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C7 Erigeron breviscapus thunb

I nodded and went with the fat woman into a room with a large rectangular table. The fat woman asked me to sit down and I filled out a form that contained basic information, such as age, height, weight, physical condition, education, and some work experience.

I filled it in truthfully. The fat woman picked it up and looked at it.

"I've never done it before, but I will try my best!" I shook my head slightly, but my eyes were firm.

When I stepped into this high-end place, I knew that this place was not ordinary. As long as I worked here, my salary would definitely not be low. After all, this is a place with high consumption.

"Hehe, just hard work is not enough. You have to know how to read eyes. How about this, the trial period is 2500 a month, if you want to stay!" The fat woman chuckled. She looked at me again, and her eyes swept over me without fear.

Did he agree so quickly? Isn't it too fast?

I had some doubts in my heart. Isn't this interview too simple? But then I thought, where do I live tonight? If I have a job, then living here is still a problem.

"Ms. Zhang, do you want to eat or sleep here? You should be able to see my situation, right? " I asked the fat woman.

"Lil 'Lin, you can just call me Mommy from now on. As for where to stay, I'll arrange it for you later. You can go upstairs to retrieve your clothes and change the key!" The fat woman smiled as she spoke, then turned and walked out of the living room.

I nodded my head in a daze. Was this fat woman crazy? She wanted me to call her 'Mommy', f * ck, isn't she taking advantage of me? Although I wasn't happy, I'm in dire straits now, so let's just endure it.

The locker room was on the second floor of the elevator. According to the fat woman, the third and fourth floor were open to customers, while the second floor was the employees' locker room and dormitory.

In front of a men's locker room on the second floor, the fat woman stopped and gave me a change of clothes box key. Then she said, "There's a number on the key. After you change your clothes, come out.

I nodded and pushed the door open.

The whole locker room had a weird smell, just like a male dorm. There weren't many people cleaning the room. I opened my locker room and took out a set of clothes from my clothes rack.

White shirt, black waistcoat, black trousers, a blue bow tie, and pointed shoes; this was the standard costume for the waiters here.

After swiftly putting on my clothes, I stood in front of a tall mirror and took a look. As expected, it was a set of clothes. Although it was the work uniform worn by the attendants, it still made me look quite handsome.

After locking the closet with my clothes and suitcase, I went out.

"Is it done?" When the fat woman saw me come out, she looked me up and down, then asked.

"En!" I nodded, blushing a little.

It would be unnatural for anyone to be so closely watched, let alone at my age.

"Lil 'Lin, your clothes are quite handsome. I've already arranged your work. You can go to the third floor later." The fat woman commented on me, then seemed to think of something.

I nodded in understanding.

"Call me if you have anything to say. From today onwards, I'll give you a salary." The fat woman warned him one last time before finally walking out.

Looking at the fat woman's disappearing figure in front of me, I exhaled lightly. I didn't know what to do as a waiter. I'll take a look at the third floor later. I think I should know about it by now.

As I thought about it, I walk towards the direction of the elevator. Before I even reach the elevator, I hear a burst of curses. Although the sounds aren't very clear, I can hear it clearly once I get closer.

"Why are you acting so innocent, aren't you just touching him a few times? Don't you know the rules? Do you not deserve a spanking!?"

"Ah, no, I don't dare to do it again, I don't dare!"

"You smelly bitch, do you know that we only have returning customers here? Are you trying to smash our signboard? "Hmm?"

"Ah, don't hit me, I beg you, don't hit me anymore, I don't dare anymore, I won't dare again!"

The other voice, if I am not mistaken, should be that of a young woman. The heart-wrenching cry made me feel a little nervous.

"Hey, who's that? What are you standing there for? Go and help them!" Obviously, some other attendants noticed me standing in front of the elevator, so they hurriedly spoke up.

I nodded and pressed the button for the elevator and went up to the third floor.

After exiting the elevator on the third floor, I saw a row of sofas and a bar. Behind the bar, there were all kinds of drinks and alcohol on the glass shelves, and this third floor was clearly more lively than the second floor and the first floor. There was even a small supermarket here, and from time to time, there would be a lot of ghostly wails and howling sounds coming from the long corridor.

You are a newcomer, right? Mommy Ling had already instructed me earlier, you just have to follow me and work here, I am the second floor supervisor, you can just call me Brother Wang! A young man dressed exactly like me came out of the bar. He looked at me and quickly said.

"Brother Wang, my name is Lin Zheng." I immediately greeted him. In the future, if he stays here, I will have to interact more with him.

"Alright, I'll bring you to get some wine. Push a cart!" Wang Ge walked up to help me straighten my bow tie, then pointed to the cart in the small supermarket beside the bar.

According to what Wang Ge had on the list, there were dozens of bottles of beer and some other snacks like peanuts in the cart. I followed him into a box while pushing the cart.

When the door to the private room opened, it reeked of alcohol. I looked inside and was stunned.

There were three bare-chested men and five bewitching young women drinking and guessing. One of them, a fat man, reached his hand into a woman's skirt and touched it in the middle of his thighs.

"Hey, do you know the rules? Knock on the door, do you?" When Fatty saw me and Brother Wang push their way in, he immediately shouted.

"I'm sorry, I've knocked for the past half day, it's just that the sound is too loud. Here, this is the wine you guys wanted." Hearing this, Brother Wang hurriedly smiled, signalling me to push the cart in. Under the gazes of everyone present, he slowly opened the bottle of wine.

"What's the use of saying sorry. Here, I'll dry this bottle of beer first. This hundred yuan is yours!" The fat guy looked at Brother Wang, threw a hundred-dollar bill into the cart, and said while crossing his arms.

"Sorry, sorry, I'll do it right now, right now!" Hearing the fatty's words, Wang Ge continued to laugh as he picked up a bottle of beer and started to blow on it in front of everyone.

After about ten seconds, Wang Ge blew out all the beer. Wang Ge wiped his mouth and continued to laugh: "Everyone, please do your best. I still have other things to do, so I won't bother you anymore. Xiao Lin, cart!"

I placed the rest of the snacks on the table and followed Brother Wang out of the private room. My heart was in a mess.

My god, he's bragging just like that. This is a bottle of beer, it seems this Brother Wang really is a character!

Rich people are like this now. First, they're crazy, then they're crazy with money. You have to know what's going on, you have no dignity here. Wang Ge's mouth was parted a bit, but he still chatted as he walked.

"Brother Wang, is a bottle of this beer okay?" I said doubtfully.

"Hmph, what is this supposed to be? I've seen the boss insert five hundred yuan into every cup of wine. I drank eighteen cups that day, and they're all mixed liquor. There's even red and white mixed in the mix, you know! " Wang Ge coldly snorted, then laughed and said.

When I heard that Brother Wang was so good at drinking, I immediately started to admire him. It's said that it's easy to get drunk from mixing wine. Brother Wang has been in this place for too long.

Blowing a bottle of beer is worth a hundred yuan, this is worth the effort. Xiao Lin, in the future if you practice your alcohol tolerance well, Brother Wang will bring you to meet some rich women, and you can casually make thousands of yuan in one night! Brother Wang continued to brag.

I nodded my head, feeling even more shocked than before. If this Brother Wang wasn't bragging, then isn't this way too exaggerated? Being able to earn a few thousand yuan in one night, aren't these rich women treating money as money?

With these questions in mind, my conversation with Brother Wang got more and more heated. Afterwards, Brother Wang also brought me around a few boxes, allowing me to familiarize myself with the environment here and also let me understand a lot about the services here.

Generally speaking, there were several hundred or so private rooms here, according to the size of the private rooms, the bigger the private rooms, the higher the fees, and then there would be the drinks. Basically, there would be a Miss Dot Song, with a tip of two hundred yuan for each private room, responsible for ordering songs, but not accompanying drinks, while the Miss Wine Master had to pay three hundred yuan. Of course, the Miss Wine Master not only had to accompany drinks, but also couldn't resist too much.

What Brother Wang and I earned, other than the basic salary, is just tips. For example, Brother Wang's 100 yuan just now was voluntarily given by the customer. Of course, if you serve the customer well, the tip will definitely be great.

Just like this, I was busy until dinner time. After Brother Wang took me to eat something, I continued to busy myself in these lively places.

"Lil 'Lin, you take over box 315's 20 bottles of beer and fruits. You can take as many bottles as you want if the customer asks you to!" He then walked in the direction of the restroom.

I nodded in agreement, put the fruit platter and beer into the cart, and walked over to box 315.

"Brother Lei, how did you manage to fool this student's sister? She's so pretty!"

"Haha, I've already drugged that little girl. When the medicinal properties take effect, we'll all guard the door. I, Brother Lei, will have a good time!"

When I reached the door of the box, I heard shouts coming from inside. The sound system hadn't even been turned on yet because the group of guests had just arrived.

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