Cute Wife Avenges: Mr. CEO Gets Hooked/C1 They caught her in the act of raping her
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Cute Wife Avenges: Mr. CEO Gets Hooked/C1 They caught her in the act of raping her
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C1 They caught her in the act of raping her

Outside the villa of the East Suburb Villa in H city, Linchuchu had a big belly and angrily took out the key from her bag. Just as she was about to open the door, Linchuchu hesitated.

Just now, she had received an anonymous message that her husband, Shi Qingchi, who had been married to her for two years, had gone to bed with another woman.

Shi Qingchi was busy with work, so she rarely returned home. She could understand why, but what if he really did steal people behind his back?

Linchuchu did not dare think about it. She was afraid that when she pushed open the door, she would see the scene she did not want to see the most.

Ah!" Slow down... Soon! It's too fast!

Linchuchu's hand stopped for a moment, and she suddenly pushed open the door. Following the light that shone in from outside, she could vaguely see the clothes scattered on the profound entrance.

It extended from the door all the way to the sofa, and on the sofa, the two of them were lying down, neck to neck, looking very dubious.

Lin Xiaxia's legs were bent, her expression was joyous, and Shi Qingchi was kissing her neck, the dark red kiss mark on his snow-white skin was especially glaring.

It had to be said that Lin Xiaxia's body was especially beautiful, both her legs were straight and long, her waist was twisted slightly, and not to mention Shi Qingchi, even a woman like Linchuchu felt her blood pumping.

Good baby, I like you so much, I like you so much! Ah … Summer baby, husband can't stand it anymore... "Ahhh …

Shi Qingchi's voice sounded out.

Linchuchu's eyes widened. He really cheated!

Hubby, hubby, I love you so much. Ahh …

Vulgar language!

Linchuchu started to tremble, her fingers fiercely grabbing onto the doorframe, his heart was filled with sorrow but she could not tell what it was, his heart was cold.

He had never touched himself in his two years of marriage, only five months before, when he had come back drunk and said the name of another woman while he stripped her.

Her first night was filled with pain!

Her stomach worked hard, and she got pregnant on the first try!


Ah!" Slow down... Soon! It's too fast!

Linchuchu stabilized herself and switched on the light in her bedroom. Shi Qingchi immediately stopped moving and turned to look at the door, his cold gaze carrying a sinister aura.

Linchuchu's body trembled as she walked over with a sneer. She looked at Shi Qingchi without the slightest fear. I'm so sorry, you guys are dirty my sofa, I can't help but interrupt you! "

All the decorations in this house were bought by her!

Shi Qingchi frowned: "Linchuchu, what the hell are you doing!"

"What are you doing?!" Linchuchu opened her eyes wide, and looked at him with an expression of disbelief, "Shi Qingchi! Why are you asking me! Then let me ask you, what are you doing now! "

"Your wife was pregnant for five months, yet you didn't even return home and ended up with your sister-in-law?!"

As he spoke, he looked towards Lin Xiaxia.

When she heard Linchuchu mention him, Lin Xiaxia chuckled softly as she looked at Linchuchu with her watery eyes with a pleased expression: "Elder sister, I have to remind you, your child is not one that is late at all."

Linchuchu opened her eyes wide and looked at Lin Xiaxia in disbelief, "What did you say!?"

"Haven't I made myself clear?" Lin Xiaxia raised her messy hair, "Accept the truth, Linchuchu. Five months ago, you broke into another man's room and had sex with another man, and had this bastard in your stomach!"

"NO!" "Impossible!" Linchuchu shook her head fiercely. Seeing the look of disgust in Shi Qingchi's eyes, Linchuchu shuddered, "You should know this later. That night, you were drunk, and you kept muttering 'An'.

Out of Linchuchu's expectations, Shi Qingchi directly pushed Linchuchu down, and looked at her with undisguised disgust. "Enough, Linchuchu! How long are you going to keep pretending?! "

Saying that, she took out a stack of photos from under the tea table and threw it fiercely at Linchuchu's face.

Ah!" Slow down... Soon! It's too fast!

Linchuchu fell to the ground and cried out miserably as she frowned. The pain in her stomach made her face go pale. Picking up the photos on the floor, a dozen of them depicting her and the man from that night.

Even though it was a secret photo, it showed her clearly. The man did not look like Shi Qingchi, but from the looks of his body, it was clear that he was not Shi Qingchi!

"NO!" This was impossible! Later, listen to my explanation. I've followed you for so many years, yet you still don't understand me! I'm out of line. "I'm not an idiot. Even though I know that you won't touch me, I still gave birth to a child. If I really went against my words, my first reaction would be to get rid of him!"

"Light! You must believe me! Believe in the baby in my belly! He's your child! "

"Bullshit!" I've never even been touched by a hair on your head before. A woman like you, even when I'm near you, I still feel disgusted! How could I do that kind of thing with you? "

Linchuchu panicked. She clearly remembered that night when she fell asleep early. In the middle of the night, Shi Qingchi came in and kissed her and woke her up. The next day, she was still in her bedroom.

Most importantly, if this child was not Shi Qingchi's, then why did he acknowledge this child at that time?

"Scram!" Linchuchu! Get out of here with that bastard in your stomach! "

Shi Qingchi took an ashtray and threw it on top of Linchuchu's head. Linchuchu was startled, he raised her head to look, seeing Shi Qingchi's sinister face and his pleased smile, it was as if he was ridiculing her.

Ironic about her and the baby in her stomach!

Linchuchu crawled up, her stomach was in even more pain, both of her legs seemed to have flowed out, it was hot, Linchuchu did not dare stay.

Her child! She only had the child left in her womb!

"You slut, you should die as soon as possible. You're pregnant with another man's bastard, yet you still dare to cling onto my family's child. Truly shameless!" Lin Xiaxia hugged Shi Qingchi's neck, and said with a voice filled with grievance, "Little Chi, why don't you divorce this bitch? I've liked you for so many years, so just marry me."

"Alright, alright, alright, I'll tell Mom that I'm going to divorce Linchuchu later. Little demon, you are really tempting. "Let's go again. We were all disturbed by that bitch just now."

Linchuchu's eyelashes trembled, and her tears rolled in circles in her eyes. Although Linchuchu tried her best to restrain herself from crying, her tears still fell down.

Tears blurred his vision.

Linchuchu walked along the side of the road. Although she didn't dare to walk too quickly, she was extremely anxious. She had been pushed to the ground so hard just a moment ago, and now that she had such a huge reaction, she was truly afraid.

Fresh blood flowed down from his forehead and then, Linchuchu's eyes turned blood-red. Under the moonlight, the blood that flowed down Linchuchu's body was drenched all the way down.

"Lin Xiaxia! Shi Qingchi! From today onwards, I, Linchuchu, will be irreconcilable with you two! "

Linchuchu's mournful voice was filled with hoarseness and deep pain.

Her head was getting heavier and heavier, and her stomach was hurting more and more. A white light shot over, causing Linchuchu to be startled.

"Chi …"


With the ear-piercing sound of brakes, Linchuchu subconsciously raised her head and looked. Before she could react, she fainted.

For a split-second, she heard a familiar voice call out her name.

The beginning!

For the first time, she felt that her name was so pleasant to hear.

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