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C8 Investigate the Background

Erbao pouted. "This is the place. Why is there no one here?"

At this moment, Dong, who had been ignored the whole time, asked, "Maybe he went out?"

Dabao heard this and had a glimmer of hope. "Then let's wait and see."

The two little fellows looked at each other. They nodded at the same time.

After a moment of silence, Dabao suddenly said, "But she was very angry when she left yesterday. She definitely doesn't want to see us today."

"Then what should we do?"

Erbao rolled his big eyes. His eyes suddenly fell on the flowerpot next to the elevator. His eyes immediately lit up. "I have a way!"

He pulled Dabao over. He reached out his white and tender hand and grabbed a handful of mud. He wiped it on Dabao's body.

There was a stain on his white shirt. Dabao's face darkened instantly. "Erbao!"

Erbao smiled and wiped the mud off his face. "Let's pretend to be pitiful. Since beautiful sister is so kind, she won't be angry!"

Little Dong was stunned and quickly went up to stop him, "Young master, you..."

But he was a step too late. Erbao wiped off the soil a few times and turned himself and Dabao into two little kittens.

"Uncle Dong, quickly hide. Otherwise, when beautiful sister sees us, she will definitely suspect us!"

Little Dong felt a headache coming on. Seeing the young master's firm attitude, he could only hide in the fire escape beside the elevator.

Half an hour later.

Su Qi hummed a song and came back with a bag of fresh vegetables in her hand. Just as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw the little fellow squatting at the entrance and trembled in fear.

Did she see wrongly?

Before she could react, she saw Erbao get up and rush towards her. He even called out in a childish voice, "Big Sister!"

Then he hugged her thigh and said in a wronged tone, "Sister, are you still angry? Dabao and I are here to apologize to you on behalf of dad..."

Su Qi was stunned. She looked at Dabao and Erbao, who were covered in dust. "Then how did you guys end up like this?"

Erbao blinked his eyes and said, "We hid it from dad. Sister, don't be angry, okay?"

Dabao, who was watching from the side, couldn't help but twitch his mouth when he saw Erbao acting like this.

However, he did not expect this move to be so effective.

Su Qi's heart was soft, and she did not have time to think about it. She directly said, "Your father is really too cruel. How about this, you guys come in first."

When Erbao heard that, he almost jumped up in joy. Dabao's expression was cold but there was a hint of expectation in his eyes as he followed Su Qi into the room.

At the same time, Little Dong, who was hiding in the fire escape, saw this scene. He originally thought that the two young masters were suddenly looking for trouble. He did not expect that there was actually such a "beautiful elder sister" who "took them in.

Naturally, Little Dong didn't dare to delay any further. He immediately dialed Lu Jingchen's number and reported the situation to him.

At the same time, in the spacious meeting room of Jingfeng Group.

The department executive was reporting the quarterly data. Other than that, there was no other sound.

Suddenly, on the meeting table, someone's phone vibrated twice and made a buzzing sound.

Lu Jingchen's cold brows twitched when he heard the sound. He glanced at the phone screen and saw that it was a call from Little Dong. His expression changed slightly.

"Stop." With one sentence, there was no sound in the meeting room.

He picked up his phone and picked up the call. The next second, he heard Little Dong's nervous voice from the other end. "Director Lu, it's not good. The two young masters..."

Lu Jingchen's eyes suddenly became sharp. Hearing Little Dong's report, his face darkened. Immediately, he said, "Send me the location."

After saying this, he immediately stood up and strode out, leaving the company executives at the table looking at each other.

In the past five years, the two little ghosts had already merged into his life. Naturally, he could not let anything happen to them!

Lu Jingchen sat in the car and suddenly thought of something. He immediately instructed his assistant, "Go and investigate this woman's background."

He would never allow his child to have too much contact with women of unknown origins!

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