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Master Ye Jue looked at his only little disciple who pressed down on Mo Hanqing without any regard for his image. When he was still smiling and greeting him, he was so angry that his white beard flew. Get off Young Master Mo's body! "

Uh... Young Master Mo?

Ye Qi blinked his eyes and was slightly startled. He then slowly lowered his head, and realized that there was another person lying on top of him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Ye Qiqi hurriedly gave an embarrassed smile as he climbed down from Mo Hanqing's body.

The black-robed guard standing behind them saw that Qi Seventh had come down, and hurriedly went forward to help his master up.


Mo Hanqing, who was pressed down by Qi Qi Qi, slowly stood up with a gloomy face, using the strength of his guards' hands to support him.

Ye Septimus could not suppress the curiosity in his heart. He stole a glance at Tang Wulin. With that glance, he was completely stupefied.

Spring sun was setting in the west, the blue sky was filled with a faint warm orange color.

The young man before her looked to be around eight to nine years old.

The light of the setting sun passed through the lush branches of the old banyan tree, forming beams of golden light that sprinkled on his body. Even his white robes were dyed in a layer of gold.

Waves of gentle breeze blew, the branches and leaves swayed, and the mottled sunlight that passed through the leaves lightly jumped about. The bits and pieces of sunlight illuminated his body, and it was as if there was a ring of light around his body.

The person in front of him was clearly a youth, but his entire body emitted a noble aura. On his white jade-like face, a pair of jade-like eyes flickered with bright starlight, and like a startled glance, they flew diagonally into his temples.

His leisurely standing posture was like a beautiful painting in ink, causing one to be unable to shift their gaze away from him.

Ye QIqi stared at him for a long time, but he did not notice that the expression on the face of the person in front of him was getting more and more unsightly.

Mo Hanqing narrowed her eyes, staring at the little girl in pink clothes standing in front of her.

As the most favored younger brother of the Emperor of the Mo Country, no one had ever dared to harm him since he was young. Even if the palace maids and guards saw him from afar, they would have to lower their heads and greet him.

Master Ye Jue saw that Mo Hanqing's expression was getting more and more unsightly and he hurriedly coughed lightly. What are you still standing there for!? Hurry up and apologize to the customers!? "

"Huh?" Ye Septimus turned his head around, his black and white eyes full of questions as he looked at his Master and grandfather. Puzzled, he asked, "Why should I apologize to him?"

"You …" "You didn't listen to me, you climbed up my front yard's old banyan tree every day. This is your mistake, you didn't listen to the words of the maidservants, and stubbornly sat on the tree, unwilling to descend. This is your second mistake, you fell off the tree branch and smashed into Young Master Mo's body, this is your third mistake, you still haven't apologized to him, this is your fourth mistake, you …"

"Alright, alright, grandfather, I know I was wrong!" Ye QIu Qi hurriedly spoke up, cutting off Master Ye Jue's words. If his grandfather were to continue speaking, who knows how long it would take for her to recover.

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