Cute Wife: Dear, Hug Me/C6 Erroneous Recognition
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Cute Wife: Dear, Hug Me/C6 Erroneous Recognition
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C6 Erroneous Recognition

No matter how foolish the bodyguard that was sent by the Qimubai to protect the Xiaoguo was, he could tell what was going on.

"You have eaten the gall of the Xiongxin, how dare you have the guts to scheme against our Zongcaifuren!" One of the bodyguards in black asked coldly. The strength under his feet had not decreased at all.

They had already received inside news that the CEO was especially concerned about Ruxiaojie.

He, who had never tainted women, would definitely send people to protect them, and that would definitely be the Zongcaifuren!

Zongcaifuren? Hearing this name, it was as if all the blood in Xiaoguo's body rushed to his forehead, turning red.

The memories of the man known as Qimubai, who was the one who took over her all appeared in front of her eyes once more.

The Qimubai's fiery aura, her low and sexy voice, her bottomless eyes, and her gentle, enchanting hands … They could easily control her and leave her with nowhere to run, depriving her of her most precious innocence.

The gentleness and consideration of the Badao s were all a fatal attraction that could not be seen …

No no no, there must be some misunderstanding.

"Zongcaifuren?" Liuzizhen looked like a Xiaoguo, "Xiaoguo, what's going on?"

If Xiaoguo did not know how to explain what happened last night to his aunt, last night would be like a dream.

She could only think about it in her dreams. It was very Spartan of her to think too much about it.

"Xiaoguo, Uncle was wrong! Hurry up and tell them to let go of your uncle. If anything happens to your uncle, who will take care of your aunt? "

Wangqiang changed from the forceful attitude from before and humbly asked Xiaoguo for help.

To be pressed down on the ground and beaten up without dignity in front of so many people, he, Wangqiang, had never been this humiliated before!

For example, Xiaoguo had a hatred towards Wangqiang for more than a day or two. She had thought that if she had the ability to take her aunt away from this cage, she would never be bullied again.

But last night, the dream she had made up for her love broke down, and she was as sad as her aunt.

It was hard to meet people.

"Xiaoguo, let him go."

"Aunty …"

Liuzizhen held onto's hand and helplessly said: "It's been so many years already. Aunt's life is over. Even if he's unforgivable, we've still been through so many years. In the future, let's just continue to make do. Aunty doesn't want to lose the reputation of being abandoned. "

"Auntie's the one who's feeling the most sorry for you. You've suffered all these years. That Shenweiang, aunty thinks he's not bad. If possible, you should hurry up and get married. "This way, I'll be able to explain it to your parents."

Shenweiang... sighed, looked at the two bodyguards who were suppressing Wangqiang, and pleaded: "Let him go, he is my uncle."

"Zongcaifuren, this person is seeking death for being rude. We do not wish to hear any words that insult our Madam! "

"But I'm not your Zongcaifuren, you guys …" Xiaoguo swallowed his saliva with difficulty. Your CEO and I were just accident last night.

You don't need your CEO to take responsibility!

"Did she really say that?" Qimubai was sitting on the private plane heading towards America, with a stack of documents on the table in front of him.

Hearing that the person on the phone had reported the situation in Xiaoguo, Qimubai frowned. He took off his gold-rimmed glasses and frowned, then said indifferently: "Then let her be. You guys stay in the dark and watch her. If anything happens, report it at any time."

Qimubai hung up the phone, sighed lightly and threw his phone on the table. He threw the pen in his hand onto the document, and made a few ink points.

Feiouna coughed twice formlessly. Looking at the CEO's situation, he was very unhappy and angry!

"If you have something to say, just ask. Don't just stare at me." Qimubai closed his eyes and knew what Feiouna was doing.

Feiouna laughed awkwardly, he used the document to hide his face, revealing a pair of dark green eyes staring straight at Qimubai, "CEO, is this a happy occasion?"


"I mean, do we need to prepare?" Feiouna began to count on his fingers, "Dress up, guest invitation list, a venue for guests to be invited, flowers to bloom … All of these must be booked in advance! "

"No need."


"There's no need to go through all that trouble."


"Just marry into the Civil Service. All you need is that certificate."

The Feiouna heard this and cursed in his heart. CEO, you won't be able to catch up to that Ruxiaojie! What a heartbreak!

On the other side, Xiaoguo helped her aunt into the room. In the living room, two tall and strong bodyguards in black stood there like gods.

Wangqiang didn't dare to scold him even if he wanted to, and didn't dare to hit him even if he wanted to.

Just like how Xiaoguo used a towel to wipe Aunt's face and tied up her messy hair.

Only when his entire face was revealed did Xiaoguo clearly see how many wounds there were on his aunt's face.

"Auntie is fine. Xiaoguo, you know, aunty has always been submissive. Your uncle has been under a lot of pressure to work recently, and the Meng Group is cutting staff. If we don't have a job, what do we eat and how do we live? "

Was he going to live like this all the time just to live?

Just like how Xiaoguo despaired while half-kneeling in front of her aunt, touching something on the ground, she bent over to pick it up and curiously looked at it, "What is this?"

Black card.

Just like how Xiaoguo had never seen the world, she had heard of black cards that were only used against rich people.

"Shenweiang gave it to you?" Liuzizhen asked with some joy.

Xiaoguo regained his senses and quickly said, "No, not him."

"Then whose is it?" Liuzizhen's expression changed as he asked, "I saw you change your clothes earlier. Where were you last night?"

"I …"

"And those two people outside, they are called you Zongcaifuren. If it wasn't Shenweiang, who else could it be?"

Just like how Xiaoguo uneasily kneeled on the ground, she could not say anything.

"Xiaoguo, how many times has Aunt taught you that a girl's innocence is very important. You have to make sure that the other party is someone you can trust before you can do that … "If you do this, how will aunty explain this to your parents?"

"It was all an accident last night. Aunt, I've already grown up and I know what I have to do. Don't worry, I will take away the two people outside, as well as this card, I will quickly return it to that person. "In the future, my life will be the same as before. After I graduate, I will work hard to earn money and let my aunt live a good life."

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