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C6 Find a job

I hate Li Cuilian, I hate him, but I really want him, so I don't know what's going on.

It is indeed true that she is scolding me for being poor and saying that I have no money, but if I want to have her, I must have money.

Lying in bed at night, I thought a lot. I knew that my parents had gone out to work because my family wasn't well off. They paid a lot to be able to live a good life and let me study.

I need to earn money! I want to build a big house, I want Li Cuilian to have a whole new level of respect for me!

After thinking about it, I made a decision in my heart. Since there was still more than a month until the start of school, why don't I go out and do some summer work? After all, my family has always been paying my tuition and allowance. Although it doesn't seem like much on the surface, but with Li Cuilian saying the word "money", I understood how important money is.

The high school I studied in was in the city, which was not only bustling, but also very expensive. However, for lodging, there was no other choice. As for the place where I worked, I thought it would be better to be closer to the school.

To do so, the next morning, I packed my schoolbag and suitcase, ate a quick breakfast, locked the door, and went out.

In the morning, Li Cuilian was already working in the farmlands. When she heard the sound of my door closing, she turned around to take a look. But when she saw me carrying my schoolbag and saluting, she frowned.

"Eh? Little bastard, did you start school so soon? That's not right, it's still in July! " Li Cuilian stopped what she was doing and asked.

"Li Cuilian, I will make you look at me differently. From this summer day onwards, I will work hard to earn money!" Carrying my luggage to the road in front of me, I looked at Li Cuilian with determination.

"Earning money?" Do you think you can make money? It's fine if I think of you as a duck, but no, nobody wants you as a duck. "Hehehehe." Li Cuilian laughed out loud at the end. She must have felt that I was very childish, earning money just because I said I would, it wasn't easy to work outside, I think a lot of people in the village know about this.

"Have you said enough?" I was too lazy to pay attention to her. Although something happened between me and her yesterday, a woman like her only has money in her eyes. As long as I have money, I believe that she will change her attitude towards me.

"I'm angry. Yo yo, you really left!" Pay attention to your own safety. If you can't hold on any longer, come back early. Your parents are even pointing to you being admitted to a university and becoming famous! " When Li Cuilian heard my words, she was somewhat stunned, but she immediately opened her mouth to remind me again.

I didn't say anything more to Li Cuilian. After all, no matter how talkative you are, if you don't do something great, it's just a joke.

There was a walk from the village to the town, and then I had to take the bus downtown, which took at least three hours. When it was almost lunchtime, I finally arrived at my school.

During the summer vacation, other than the security grandpa who was on duty, there weren't any other students or teachers in the school. When I walked to the main entrance, the security grandpa just walked out while yelling.

"Hey, which class are you in? Is this not the beginning of school? What did you come to school for? "Take out your student ID!" The security grandpa walked up to me and asked.

"I'm in my second year of high school (1). This is my student ID card. I plan to stay in the dormitory to study. My family is too noisy." I took out my student ID and made up a reason.

"Grade two (1) class? Aren't you home for the summer and come to school to study? Who are you trying to trick? The school has a rule that dorms are not open to the public during the summer holidays! " The security grandpa frowned and stopped me.

"What?" I can't live in school? " My heart skipped a beat. Speaking of which, this was bad news for me.

This summer, I have to work outside. I can't do without a place to stay, but I can't live in a school. Where can I live? F * ck, I don't have much money in my pockets, but renting a house in this city is very expensive.

"Of course you can't stay in school. Brat, you can't be running away from home, right?" The security man looked me up and down.

"Uncle, as you said, how could I run away from home? Since I can't live in the school to review, then I'll go home." Seeing that there was no hope, I turned around and left. I knew that no matter how sharp my words were, it would be useless. Moreover, I have a habit of not asking others for help.

Sh * t, I really didn't get to go out to check on the calendar, and the opening round was already so bad, but if I were to go back home in the car now, Li Cuilian would definitely laugh at me when she sees me.

It's really hot in the summer and there aren't many people on the streets. It's really eye-catching to see me dragging my luggage along the streets.

As I walked, I looked at the two sides of the street, paying particular attention to whether any of the shops were hiring.

I still hadn't eaten lunch, so I was a bit hungry. I walked to the shop where I usually bought buns when I was reading and bought two meat buns. Finally, I sat down at a table on one of the platforms.

Where can I live tonight, I shouldn't have to sleep on the road right? No way, if I can't find a job by 5 in the afternoon, then I'll go home in the car and sleep at home stealthily so that Li Cuilian won't find out about it. After summer vacation, I won't go out anymore and pretend to be working outside.

My mind was in a mess as I finished eating the two steamed buns.

After wiping my mouth, I stood up and looked towards the platform. Eh, a job advertisement was actually posted on the information glass of the platform that was marked with a few lines of public transportation.

"Hiring 10 attendants at the Hong Kong Health Entertainment. Age: 18-25. Monthly salary: 3000-8000. Contact: 138xxxxxxxxxx, contact: Ms. Zhang."

It was a recruitment notice I had seen many times on the street, but now the advertisement had caused a ripple in my heart. Although I didn't believe that being a waiter would earn such a high salary, it would be nice if I could take care of the food and pay a few hundred dollars a month.

According to the small ad, I took out my cell phone and made a call. The person who answered was a woman.


"Hello, may I ask if you are Miss Zhang?" I asked directly.

"Yes, it's me. What's the matter?" The woman's voice was lazy, and I wondered if she was still asleep.

"It's like this. I saw that you guys seemed to be recruiting waiters. I wonder if you're still recruiting now?" I organized my thoughts and asked uncertainly.

After my question, Miss Zhang paused for a moment. Then she said, "Oh, I am in need of people right now. You are the guest at Hong road 228 Hong Kong Entertainment Club's hall. Call me when you are there. I will get off!"

I agree and hang up the phone. In my heart, I am also considering whether this item is reliable or not.

In the past, when I was studying near Bin Hong Road, I went with my classmates to visit the places, but most of the places were just passing by, because most of the places were restaurants and entertainment venues. Some girls from hair salons would also call the streets there, and I heard that those ladies would pay 150 yuan for them, which was much more expensive than the ones in our town.

"They won't die even if they go. Damn it, I don't have any money, so what can they want from me?" I touched my pants pocket for a few dozen dollars and made up my mind.

After about twenty minutes of walking, I finally arrived at the Hong Kong Recreation Club on Penn Road. I was struck by the splendour of the decorations and the size of the door. The building was five stories high, and there was a glass door in the lobby on the ground floor. There were a few men entering and exiting, and inside the door, there were four young women in red cheongsam.

I was carrying a broken suitcase and carrying a backpack. It seemed very out of place here, but there was nothing I could do about it. This was my life. I wasn't here to spend money. I was here to mess around.

As I thought about it, I walked through the glass door and a gust of air-conditioned air blew over. I was already sweating, but all of a sudden, I felt a lot better. After that, I even felt a little cold.

"Sir, may I ask who you are looking for?" one of the ceremonial ladies at the door asked me.

These four ceremonial ladies were dressed in red cheongsam and stood apart from each other. Their height was probably around 1.7 meters. Not only were they extremely well-built, their looks were also of average quality. One of them, a slightly plump ceremonial lady, was looking at me in surprise.

"Miss Zhang told me to come for an interview." I awkwardly replied.

In this kind of high-end place, my image made me feel even more embarrassed. I was wearing fake Artie shorts, and my shoes were my father's' noble birds' that he bought for me. The shoes were a little worn out now, and I didn't know how to stand, but I felt like I was here anyways, as if I was the lowest.

Aww, wait a minute, sir!" The plump lady of ceremonies signaled me not to block the door, picked up a black walkie-talkie at the next bar and said a few words. Then she looked at me and said, "Sir, what is your name? "When did Miss Lin arrange to meet with you?

"I'm Lin Zheng, I just called Miss Lin. Miss Lin asked me to come here, the person I'm interviewing is a waiter." Although the temperature of the air conditioner was a bit low, the palm of my hand that was holding the suitcase was sweating.

"Alright, please wait a moment, mister!" The ceremonial lady nodded her head and picked up the walkie-talkie again to say something.

After about ten minutes, I saw an elevator open in the hallway next to the bar. A woman in a black lace dress stepped out.

The fat woman was carrying a bag full of V's. She came up to me in a few steps.

"You must be Lin Zheng, come with me to the guest hall." The fat woman looked me up and down. I saw some surprise in her eyes, but more than that, it was passion.

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