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Being scolded by her in such a way, I immediately woke up from my stupor. I hurriedly stood up and looked at Li Cuilian's skirt, only to see that the hem on her thigh had dark colored marks, evidently indicating that I was too disappointing earlier and too nervous. Sigh, even I felt that my pants were a little wet.

If it was me who dreamt it, it would be fine. But now that Li Cuilian saw it, would she think that I was useless and not a man?

"Sister-in-law, I'm really sorry. I-I didn't do it on purpose!" I scratched the back of my head, looking nervous and embarrassed.

"You little brat, are you deliberately bullying your sister-in-law? If you don't learn well at such a young age, look at your pants! " Li Cuilian's face was completely red as she pointed at my underwear and cursed.

After hearing what Li Cuilian said, I suddenly had the urge to curse.

I told you I didn't do it on purpose, yet you're still going ahead. Yes, I was not careful just now, but so what? Who asked you to be so beautiful, I'm not a child. I've grown up, this reaction is very normal. I replied angrily.

Hearing what I said, Li Cuilian was stunned for a moment, then actually laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" I glared at Li Cuilian.

"Is sister-in-law really that beautiful? Xiao Lin, do you miss your sister-in-law? " Li Cuilian smiled as she looked at me. This thirty year old widow, could really talk, she actually could even ask such vulgar words.

Since she asked so directly, as a man, how could I submit?

"Yes, why wouldn't I? I'm not a eunuch!" I said confidently.

"Alright you brat, a toad wants to eat swan meat. No way, you have to compensate me with a skirt first!" Li Cuilian looked at me playfully, but her words made me stare blankly.

"No money, how can I have the money to buy a dress? Besides, I can just spend fifty yuan on the girls in the town. Why should I want you?" I shook my head.

A single dress costs eighty dollars, the town's barbershop miss is only fifty dollars, I am not stupid, hehe, spending the money is unfair, furthermore what if I buy it, what about this Li Cuilian being shameless?

"No money? "Alright, if you don't have any money, I'll tell your dad that you're being dishonest and always bothering me." Li Cuilian was obviously not someone who was easy to deal with. She had both her hands on her waist and had a complacent look on her face.

I hate her from the bottom of my heart. Everyone says that it is the most vicious woman's heart. There are many troubles in front of this widow's door, and I was really set up.

"Alright, alright. Can't I agree to it?" My face immediately turned ashen. To be honest, my father would beat me to death if I told him.

Although on the surface I admit defeat, but this Li Cuilian still warned me a little, and said that she will not wash this dress, in any case there is evidence of me flirting with her.

I left her house with a bad feeling.

Heh heh heh, if I was a wild man from the village outside, she wouldn't dare to reveal that to me even if I went to her bed at night. Even if she was attacked by a group, I think that if she were to spread the news, she would lose her reputation, and no one would dare to take her in the future.

Hehe, since you threatened me just now, then I must have the ability to threaten you. After tonight, I want to see how you still act.

I took out my phone, filled it with electricity, and then sat on the balcony on the second floor. I wanted to see when Li Cuilian would sleep, since she didn't even have a television.

Time flew by quickly. Around nine in the evening, I saw Li Cuilian run to the outhouse quietly and squat in the toilet. This was also her habit before she went to sleep, so she probably took a washbasin and a hot water bottle to shower in the bedroom afterwards.

I took off my phone's charger and turned off all my lights. Even if Li Cuilian came out, what she saw was the false image of my house with its lights out and me sleeping soundly. My dad and mom were both working in big cities anyway, so no one would care about these things when I was alone at home.

When I saw Li Cuilian coming out of the latrine, she carefully held up her dress and walked into the house. After that, with a creaking sound, she closed the door.

Black is the safest color, it's the most suitable for action at night. I chuckled, walked out of the house, and softly snuck under the window of Li Cuilian's bedroom.

There were a few small holes in the curtains in Li Cuilian's bedroom, and it was truly a little torn. I slowly stood up and looked through the curtains and saw Li Cuilian washing her feet beside the bed.

True back, on such a hot day, don't you want to take a bath? I thought hard in my heart, but on second thought, could it be that she had already been scrubbed all over and was now just soaking her feet? After all, it was the most comfortable job after a day's work.

This Li Cuilian is so coquettish, even though she is usually a bit rustic, wearing a fiery red pajamas at night is really enticing, her feet were soaking in the washbasin, her hands took out a moisturizer from the bedside table to wipe her neck, arms, and then the pants on her pants were lifted up, the entire thigh and leg had been smeared all over, causing me to heat up.

Li Cuilian's face was red, it was probably because of the summer heat, but luckily she had an electric fan that was blowing some wind, otherwise, she would not be able to sleep.

"Sigh, I'm so tired." Li Cuilian muttered, then she finished washing and wiped her feet, then carried the foot water out.

Damn, will she see me? I was alarmed. If she found out about this, we would be in deep trouble. With her loud voice, forget about the villagers, even dogs would be attracted to her.

Just as I was about to hide to the side, Li Cuilian's house door opened, and with a 'whoosh', a bucket of water was splashed on the ground, followed by a 'whack' sound, the door lock stuck open.

Phew, I sighed heavily, luckily Li Cuilian had not stuck her head out, if not I would have been discovered, but that was good too, as there was danger and no danger.

The plan continued!

I looked through the curtain once again, and when I saw what Li Cuilian was holding in her hand, my heart jumped a few times.

If she were to use the eggplant for a midnight snack, no one would believe her. However, there would only be one result, haha, once I captured the video of her comforting herself, I think I would have the capital to threaten her. At that time, I would no longer be afraid of her.

The eggplant in Li Cuilian's hand couldn't be considered to be big, it was as thick as two fingers and ten centimeters long. I think that she should be familiar with this size, but compared to me, it's still lacking.

I thought slyly, holding the video phone in one hand and putting the other in my pocket.

In just a few minutes, Li Cuilian was no longer able to hold it in. She went to the bed and unbuttoned her pajamas one by one.

I thought back to the feeling when I touched Li Cuilian's chest when I was changing the light bulb just now, and my mouth was a little dry. This woman just scolded me just now, I think she is very serious, but luckily, I have already captured her appearance, I can threaten her tomorrow.

My gaze never left her as she crossed her arms in front of her chest in a daze. This woman was actually so bold. Furthermore, her pajamas were stepped on a few times by her feet before they were taken off her body.

Damn, my breath is a bit heavy, my line of sight did not move for even a second, this Li Cuilian is really wild, although Li Cuilian's skin will get suntanned from doing farm work during the day, but this body is really not bad.

"Eh!" Li Cuilian suddenly let out a cry. Damn it, I can't take her.

Woof woof woof!

Just as I was about to continue watching, a string of dog barks came from afar, and at this moment, Li Cuilian's body was covered by a single layer, covering her perfect body. Not only that, she had actually turned off the lamp on the bedside table.

"Really!" I cursed under my breath and quietly left her window sill.

After I returned home, the sound of dogs barking in the distance finally died down. At this moment, I heard the sound of footsteps. Why is there still someone coming out at night?

With a question mark in my mind, I went upstairs to the balcony. In the darkness of the night, I unexpectedly saw a man's figure.

This man looks about 1.7m, he's a little thin, he seems to be Liu Shisan from the neighboring village. This Liu Shisan has quite a bit of money in our neighborhood, he's a craftsman, there's a wife and children in the house, what's he doing here? It's miles away?

I secretly observed, when I saw Liu Shisan stop in front of Li Cuilian's house and walk to her doorstep, I became a little anxious.

"Little girl, sure enough, there are wild men coming to visit!"

"Big sis, open the door! Look, what did I bring you!" Liu Shisan said softly towards the window sill. That monkey's anxious voice made me angry.

In less than a few minutes, Li Cuilian's room door opened with a creak, and Liu Shisan directly walked in, closing the door behind him.

If you can use your phone to take a picture of this, then I have the handle on Li Cuilian. Furthermore, Liu Shisan's family has some money, when the time comes, I can make some good stuff out of them! A trace of evil flashed in my mind.

He didn't know what kind of character Li Cuilian would have when she was done in by others, when he saw how loose she was just now, he knew that he would definitely be lonely. Although he couldn't touch her for the time being, it was still fun to watch others touch her.

Thinking about it, I became even more excited. In just a few minutes, I once again touched the windowsill in Li Cuilian's room.

"Wow, it's really pretty. These shoes are very expensive right?" Li Cuilian took the pair of red high heels from Liu Shisan's hands and looked at them in surprise.

"It's not expensive. It was bought by Daphne's store in the city. It's only a little over two hundred yuan." Liu Shisan sat on Li Cuilian's bed, smoking her cigarette.

A pair of shoes was enough to make this girl, this Li Cuilian was really bad! I looked through the curtains at the movement inside. I really despised Li Cuilian's actions.

"Liu-ge, you're so nice, I only said that last time, I didn't think you'd really buy it for me!" Li Cuilian laughed and said. Right now she was wearing her pajamas, and if I am not wrong, she should still be in a hollow state.

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