? You've watched too many Korean dramas, right? Scram!" Not only did Xiao Ru slap me, she looked like a tigress.

"Damn, why did you hit me?" I covered my face. Could it be that Xiao Ru did not feel that romantic atmosphere?

"Who else do you want to hit? You dare to eat this old lady's tofu!" Xiao Ru said angrily, the insides of her hands were being pulled tight by her, her small mouth pouting even wider.

"You're the lunatic! To think I like you so much!" I pretended to ignore her and rushed into the bathroom, leaving her standing there in a daze.

Although the success rate of this move isn't too high, but generally, girls wouldn't be too disgusted with men who like her. Today, when I said I liked her, she thought I was joking, but after she slapped me, I still said the same thing, making her suspicious!

Hehe, I don't care what Xiao Ru thinks, if she's interested in me, then she'll definitely accept me. Of course, if she doesn't feel anything for me, then pretend it never happened, and another day I'll say that I did drink and rave at noon.

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