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C12 Am I a Beast

Mr. Shen might have thought of her. After all, her existence represented his good deeds.

Let's forget about Mrs. Shen. Yov Yue could not stand that woman's longing. She was afraid that Mrs. Shen would skin her and hang her on the tree. It was just a small sum of money from her Shen family. It was not as expensive as Mrs. Shen's jewelry, but Mrs. Shen felt that Yov Yue had spent all of his money.

"Yov Yue, the last time we met, we did not have the chance to have a proper conversation. When you are free, let's come out and have a cup of coffee together." Shen Shengsheng released her goodwill.

It was a proper Hongmen banquet! Yov Yue did not plan to let herself fall into the tiger's den. She directly rejected, "I'm not free."

Shen Shengsheng's smile became somewhat stiff. After not seeing them for a few years, Yov Yue's temper became more and more aggressive. Before, she would more or less tolerate it, but now she could not bear it at all. If it was not for the fact that there were too many people around, Shen Shengsheng really wanted to slap Yov Yue to wake her up. Don't think that she would be able to escape the control of Shen family.

The corner of Zheng Ting's mouth rose slightly for a second when no one saw it. The former Yov Yue was also a little hedgehog. It was just that the thorns were soft at that time and could not pierce people, but now it was different. He found that he was more interested in Yov Yue now.

"Miss Shen, our relationship is not good enough to need to reminisce about old times. In the future, I will no longer have any relationship with Shen family. I have already returned the money that the Shen family used to raise me with interest to your father. So, when we meet on the way, it's better to pretend that we don't know each other." Yov Yue said and wiped the corner of her mouth.

After finishing the main course, Zheng Ting's real fiancée also came. It was time for her to leave.

"What? How is that possible?" Shen Shengsheng looked at Yov Yue in surprise. That was hundreds of thousands. How could a poor person like Yov Yue possibly afford it?

Zheng Ting was stunned for a moment. He suddenly recalled the one million that Yov Yue asked him for when she left.

This woman had blocked all the roads back then. She had really calculated it clearly. When she left, she had already thought it through. She wanted to no longer have anything to do with them.

Unfortunately, Yov Yue's plan was very good, but Zheng Ting did not plan to let her do as she wished.

"I still have matters to attend to. I will leave first." Yov Yue did not answer Shen Shengsheng's question. She stood up and walked out.

"Zheng Ting, why is Yov Yue like this? I..." Shen Shengsheng bumped into a wall at Yov Yue's place. Just when she wanted to find some comfort from Zheng Ting, she found that Zheng Ting also stood up.

"I still have to go back to the company first. You and your friends have a good meal. I will pay." After Zheng Ting finished speaking, he did not give Shen Shengsheng any chance to persuade him to stay and walked out of the restaurant.

Zheng Ting hurried his steps and stepped on Shen Shengsheng's body.

How could Shen Shengsheng not understand that the so-called official business was just an excuse for Zheng Ting to not let go of his heart. His footsteps were simply following Yov Yue.

"Shengsheng, didn't you come to eat with me? Why? Are you going back on your word again?" Hsu Jin suppressed the unhappiness in his heart. He walked to Shen Shengsheng's table and said with a smile.

"How can that be? We agreed on it. What delicious food did you order?" Shen Shengsheng said perfunctorily.

Hsu Jin led Shen Shengsheng to the lawn behind them as if he did not understand anything. There was a glass room in the middle of the grass. Hsu Jin had just snatched it from someone else's hands with a huge sum of money.

Hsu Jin wanted to give all the best things to Shen Shengsheng. However, he suddenly realized that no matter how much he gave, it was not as good as Zheng Ting's smile to Shen Shengsheng.

"Are you going to walk home?" Yov Yue walked quite quickly. Zheng Ting used some time to catch up to her. Looking at the flat shoes under her feet, this woman really did not follow the rules.

"If you want to live a long life, you need to exercise more. So Director Zheng guessed right. I plan to walk back." Yov Yue said stubbornly, but in her heart, she cursed Zheng Ting's ancestors for eighteen generations.

There were so many restaurants in the city. Which one of them Zheng Ting could not choose? He had to choose such a remote place. Could it be that he wanted to bring her into the ditch after dinner and destroy her corpse?

"Very good. Then I won't stop you from living a long life." Zheng Ting did not have any intention of persuading Yov Yue to get on the car. He stepped on the accelerator and drove out, leaving a cloud of dust for Yov Yue.

"I'll go!" Yov Yue really wanted to be a lady, but when faced with Zheng Ting, she could not help but burst out in all kinds of language that did not fit her.

The result of putting on a brave front was that she almost broke her foot, and Yov Yue only walked one-third of it. She tried to call the windmill, but because the location was remote, she did not find anything.

After walking for a long time, Yov Yue finally saw a bus stop. It was like a person in despair was walking in the desert and suddenly saw water. Yov Yue ran all the way to the bus stop.

But when she looked up, Yov Yue was completely in despair. The last bus had left her ten minutes ago.

Feeling somewhat discouraged, Yov Yue squatted on the ground and began to consider the possibility of sleeping on the ground.

Just when Yov Yue was upset, a car slowly stopped. As the window slowly lowered, Zheng Ting's hateful face gradually appeared in front of Yov Yue.

"Yue, how is your fitness plan? Do you need a ride?" The smug smile on Zheng Ting's face made Yov Yue want to punch him and turn him into a panda eye!

However, in the end, reason had the upper hand. Yov Yue knew that if she rejected Zheng Ting again this time, he would really step on the gas and leave without looking back. At that time, she did not know how long she would have to walk in the wilderness.

The car door was slammed shut by Yov Yue. Once she got into the back seat of the car, Yov Yue laid down. She really needed to exercise again. She was much more tired during the battle and she could endure it. How short was the journey now? She felt like she was about to collapse.

Zheng Ting did not argue with Yov Yue about her position. He quietly sent Yov Yue back to the door of the house.

When the car stopped, Zheng Ting turned around and found that Yov Yue was already asleep. Yov Yue in her sleep did not have any offensive power. She would not go against Zheng Ting. She was as obedient as she was four years ago.

Zheng Ting enjoyed the silence at this moment. He was not in a hurry to call Yov Yue. He just turned around and looked at Yov Yue sleeping. If Yov Yue did not fall off the back seat of the car, the two of them would have stayed like this all night.

Yov Yue rubbed her aching waist and slowly regained consciousness. When she saw the familiar scene, she neatly sat back in the car seat and said politely to Zheng Ting. "Thank you for sending me back."

With that, Yov Yue opened the car door, got out of the car, left, and closed the door. She did everything in one go. The exhausted look from earlier was all gone.

"Yue, am I a ferocious beast?" Zheng Ting stuck his head out of the window and asked.

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