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Waking up the next day I didn't wait to have my breakfast I just left for Jina's place.

I went to Jina's house but wasn't allowed to see her I tried all my possible best to make them call her but the security kept saying she gave instructions not to let me in that she doesn't want to see me.

Maybe I should just give her a break just like her mum said, with that in mind I went to school.

Jina and I have been dating since I was in in Eleventh grade.

"On getting to school I didn't even talk to any of the boys I just went straight to my secret safe heaven only the guys know of this place.

Jina doesn't even know about it you might be thinking why I didn't well she get irritated easily I don't think she will like this place she loves expensive places and this place is all about nature so I don't think she will want to be interested in so I didn't show her.

I stayed there all through the day I didn't go to class, I shouldn't have come to school today but I know if I didn't,my mum will be kind of worried and that's going to be another topic of the day.

The boys tried to call me out but they left when they knew I wasn't in the mood to talk to them.

"Hello brother it seems you haven't been in a good mood since yesterday, if I'm right your girlfriend broke up with you?

"Mary I don't have the time to chit chat with you right now just please leave me alone"

"I felt like leaving you but seeing you miserable is what I like, anyway I made a new friend today" she said. she's not the type who makes friends is easily how come she now has a friend and who the hell is going to make friend with a cold girl in like her?

"You don't talk to anyone how come you made a new friend? I asked

"I don't think how I make a friend is any of your concern"

"Is your friend the reason why you are standing here right now? I asked shock again like Mary doesn't wait for anyone who the heck made out her did this? she's such a lucky girl.

"Yes of course I will make sure she become a student of this school"

"Have you been friends with her for sometimes cause I don't get it, you just met her and you want to make her a student of this school. is that what she wants?

"Forget it why am I having standing here talking with you ? I think has kind of start making me become a good sweet girl".

Wait are you not going home? are you still going to wait for your friend ? The heck

And she walks away.

Mary! Mary! Hmm perhaps our talk end here this is first time we have talked this much for the past four months.

I sigh and left for home....


Home home sweet home hello!! anyone home? Mum! where is she? why can't I find her.

"And where do you think you coming back from young lady? I heard I heard a strange voice said behind me well kidding it's my Mum

"Mum guess what I went for the a you know what I did well all I need now is to receive the message that I pass the last round "

"Lisa you heard me when I said you are not going anywhere, you can go for medicine if you can't do that go for another major please just don't go for an Idol , I just don't want you to become an idol. Why don't you just get it I have my reasons for doing so." Mum said and went into her room.

Mum please I don't have time for this why don't you just tell me the reason why you don't want me to become an Idol for goodness sake you know this has been my dream for a long time and this is just an opportunity for me it's a scholarship Mum you won't pay a dime and besides I am going to be rich trust me Mum I won't be a bad girl no mum, you should allow me please. This is the first time I am asking for something why can't you just do this for me hun ? I asked almost crying

"Sweethearts I'm doing this for you not for myself, I can't allow anything happen to you I know you are talented and lots of people will be coming after you, ifyou become so. Fine you can have the scholarship but why don't you go for another major?

" Mum I was able to apply for the scholarship because I have the talent for music for goodness sake mummy why can't you just do this for me you know I love you so much mum" I said with a pout on my face.

"Lisa this won't work I am not accepting and that is final" she said and went to her room.

Oh my god what am I going to do to make mummy accept I went to her door and knocked I kept knocking but she didn't reply she just told me to go to my room I was sad what is this I don't even know if I'll be accepted and mum already started this.

What can I do to make her believe me I stood there for like 10 minutes staring at her room door after some minutes again I started knocking the door again.

I knocked and knocked mummy didn't replied she didn't come out. I already had tears on my face, I kept asking Mum to open the door so we could talk more this has been my dream I can't let this dream go past me no matter what.

After some time I sat on floor and started singing my favourite song till I fell asleep.

Next day

"Lisa wake up wake up Lisa sweetheart" I heard my name being called oh my god it's Mum she finally came out.

"why did you slept here don't you know it might affect your health?

"Finally mum you open the door" I said happily

" Lisa fine I agree with you whatever dream you choose you are right it's your life I shouldn't interfere in it much I should support you and dear I am gonna do so as from now.

Really mum really oh my god mummy mummy mummy mummy mummy I love you thank you so much I'm gonna make you proud mum , you gonna be proud of me I'm so happy thank you so much

"when are you going to get the message? said mum

"Message I need to go check my phone if it is sent"

Taking my phone I was kind of nervous what if it wasn't sent? What if they don't accept me I saw my phone goes off and I saw the name hmm Mary

"Hi Lis gotten anything" she asked

"No I haven't was about to then you called" I answered

"I really hope you get the scholarship no I know you will get this" she said and dropped the call after that, I checked my phone I almost dropped my phone when I saw the message.

it reads "congratulation Kim Lalisa you have been chosen to be among the five lucky students won the scholarship welcome to Starlight high School you should resume to school immediately after seeing this message to complete your registration" I read it over and over again.

Oh my god oh my god I am finally a student of my dream school yeah !!

"Mum guess what I've been been chosen to become a student of starlight high school I'm getting close to my dream mum I'm so so happy" I screamed excitedly

" I'm also happy dear " mum said not that happily though

" Lisa are you sure you want to do this" Mum asked again

"Of course mum I want this mum you should be happy also I need to Mary" I said dialing her contact

" She is a rich girl right?

"Yes she is Mum and guess what she likes me a lot and she want us to become friends" I told mum

" Lisa this is the virtual DeLuise please I want you to be careful around the rich you know what this rich socialite can do" Mum said again

"Yeah mum"

"Alright sweetheart I love you and I want you to know no matter what I'm going to stand by youI need to go now so I don't get late for work if you need me or need anything I'm just a call away"

"Okay mum love you"

"Love you too dear"




Morning family !!!

"morning sweetie you look so happy today" Mum said was bothering me cause Mary isn't the type who talk excitedly

"Yeah mum cause I made a new friend" she answered shocking me

" what!!! We all screamed

"why do you guys seem surprised I'm human too you know"

" We know you're human but you don't talk much to people so we are all surprised you said you made a friend "that was Tracy

"What is her name and which family is she from? That was Lewis

"Excuse me Lewis having a friend doesn't mean she has to be from a rich family"

"Wait what? she is not rich girl? Lewis asked shocked yeah I get he hate poor people a lot.

"Of course she isn' and that's not your f*cking business"Liam replied sassily

"Sweetheart isn't that the girl you told me about

"Yeah mum she is"

" I hope she's not friends with you because you are a Yoon ? Mum asked

"No mum besides it's the other way round and again she knows me as Kendrick and not Yoon? She answered mum

"Liam you don't talk much this days is anything the probs? Mum asked me

"His girlfriend broke up with him"

"Hey that is non of your business it's not like I just said anything about yours"

"Man move on from that b*tch I don't like you though but I am gonna say this the b*tch isn't for you" Mary said getting me annoyed like what the heck she just called my girlfriend a b*tch in front of mum.

"Liam is it true you broke up with your girlfriend?

"No mum his girlfriend broke up with him" Mary said seriously this girl is getting on my nerves.

"Mum it's nothing to worry about we are just on a break,she got mad at me for something I did wrong" I told mum so she doesn't start getting suspicious I can't let her know Jina is my girlfriend else she gonna be in support with Mary.

You might be wondering why a lot of chattering is going on when we are still in the dinning well dad is still in his room and we haven't started eating that's why we have a lot of freedom to talk.

"Who is she? I can meet her and try to apologize on your behalf you know I can make her fall for my charms.

" Trust me mum she is a b*tch you don't wanna know about" Mary said again

" Mary you talk too much for my liking now and it's really getting me irritated don't you dare call my girl a b*t h anymore" I told her clearly with annoyance.

"You screaming at me won't make me stop calling her that cause she is a real b*tch"

"Mary language" that was dad.

I think with dad here now the conversation for today will be over no one dare say anything again, Mary will do though if she wants I don't know maybe because she Is the baby of the house that's why she always be pardoned by dad. The maids serve our food and everyone digged in.


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