Daddy, I Want This Mommy/C1 It wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for her.
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Daddy, I Want This Mommy/C1 It wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for her.
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C1 It wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for her.

"Look, is that Miss from the Pei Family?"

"It's really her! Is she out of prison?"

"My God, how can I work with her? She has killed people before!"

Pei Qingle was wearing a professional black suit. Her tight skirt accentuated her perfect figure. Under her long eyelashes were her clear eyes. Her eyes were as beautiful as the stars in the sky.

It wasn't that she didn't hear those words, she just smiled faintly.

She had already been out of prison for a month. Five years had allowed her to learn everything there. What she was best at was disguising herself under the delicate smile.

"Everyone, come here. Let me introduce you to everyone. She is Pei Qingle. She is the new sales department's Commissioner. Please take care of her. "

Manager Zhang was sweating. He did not know why he was so unlucky. This famous Miss from the Pei Family actually worked in their department.

Although Pei Qingle looked very beautiful and weak, her methods were very cruel...

Otherwise, why would she commit a crime when she was only eighteen years old five years ago!

Pei Qingle smiled and bowed. She said some more polite words. But everyone looked at her with fear and disgust.

After that, Manager Zhang brought her to the office.

Although she was a commissioner, she had her own office. Because she was a member of the Pei Family and she had killed someone five years ago. Therefore, she could only stay by herself.

"Miss Pei, this is your office. You don't have to worry about your work. President Lu has already ordered me not to arrange too much work for you."

Manager Zhang wiped the sweat off his forehead and unconsciously lowered his voice.

Pei Qingle thought for a moment and said softly, "Thank you. However, since I am here, I am already prepared for work. You can arrange normal work for me."

"Alright!" Manager Zhang said with a smile. After he left the office, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at the door of the office and suddenly became very cold.

Pei Qingle had just sat down when her phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was Lu Wenhua calling.

"Qingle, how are you? Are you used to it?"

Lu Wenhua's voice was as gentle as five years ago.

Five years ago, Pei Qingle fell madly in love with this person because of this voice. However, five years later, she heard this voice and became very cold.

"I'm fine. You don't need to worry."

Pei Qingle's voice was gentle and there was no aggression in her voice. But her eyes were so cold that it made people shiver.

"I have already told Manager Zhang to take good care of you. Qingle, you have to work hard! I'll pick you up after work."

Okay. "

Pei Qingle hung up the phone and smiled coldly.

If Lu Wenhua had entered the Entertainment Circle back then, he would have become a famous movie king by now.

She thought of her childish self. She wished she could kill herself back then.

If not for her, her father would not have turned into a vegetable.

If it wasn't for her, the Pei Family wouldn't have fallen into Lu Wenhua's hands.

If it wasn't for her, her child wouldn't have died in prison.

All of this was Lu Wenhua's fault.

This time, since she came out alive, she was no longer the innocent girl who was fooled by others.

She wanted to slowly take back what she had lost.

Pei Qingle had been reading the proposal. It was only when she was hungry in the afternoon that she was ready to take the elevator downstairs to buy something to eat.

The Pei's used to be a very famous company in New city. However, under Lu Wenhua's lead, the Pei's declined step by step. Until now, the Pei's could only rely on their savings to survive.

Even though Pei Qingle was very naive back then, she knew that the Pei's did not decline in a single day.

The thought of her father made her very sad. Thinking back, her father firmly believed that she did not harm anyone. For her, he would rather give up the entire Pei's and pay any price.

Her father still hugged her and comforted her as gently as he did when she was young.

However, she had gone too far.

She actually believed Lu Wenhua's words and confessed.

When her father heard this news, he was very sad. He was so angry that his brain was bleeding. He had been unconscious in the hospital for five years. Until now, he still relied on medical equipment to maintain his life.

Pei Qingle lowered her head and wiped her tears. She did not want to make herself cry.

She would definitely take back the Pei's.

When she walked out of the elevator, something quickly crashed into her arms.

Pei Qingle was stunned for a moment before she quickly looked into her arms.

It was a very cute little boy.

He looked only four or five years old. He wore a white short-sleeved shirt, light jeans, and sports shoes. He looked smart and handsome.

He was holding a Thomas train backpack. Little guy's chubby face was frowning. He seemed to be very concerned about the backpack. He held it tightly in his arms.

He kept staring at Pei Qingle and opened his mouth in shock. He looked very panicked.

Pei Qingle was very shocked. She suddenly became gentle.

If her child was still alive, it should be about the same age as the child in front of her. He should be as cute as this child.

"Sister, I'm sorry. I didn't hit you on purpose!" Little guy said gently.

Pei Qingle was stunned. She smiled faintly. She bent down to rub the child's head and said, "It's fine. Why did you come here alone? Where are your parents?"

The little boy immediately looked back. He put his hand in front of his mouth and pretended to keep it a secret. "Today is my dad's birthday. I secretly came out to buy a present for him!"

"You're so good! But if you came out alone, wouldn't your dad be worried?"

The little boy shook his head and pouted. He looked very angry, as if he was very dissatisfied with his dad. He said discontentedly, "My father is a workaholic. He hold meetings every day. He doesn't play with me!"

Pei Qingle could not help comforting him. But in her heart, she felt that this parent was too irresponsible. This parent actually let the child come out on his own.

Just as she was thinking about how to help the little boy contact his parent, her arm was grabbed by him.

"Sister, can you help me choose a birthday present for dad?"

He kept looking at Pei Qingle. He looked very innocent. Pei Qingle couldn't bear to refuse him, so she nodded.

Little guy looked very happy. He held Pei Qingle's hand. His hand was small and soft.

"Sister, my name is Gu Mingrui. You can call me Rui!"

Pei Qingle nodded and said, "Hello, Rui."

Gu Mingrui smiled happily.

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