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"Aiya, I know, I know, I'll be right down..." Ye Qiqi unhappily pouted and blinked his large, intelligent eyes. He looked at the maidservants under the tree, and just as he was about to get up, he heard a "kacha" sound coming from below him.

In that instant, everyone froze.

"Ka Cha!" Another sound rang out.

Ye QIu Qi's rosy face instantly paled. Her body stiffened and she looked as if she was about to cry as she looked at the maidservants beneath the tree. Her voice was weak as she asked, "That voice just now … Is it the sound of branches breaking? "

Those maidservants who looked up at her had even paler expressions than her, and they all nodded in unison.

"How... "What should we do?" Ye QIu Qi asked with a trembling voice as his chubby little hands gripped the branch.

The maidservants looked at each other, then an obviously older maidservant said in a flustered voice, "Young miss, you must not move recklessly, I … I'll call the manor lord over right now! "

With that, she turned and ran back into the manor.

Before he could even respond, he felt the tree branch beneath him crank, and it tilted even lower.

"Little Miss, be careful …"

The maidservants under the tree formed a circle and could not help but exclaim out loud.

Ye QIu Qi felt like crying, but he had no tears. If he had known it would turn out like this, she would have just obediently come down from the tree. Now it was over. Li Yun was going to find his grandpa, and she would have been scolded again …

The moment Mo Hanqing brought his guards into the Flying Crane Villa, he saw a group of maidservants dressed in light green standing under an old banyan tree in the middle of the courtyard. Looking up at the trees, the entire courtyard was filled with people, but no one actually noticed them entering.

The guard in front of Mo Hanqing had already automatically stood behind him after entering the door. As he watched the maids raise their heads to look at the sky, he could not help but raise his head to look at the sky.

Mo Hanqing frowned as he led his guards forward. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard a "kacha" sound above his head. Following that, a pink figure descended from the sky.

"Young Miss!" The instant the figure landed, the maidservants in the courtyard could not help but cry out in alarm.

In that split-second, Mo Hanqing felt something smashing towards him. He was startled, but just as he was about to dodge, he heard a "dong" sound. That thing directly smashed into his body.

The sudden weight pressed him down to the ground. The moment his moon-white robe touched the ground, it became covered with a layer of dust.

"Young master!" The guard behind Mo Hanqing was shocked. This situation happened too suddenly, before he could even grab his master, his master had already fallen flat on the ground.

That charming pink figure was lying on top of her master's body.

At the moment Ye QIqi fell, he couldn't help but close his eyes. However, the pain he imagined didn't come.

The surroundings were completely silent. There was not a single sound. Instead, there was a warm sensation under his palm.

Immediately, a stern and aged voice bellowed furiously from afar, "Seventh Seven!"

He opened his eyes abruptly, and upon seeing his grandfather, who had hurriedly arrived accompanied by Li Yun, he could not help but shrink his neck as he gave an awkward smile. "You came …"

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