Getting Away From Dangerous Him/C3 If You Get Pregnant You Can Have an Abortion.
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Getting Away From Dangerous Him/C3 If You Get Pregnant You Can Have an Abortion.
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C3 If You Get Pregnant You Can Have an Abortion.

As soon as she stepped through the door, she heard a sound from the waiter beside her.

Yov Yue endured the pressure from the others' eyes and walked towards Zheng Ting's table. She slowly sat down in front of Zheng Ting. Her eyes were fixed on the table the whole time. Without looking up, a lot of discussion immediately broke out behind her.

Zheng Ting stared at her cold face for two seconds and suddenly said, "What do you want to eat?"

Yov Yue looked up in surprise. Her apricot eyes slightly rippled and she could not believe that Zheng Ting was asking her.

Zheng Ting narrowed his eyes. Clearly, he was unhappy with her speed.

"I'll eat the same food as you." Yov Yue immediately replied. She had been with Zheng Ting for seven years. Even if it was just a small expression on his face, she could understand it instantly.

Only then did he pass the menu to the waiter. He reached out his hand to play with the napkin on the table and said, "You only have 20 minutes."

Yov Yue's fingers gradually tightened under the table. The corner of her clothes was already wrinkled. She directly looked up and went straight to the point, "I plan to go abroad to further my studies."

Zheng Ting's long fingers paused on the napkin. His narrow eyes suddenly flashed. His expression was unclear. "And then?"

"And then..." Yov Yue closed her eyes, not daring to look at Zheng Ting's expression. She said what she wanted to say in one go, "Can you not marry the Shen family? If you are willing, I can stay by your side..."

This was the humblest moment of her life.

In the past, even if her life was in dire straits, she still held her head high and puffed out her chest. But now, all of her dignity was willing to give in for this man in front of her. She had to be careful without leaving any traces behind...

She knew that she had broken the rules between the two of them. The person who took that step first might die miserably.

Zheng Ting was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth. "Yov Yue, do you know what I like about you the most?"

"I know." Yov Yue's heart was surging, but her expression was very calm. "I will keep my promise."

"Why did you break the rules?" she asked. I guess your next sentence is to tell me that you are in love with me?" His lips curled up in ridicule, and his words were filled with sharp ice dregs.

"No." She reached out and took out the check sheet, and handed it to Zheng Ting. "I'm pregnant."

Zheng Ting's facial expression changed visibly. His cold expression covered his entire face in an instant. He slowly looked down and fixed his eyes on the check sheet.

He looked at Yov Yue and reached out to take the report. He only took a glance and threw it to the side.

Yov Yue's heart sank slightly. She stubbornly refused to look away. She stared at his lips as if she was waiting for a final judgment.

After a while, a light sound came from above her head.

She looked up. Zheng Ting's body had already crossed the table. He stood up and hooked her chin, forcing her to look at him.

Behind her, there was a loud gasp. Faint words of jealousy entered Yov Yue's ears.

Her cheeks began to burn. She bit her lips tightly. Looking at the coldness and glimmer in Zheng Ting's eyes, the last bit of hope in her heart was extinguished.

"Yov Yue, do you think that after you get pregnant, our relationship will be different?"

His lips parted slightly, and every word he spat out became cold. "If you want money, I can give you as much as you want. If you're thinking about something else, I've already said it from the start. "It's just an exchange of interests between us. There's no relationship between us. Don't take yourself too seriously. "

Every breath of his was sprayed on Yov Yue's face. It carried a bone-chilling coldness that made her heart turn cold.

She moved her lips and endured the sourness in her eyes. Before she could reply, she heard him continue to speak. He curled his lips and smiled lightly. His tone was almost mocking, "If you are pregnant, hurry up and get an abortion. Clean it up. At this critical juncture, I do not wish for anything to go wrong. As for the conditions, you can name them."

He wanted her to have an abortion.

Yov Yue's fingers suddenly touched her stomach and trembled. All the blood in her body boiled and clamored because of this sentence.

She gritted her teeth and her face was already so red that blood was about to drip out. Even if she was fully prepared to accept this result, she still felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

What exactly was she hoping for? Seven years was just an illusion. She had betrayed her body for money, but if she had even accidentally sold her soul, she would naturally receive retribution.

Zheng Ting stepped back and leaned back on the back of the chair. His posture was relaxed and languid. He watched Yov Yue's emotions overflow in front of his eyes, but he still did not show any expression. "Go back and think about it. I will get my assistant to make an appointment for you."

Yov Yue suddenly stood up, pursed her lips and looked at him. She quickly turned around and walked out of the door. She just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

She did not dare to look back when she walked out of the restaurant. She walked quickly along the street until she reached the side of the Global Building. She leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths. It was as if her chest had been crushed. It was so painful that she could not breathe.

She fiercely pulled her collar and turned her head. The colorful screen on the building shocked her again.

Shen Shengsheng was still standing beside Zheng Ting. The two people on the screen were holding hands and smiling at the media. There were four big words on the side that were very conspicuous - the wedding of the century.

They were all very good-looking. They looked very suitable. Zheng Ting lowered his head and his eyes were full of love. He was like a different person from the usual him.

Half an hour later.

Yov Yue slowly picked up her phone and made a phone call. This time, her eyes were much more determined.

That person answered very quickly and his tone was as cold as usual, "Hello."

"I only want one million. I will abort the child," she said.

The other end of the phone paused. Zheng Ting seemed to laugh softly. Then he said, "Yov Yue, I thought you had a backbone."

Yov Yue's fingers tightened. The tips of her fingers on the edge of the phone began to turn white. "In front of you, what do I need a backbone for?"

This question was bleak. She knew she had no way out.

She did not want the Shen family's money, and one million was just a small number in Zheng Ting's bank account. She could not ask for so much money even if she went abroad to study. However, if she did not destroy herself, there was still a possibility that she would not give up.

She wanted this matter to end here.

Zheng Ting sneered and hung up the phone.

In less than two minutes, her phone rang again.

The money was paid.

Yov Yue looked down at the string of numbers on her phone screen. Her fingertips were completely cold. She leaned back against the brick wall behind her and closed her eyes.

After a while, she opened her eyes again. After editing a text message, she clicked Send.

"Thank you." There were only two words, nothing else. After sending the message, she clicked on her contact again. Her fingers paused on the "delete" button for a long time before finally pressing confirm.

Her heart was empty. She stood up straight and booked a flight to America. Then, she turned around and left.

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