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Imperial Consort: Xie Wang, please relax your clothes.

"Princess, Princess, wake up …"

A wave of shouts entered Li Xiaoyu's ears. She opened her eyes and coldly looked towards the source of the voice. She was surrounded by a completely unfamiliar environment, and in front of her was a little girl dressed in ancient clothing.

The dark night, the blood, the severed limbs … Scenes flashed through his mind. Wasn't she dead? She remembered inhaling the poison gas during an underground assassination transaction when she was betrayed by her companions. Now it seemed like she had transmigrated.

A wave of memories that did not belong to her era were forced into her mind. Her head felt heavy, and she fell back to the ground.

"Princess, Princess, how are you?" The little girl quickly held her and cried, "Princess, Princess … If you can't wake up … Xi Yue was about to die too … "Howl, howl."

Calm down!

After pressing down on her throbbing head, Li Xiaoyu had already accepted her current situation. As one of the top assassins in the world, no matter what situation he was in, he could remain calm and adapt quickly.

"Don't cry, I'm not dead yet." The moment he said that, he realized that his throat was unusually dry. Li Xiaoyu held his head in pain, "Xi …" "Yue, right? Help me get some water."

"Oh, alright. Princess, you rest first. I'll go find some water for you."

Looking for water? Search?

It was only then that Li Xiaoyu noticed that the place she was in was a complete mess. The people here were all wearing tattered clothes. It seemed like a disaster had happened here. She was going to call Xi Yue back, so she shouldn't run around. However, Xi Yue was nowhere to be seen.

During the time that Xi Yue left, she had already figured out her identity and situation.

She was a princess of the Western Linyun Country and had fled here because she had been pursued along the way.

She panted a few times, then leaned against the wall and closed her eyes to rest. Right now, her body was too weak. She needed to recover her strength.

After calming down for a short period of time, Li Xiaoyu suddenly opened her eyes. She could hear the sounds of horse hooves amidst the chatter of the refugees.

"Everyone, don't make a sound. Hurry and hide." Suspicious of the arrival of the pursuers, Li Xiaoyu warned the surrounding refugees.

"Miss, what happened?" someone asked.

Li Xiaoyu's eyes focused, "There's the sound of horses' hooves."

"The sound of horses' hooves?"

But they clearly didn't hear anything.

The refugees were still doubting in their hearts. The sound of the horses' hooves was getting closer and closer, until it reached a point where everyone could hear them.

Their expressions immediately changed as they hurriedly packed up their belongings and prepared to run.

With a "waa" sound, the sound of a child crying could be heard. "Mother, mother …"

"Don't be afraid, my son, don't be afraid." A beautiful woman quickly ran over and hugged the child as she consoled him softly.

Li Xiaoyu cursed in her heart.

Sure enough, when the beautiful woman held the child, a straight arrow shot towards the child's head.

Li Xiaoyu pressed down the child's head with one hand and pulled the beautiful woman with the other as she shouted, "Everyone, get down! Quickly get down!"

The arrow hit the ground, raising dust.

More dust flew up as countless arrows were shot at him!

"Everyone run into the forest, it's safe there!" Suddenly, someone shouted.

Li Xiaoyu frowned and wanted to remind everyone not to move recklessly. However, they couldn't make it in time. Hearing that someone was leading the way, everyone held their heads and stood up, wanting to escape into the forest to find a chance of survival.

But how could they outrun the rain of arrows!

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the refugees had fallen.

"Haha, it's really fun, really fun!"

Li Xiaoyu's hands were clenched tightly in her sleeves.

Fun? Killing is fun?!

A group of black clothed people escorted a man dressed in gorgeous clothes as they rode over.

He saw the man in embroidered clothing holding a bow in his hand, looking at the corpse on the ground as if he had just met something extremely happy. He laughed loudly, "This is so funny. Look, they're all lying on the ground and can't get up anymore."

His tone was as natural as if he was just eating breakfast.

"Qingyuan..." It's Qing Yuan, that murderer who is worse than pigs and dogs! " The beautiful woman beside Li Xiaoyu said in a low voice. Her voice was filled with endless resentment.

"Qingyuan?" Li Xiaoyu searched her memory but didn't recognize this person.

"He is the son of the Cyan Forest City Lord, it is this beast that massacred our village, this beast …" I never thought that they would actually chase us here to kill us. "

The beautiful woman held her son and tightly held onto the child's mouth. As she spoke till here, her voice suddenly became fearful, "Husband … …" "Hubby!"

He saw a man with blood all over his body crawling towards the beautiful woman, talking to her as if he wanted her to escape.

"Hubby!" The beautiful woman didn't care about anything else as she shoved the child into Li Xiao Yu's embrace and ran towards her husband.

"You! "Come back..." Li Xiao Yu shouted from behind. But how could the beautiful woman listen?

"Go …" "Hurry up and leave..." The man squirming on the ground said to his wife.

"No …" "No, hubby!" The beautiful woman sobbed without a sound. When she saw the man in black walking towards her husband, she became even more terrified, "No!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the sabre of the man in black fell!

Blood splattered her face.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" When the beautiful woman saw her husband's blood splatter on the spot, she pounced towards the man in black like a madman.

"That dog from Qingyuan saw the beautiful woman throw herself at him like this. He sneered and raised his knife." "You're courting death!"

Li Xiaoyu looked at the knife that was about to fall and bit off her lips. She wanted to rush out and crush those fellows who were worse than pigs and dogs to death, but her body was currently too weak. Her strength was simply too weak.

Therefore, she could only endure!

Li Xiaoyu covered the child's eyes and ears with her hands. She didn't want him to see her parents' tragic deaths.

"Stop." With a light voice, the man in black did not lower his blade.

"Qingyuan carried his horse over and used his bow to lift up the beautiful woman's chin." I didn't realize that there's a beauty like you in this pile of trash. "

The beautiful woman glared at him and spat in his face. "Bastard, if you kill my husband, you will die a miserable death!"

"Haha, you're just a female dog, how dare you call me a beast!" Qing Yuan pulled the beautiful woman's arm and ordered her, "Look carefully, I'm going to have her act like a bitch in front of everyone today!"

As he said that, he tore open the beautiful woman's clothes, exposing her snow-white skin to the air.

"Let go, you beast! Let go of me! Husband! "Hubby!"

Qing Yuan laughed out loud and pushed her to the ground. "Scream and scream. The louder the women scream, the more excited I will be!"

"What a sin..."

"That beast..."

When the remaining refugees saw this scene, they closed their eyes and could not bear to watch any longer.

"You killed me, you killed me!" The beautiful woman desperately grabbed the undergarment on her body, preventing Qing Yuan from breaking through the last barrier, "Bastard, kill me! Even if I die, I won't surrender to you! "

She would rather die than be tainted.

Qing Yuan laughed heartily, "Haha, do you think you have the right to choose? "Don't worry, I'm here to rape and then kill you. I'll send you to meet your husband."

Imperial Consort: Xie Wang, please relax your clothes.

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