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This time the three judges weren't the only ones who were dumbstruck by my dance Hannah was also shocked, yeah I love that face. I made a happy dance in my head.

"Congratulations Kim Lalisa you can move to the next round can move to the next round I really hope you pass the last round also to dear" The first judge said

I was so happy since the last round will be chosen by us. I am very sure I will pass.

Checking the time I gasp it's six pm already. I need to call my boss to ask for a sick leave, otherwise I am going to lose this job also. I ran out of where we were told to wait so I could call her.

"I don't think you are done with the audition if I am right" I heard a familiar voice say behind me.

"No I am not, I just want to call my boss to grant me a sick leave else I will lose my job, I losted one on the day I met with you"

"How come I am included in the losing of your job?" Mary asked.

"Because I was so happy with what you told me and lost count of the time." I announced.

"If I say I didn't spend much time with you, probably you lost your job because you were busy looking for trouble or you were dancing and you are also doing the same thing now chatting with me and not doing what you are supposed to do." she said with an eye roll.

Oh my, I need to call my boss, dialing her contact she picked up immediately, hmm someone is gonna get mad.

"Where the heck are you? Didn't you check your time? She asked screaming

I changed my voice and feigned sickness.

"Boss I am really sorry I was sick and slept off since morning so I couldn't call you."

"You liar, you think I would believe you? I am very sure you lost count of time again, you are fired."

"What ! I am sorry, I will go to overtime tomorrow." I tried to confront her.

"I don't care, you are fired." she said and hung up.

I nearly cried, this is the last job I depended on to get money and help buy some necessary things for myself and I am so dead.

"Mary, I got fired from this one. What am I gonna do?" I hugged her and started crying.

Students passing by were shocked that they need to stand still and watch us, then I noticed Mary never hugged me back, oh my goodness I forgot she is also a rich kid, they don't like being embarrassed in front of people I hope I don't use this f**lish act of mine to destroy our little friendship.

"What the heck?"

"Who is she?"

"Mary hates it when someone touches her."

"She doesn't even look like a rich kid"

"She touched me, why is it your probs?

"Get out this isn't a comedy show!" Mary said in a cold voice.

I have never heard her use that voice before, I really hope I haven't crossed the line. It seems she is very angry.

I disengaged myself from her and looked down.

"I am sorry I lost control of myself. I am use to hugging my mum any time I am sad" I told her but she smiled.

"I am not mad at you Lis I am just not the touchy type that's why I was surprised when you hugged me" she said with a smile still on her face.

"It's time for the participants to gather for the last round" we heard again through the public address system.

" You need to go in and become a student of your dream school. I know you are gonna make me proud, forget about the job for now I will take care of it" Mary said trying to assure me.

" Of course I won't miss the last round for anything" I said smiling. I wanted to embrace her but I didn't so I won't cause a scene again.

I waited for my name to be called as if they could read my mind.

" Kim Lalisa, welcome back once again. We have been anticipating meeting you. We can't wait to see your dance once more.

So which song will you be performing? The third judge asked

I noticed Hannah hadn't said anything since I came in. She was just glaring at me. I wondered if I offended her in my former life because I don't know why she hates me.

"I am going to sing and dance to Gotta go by Chung ha" I said.

Then the song started with just the instrumentals playing.

Yeah I like it, how you talk informally to me🎶🎶

Like it, your quiet way of talking🎶🎶

It's not bad🎶🎶

Boy you know know know know🎶🎶

Like the way you wordlessly held my hand🎶🎶

Like the way, even though I was surprised🎶🎶

I didn't hate it🎶🎶

You know boy boy boy boy🎶🎶

The sky that was so blue🎶🎶

As if it was painted on already turned dark🎶🎶

Few seconds later I ended it with a smile on my face. I really hope I did well.

"Hmm you did well but the result won't be heard today you will be sent a message if you are among the lucky winners, thanks for participating."

"Thank you sir"

"You may leave"

Going out I met with Mary outside the hall.

"Allow me take you home" Mary said

"You couldn't even ask how it went" I asked surprised

" I didn't ask because I know you did well" she replied already walking

"Why did you believe I did well? I asked

" That's for me to know and you to keep wondering" she clicking her tongue

But she stopped walking, staring at something. I followed her eyes and saw she was looking at a girl and a guy kissing each other, eww they should get a room. But why is she not walking and kept staring at them.

"Why did you stop walking? Do you know them from somewhere? I asked getting curious

She didn't reply to me, she just walked straight to the couples I followed her to get juicy information. But wait he isn't her boyfriend right? I didn't get too close so I was not seen by the couples. I didn't want to be gated before becoming a student so I kinda maintained a distance.

"Wow, what a great! so you now cheat on Liam She asked her eyes getting cold

Wait Liam? that name sounds familiar oh yeah the guy whose girlfriend slap cause he hold me, wait she is Jina, that so called b*itchy witch. She even cheated on Liam and got mad. That has stopped me from not falling down. The girl must be crazy.

"Why is that your business? I thought people call you ice queen and that you mind your business so why is this your probs? You are not Liam" she stated

"And the so called b*tch even has the audacity to talk back at me what nonsense? How about I call Liam now and tell him what is so called love is doing"

"I still don't get it, why are you so annoyed? Oh I get it now you love Liam but he isn't reciprocating it because of me right? The b*tch asked.

"Alright if you say so" Mary brought out her phone and took pictures of them multiple times, wow I like this girl.

"What the heck! The guy screamed and try to collect the phone from her but Mary was so fast she moved back.

"Fine, why don't we do it this way? Have a fight with me. If you win, I will delete the pictures but if you don't, you have to do what I want."

"You don't expect me to beat up a girl right? The guy asks with a smirk on his face.

Mary scoff " Don't just assume anything before you say something, well I don't have time for your b*llshits, You in or not? Mary asks, making an irritated face.

"Yah (Hey)!! how dare you brat say those sh*t to me" he threw a punch at Mary but She was very fast she dodge it still standing as if nothing just happen he lost his posture and fell down he stand up again to do the same but Mary repeated what she did first but this she grabbed him and flip him backward and he landed on the ground, I think he broke a bone.

"Mary! What did you do that for? The witch screamed

"He hit me first," Mary said simply.

"His punch didn't landed on you for goodness sake you dodge it" she screamed again

Mary scoff again " You make me feel nauseated, like what the heck? You should be begging me not to let Liam know about your relationship." Mary said.

"We broke up yesterday, I caught him hugging a b*tch " Jina said simply

Wait I am the b*tch, for goodness sake Liam caught from Falling down cause I missed a step, this girl must be really out of her mind. I would have gone to meet her and give her a piece of my mind but I dare not.

"So if I show this to Liam are you really sure it's not going to affect you?Mary asked.

"Of course it won't, it's not like we are dating anymore, we are no longer in a relationship," Jina stated.

"Alright I will make him know so" Mary said smiling.

"What the heck do you want from me?" Jina asked boiling.

"You said you are no longer in a relationship so I don't think this should be any evidence" Mary said turning to me.

"What exactly do you want from me? Alright tell me I'm going to do it as long as you don't show him this" she whispered.

"Now you talking, well what I want from you is not something much, I just want you to make sure your mum accepts the girl name Kim lalisa she is also one of the participants who went for an audition." Mary said but why would she do that? I thought she trusted me.

"I can't involve myself in that" Jina said worriedly.

"As long as you do so Liam is not getting any juicy information from me you can continue your relationship longer than you want if you just do what I want" Mary said and turned back leaving her still standing there with her lip slightly open."

The guy stood up and glared at Mary.

"You wanna go for another? Mary asked. He couldn't say anything, he was just glaring at her." That would be better" Mary said and came to me.

" Lis it settled you are gonna become a student of this school'' she said walking past me, I quickly followed her cause I don't want Jina to see me. I know if she does I am very sure we are going to start another topic about how their break up was my fault.

"Mary, why did you do that? Who is Liam to you? Why are you so interested in them? Is it Liam, A friend of yours? I kept asking a series of questions.

"Of course not, Liam isn't a friend of mine, I don't talk to him much," she replied.

"Then why were you so concerned with his cheating girlfriend? I asked

"Probably because I can use it as an opportunity to become a student here," she said.

"Why do you say so?

"You are just a Naive girl who knows nothing about our world. When you become a student you are going to understand more and please don't ask anymore question this is first time I talk this much" she said pressing her keys

"Wow I love your car, this wasn't the car you brought the other day" she didn't reply to me she just got into the waiting room for me to come in.

Perhaps she's really tired. Just as she said, she asked me the address of my home. I gave it to her and she took me home. The drive home was silent. I didn't say anything cuz it seems I was kind of stressed out today. After dropping me off she told me to keep checking my phone and that Ii will be sent a message.

I can't wait to become a student of my dream school" I screamed out after she left.

Some passersby glared at me but that was none of my business. Today is my happy day so I'm going to let you guys go scot-free. I'm pretty sure my mum is home now. Now I need to face her.

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