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C8 Consequences of alarm

Walking into the box, I saw four bare-chested men sitting around a sofa. In the center, there was a familiar figure.

Isn't this the class rep Zhou Qianqian from the second (fifth) class?

I frowned, I have to say that this Zhou Qianqian was a famous ice beauty in the academy, but now, she seemed to be a little delirious. Not only was she laughing idiotically while pushing and shoving at a few men, her skirt had already been lifted up to her thighs, and the black lace inside the dress was faintly discernable.

"What are you guys doing? I don't know you guys! Where the hell is this place? It's so hot, so hot!" Zhou Qianqian's brain was obviously not working well at the moment. When she heard from the other men that she had been drugged, once the effects of the medicine took effect, normal people would not be able to process it. Even if the medicine woke up later on, it would not be able to remember what happened to him.

"Come, brothers, drink some wine first. Waiter, open all the wine for me!" One of the hook-nosed men called out when he saw me pushing a cart.

I hurriedly nodded my head and opened all the beers. At that moment, many young bewitching ladies walked in from the entrance. From the looks of it, there should be at least a dozen of them.

"Mommy, are these the beauties you were talking about?" The hawk-nosed man laughed as he looked at the newcomer.

I turned around. Isn't that the fat woman named Zhang? Brother Wang called her 'Mommy Ling' just now. Clearly, this fat woman was called Zhang Ling.

"Aiya, Boss Liu, you sure know how to joke around. Look at how lively these girls are. Ladies, why haven't you come over to greet them!" Zhang Ling had obviously gotten herself mixed up in this place. After being reminded like this by her, the more than ten bewitching women immediately opened their mouths.

"Hello, Boss!"

I placed all the items on the cart on the table and tactfully pulled the cart out of the door. Nice guy, the ladies here are really pretty good-looking, all of them wearing such revealing clothes, with some even wearing tight leather pants, these methods to seduce men are way better than Li Cuilian.

"You, you, you stay. As for the rest, you can leave now!" A hearty laugh came from inside, followed by the sound system finally turning on.

As I walked in the hallway, I thought about Zhou Qianqian's previous situation. I have to say, if that hook nose really did get rid of Zhou Qianqian tonight, then this Zhou Qianqian would definitely be crippled, since that hook nose's back looking like a bear would already be scary. It's just that Zhou Qianqian is around the same age as me, and has been wasted by these men for her youth.

"This bunch of bastards, I wonder how they tricked Zhou Qianqian into coming. No, I must not let this happen!" I thought to myself, and then frowned even more deeply.

Zhou Qianqian has a lot of admirers in school. Of course, I like her in my heart too, but as a poor country bumpkin, falling in love with a girl in the city is a luxury dream. Zhou Qianqian's clothes are all branded clothes, and her family background is pretty good.

"Hey, Xiao Lin, do you have something on your mind?" Could it be that the guests in room 315 have made things difficult for you? " Wang Ge was in the bar organizing the consumption list one by one, he looked at me and quickly opened his mouth to ask.

I placed the cart in front of the minimart and walked a few steps over. "Brother Wang, do you think it's a crime to drug it?"

"Hmm? Drug? What did you see, kid? " When Brother Wang heard my words, he looked at me strangely.

"Those guests in room 315 are playing with my classmates. I'm afraid my reunion will be ruined by them!" I answered honestly.

Hearing that, Brother Wang did not seem surprised, but instead patted me on the shoulder: "I say, brother, some things are better left out. Those 315's are all famous thugs nearby, even my boss is not willing to offend them, you said they drugged your classmates, did you see that?" What if your classmate already knows them? "

"No way, how could she know a hoodlum?" I shook my head, but my heart was still pounding.

Hehe, if you really can't be at ease, you should call your classmates' parents. In any case, it's better if you don't get involved in this. It's your first day at work today. Wang Ge chuckled, his meaning was very simple.

Call? Damn, how do I know how many calls Zhou Qianqian made at her home? Speaking of which, even I don't know what Zhou Qianqian's phone number is.

Save or not? Save, what can I do to save him?

I started to struggle intensely in my heart. This Zhou Qianqian is famous in school, but I know her, she probably doesn't know me at all.

In his heart, he had been thinking whether Zhou Qianqian would really be spoiled, and if she really gets spoiled, should I send her home again? Call the police, yes, I can call the police.

I suddenly thought of my uncle the police. At such a critical time, I still had to go to the people's police.

As soon as I thought of this, I ran into the bathroom and went into the urinal to close the door.

"Hey, hello, I'm calling the police!" I couldn't wait to speak.

"Sir, can you tell me more about it?" the man on the other end of the line asked.

"Hong Kong Entertainment Club, 228 Penn Road. Room 315 on the third floor has someone who wants to do something to the female student. It seems that the female student has been drugged. She is delirious!" I spoke in detail.

"Ok, I'll arrange for the police to come out from the nearby police station. Sir, please keep your cell phone open. The police will call to confirm later."

"Alright!" I nodded slightly.

I heaved a sigh of relief, hoping that these policemen would act faster. This was a matter of life and death, then if Zhou Qianqian were to be ruined, how would she face her future?

I hope the police can get here soon, I thought to myself as I opened the door of the urinal. But just as I opened the door, I was hit in the face with a big slap and almost fell into the urinal.

"Little bastard, you actually dare to call the police. If I didn't accidentally run into you, I would have been set up by you!"

After saying those crude words, I was struck so hard that I felt as though I was seeing stars. When I clearly saw who it was, my heart skipped a beat.

It was the hook-nosed man, he actually just so happened to hear me call the police. Damn it, how am I so unlucky, what should I do?

"Little bastard, get out here!" The hawk-nosed man grabbed my hair, a shining dagger flashing in his hand.

"Ah! No! Big brother, please spare my life! I have no other intentions. Please spare my life!" When I saw the knife in the hook-nosed man's hand, I thought he was going to kill me and instinctively started begging for mercy.

He didn't let go of my hair. He pulled me out of the bathroom and walked toward the diameter of box 315.

"Liu-ge, what's going on? How did Lil 'Lin offend you? He can turn a big issue into a small one, but he's still a child after all." Wang Ge happened to be passing by the passage as well. He saw me being scratched by a hook nose, so he tried to smooth things over with a big smile on his face.

"It's none of your business, you better not meddle in other people's business. You should know the consequences of offending me, Liu Feng!" The hook nose warned Brother Wang and pulled me into the box.

After hearing the hawk-nosed man's words, Brother Wang could only bitterly smile as he took a few steps back. He took out his walkie-talkie and seemed to be saying something, but at this moment, the sound in the room was turned off.

"Brother, what's going on? Why did you grab a waiter? " A bespectacled man in the box asked when he saw that the hook nose had turned off the player.

"You bitches, get out of here!" The hook nose roared in rage, and a stack of hundred-dollar bills was placed on the table.

The three bewitching girls who were called over previously took the money and quickly left the private box. At this time, only Zhou Qianqian, the unconscious Zhou Qianqian, and the hook nose were left behind.

The bespectacled man seemed to have noticed that something was going on with the hook nose. He hurriedly closed the door to the private room. "Boss, what is going on?"

"This stinking brat wants to arrest us. He says we drugged the female students. F * ck, this brat messed up everything!" He kicked me in the shin, and I went down on my knees on the cold floor.

"You called the police? "Bastard, I'll tear you apart!" When the bespectacled man heard this, he immediately grabbed me by the collar and slapped me a few times in the face.

"What's the use of hitting him, the Public Security Bureau is really slow. Boss, take this kid and that chick away, we can't stay here any longer!" The other man with sideburns frowned, he seemed to have thought of something.

"Sorry, sorry, I was confused for a moment. I will keep my mouth shut when the police come!" After being slapped so many times, I stuttered. However, instinctively, in order to survive, I still hoped that these thugs would let me go.

"Let you go? Hmph, if I let you go, I'll never let myself get away with it! Qiangzi, Little Hui, escort them to the warehouse on the West Street! " The hook nose smirked and pushed me in front of the man with glasses. As for Li Cui Cui, she was carried by the man with glasses.

"Be more honest, otherwise I will kill you!" The bearded man grabbed me by the collar and pulled me towards the door.

When have I ever seen a battle like this? These people are just like an ancient temptress who kills people without blinking. I didn't even have the slightest intention of resisting. I had to admit that I was a coward that had been beaten multiple times in a row without any room for resistance.

The hook nose was obviously more familiar with the clubhouse. They brought Zhou Qianqian and I down the stairs, surrounded the entrance, and kicked me into a van before driving me out.

"Big brother, spare me! I really did not do it on purpose! Spare me! Spare me!" I kept screaming, and I was very upset.

"Shut up! If you keep talking, I'll kill you!" A dagger was placed on my throat.

I was a little scared to the point that I peed my pants. My heart prayed that these people wouldn't kill me since I was still young and had my own life. I didn't want to die at my age.

The so-called West Street warehouse was about thirty minutes away. I had clearly heard the siren of a police car before, but I didn't dare to shout. As for my colleagues at the entertainment club, they didn't care about my life or death, and I didn't know if they would be able to get my message from the police after they went to the clubhouse.

Under the night sky, the van finally stopped at a quiet corner of the street. I was escorted by the bearded man into a dilapidated warehouse.

"Stinking brat, tonight I'll show you a big battle!" The hook nose turned around and closed the steel door of the warehouse, then turned on the lights inside.

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