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C13 I Can't Bear It

Yov Yue turned around and saw Zheng Ting's serious expression. She swallowed her saliva and chose to lie. "You are not a ferocious beast!"

Her real thought was that Zheng Ting was far more terrifying than a ferocious beast. However, Yov Yue did not dare to tell the truth. She was afraid that she would not have the chance to go home after she had told her the truth.

"Then why are you always in a hurry to run away from me?" Zheng Ting asked seriously.

She did not just want to run away from him. Four years ago. Yov Yue's departure did not really affect Zheng Ting. He only knew how to control and hide his emotions more than ordinary people.

Therefore, everyone thought that Zheng Ting did not care about Yov Yue's departure. But only Zheng Ting knew that he cared about her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have kept the villa and stayed there for a while when he had nothing to do. He thought that perhaps Yov Yue would come back someday. He could not say for sure.

Was this love? Zheng Ting did not think so. However, he and Yov Yue were really comfortable together. Zheng Ting did not need to think too much when he was with her. That girl's emotions were all on her face. Even if she was dissatisfied with him, she would not hide it. She was the only light in his dark life.

Zheng Ting could not bear to part with this comfortable feeling. He was like someone who had been blind for a long time could suddenly see all colors. He could not let go of her.

"I..." Yov Yue opened her mouth but could not go on. She did not know how to explain her own thoughts and could not explain. Instead of saying a bunch of nonsense, it was better to not say anything.

He waited for a long time but did not get the reply he wanted. Zheng Ting was very depressed. He drove away and left Yov Yue with a cloud of dust.

When she choked on the dust and coughed, the inexplicable guilt in Yov Yue's heart disappeared. She also gave Zheng Ting another nickname. Crazy.

After not seeing him for a few years, Zheng Ting had become even more temperamental. He was much more terrifying than the Black and White Impermanence in hell.

Perhaps it was because of the incident that night, Yov Yue did not see Zheng Ting for the next few days.

Yov Yue also became calm. That devil Zheng Ting would not leave her life just because of a few words from her. He should be waiting for a time when he suddenly appeared and gave her a fatal blow.

In order to not let her lose her life, Yov Yue decided to treat herself well. She had raised herself very well.

But there would always be some accidents that would happen unintentionally, such as this pouring rain.

Standing at the entrance of the company, looking at the people around them running to the side of the road with umbrellas or waiting for their boyfriend to pick them up, Yov Yue stood there without anything. She wondered when the rain would be lighter. Otherwise, even if she wanted to rush to the side of the road to take a taxi, she would not be able to do so.

The taxi at this moment would probably not be able to make it.

"Yov Yue, you haven't left yet? Don't you have an umbrella? Do you want me to give you a ride?" Reporter Wang happened to see Yov Yue's helpless face when he walked to the door and took the initiative to speak.

Yov Yue shook her head, "You don't need to give me a ride. I'm waiting for someone to pick me up." She was destined to not stay here for long. Then she should not have too many private matters with her colleagues. "It's easy to give away something like that, but it's hard to get it back.

Yov Yue hoped that when she left, she could say goodbye to everyone in a carefree manner, and not hug everyone with tears in her reluctant eyes.

Reporter Wang was suspicious of Yov Yue's words, but she had already said so. The two of them were not very close, so he did not insist and said: "The rain is too heavy. I'm afraid it's not easy to walk on the road. Don't be anxious. If you can't do it, go upstairs and wait for a while."

"Okay." Yov Yue smiled and said gratefully.

She watched the people she knew and did not know leave one by one. Yov Yue stood at the door for more than half an hour and did not wait for the rain to stop. On the contrary, she felt that the rain had gotten heavier.

She sighed in her heart. She had gotten used to staying in the battlefield these years and almost forgot that there was another kind of weather called "rain.

"My god, playing with me, right?" Yov Yue looked up and said in childish anger. She closed her eyes and prepared to have an intimate contact with the heavy rain. At most, she would get sick and she could also lie at home for two days.

However, Yov Yue had just lifted one of her legs when a big hand grabbed her arm and stopped her from moving forward.

Yov Yue turned her head and saw an unfamiliar face. She frowned and asked with a bad attitude. "Sir, what is it?"

If he was not so tall, Yov Yue would have thrown him over the shoulder. His act of casually touching a lady could be considered sexual harassment!

"An elegant lady should not be in a sorry state because of the heavy rain." The man said with a smile, revealing his eight white teeth.

If it were any other woman, she would definitely feel that she had met a handsome son of heaven on this romantic rainy day, but Yov Yue was destined to be different. She only felt that she did not see the yellow calendar when she went out today. She had encountered a mental illness.

"So?" Yov Yue shook off the man's hand and took a step back. She looked at him warily.

"This umbrella is for you." The man had an umbrella on his back. Yov Yue was a little stunned by his generosity. A person she had never met actually wanted to give an umbrella to her?

Looking at Yov Yue's silly look, The man smiled and directly stuffed the umbrella into her hands, "Hurry up and go back." After saying that, he did not even wait to thank her and ran into the rain.

Yov Yue looked at the man's back as he gradually disappeared into the distance for a long time. It had been a long time since she felt the warmth from a stranger. Thinking back to the way that man smiled just now, Yov Yue felt a little ashamed. He was clearly a bright and handsome boy, but she actually treated him as a pervert. It really shouldn't be.

If she still had to see him in the future, she would say "thank you, sorry" to him.

When Yov Yue walked into the rain with an umbrella, there were two cars not far away looking at her.

Zheng Ting looked at Yov Yue's light footsteps unhappily. He felt that his arrival was a joke. She was a man, so what was he?

In the other car, the big sunny boy revealed a scheming look, "Shengsheng, what you want, I will definitely help you get it. I will help you get rid of those obstacles." The man silently said in his heart. As he thought, These few days of waiting didn't go to waste. It finally allowed him to wait for this opportunity.

Even though the rain was heavy, Yov Yue was not in a hurry to go home. She was like an elf in the rain. She walked slowly and occasionally jumped over the small puddle. From afar, she did not look like a woman in her thirties. She was simply a girl who was still curious about the world.

Zheng Ting had asked the driver to drive the car behind him. The better Yov Yue was, the more anxious Zheng Ting felt.

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