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Getting Away From Dangerous Him/C8 Who Said We're Finished
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C8 Who Said We're Finished

It was the only movie she had ever seen with Zheng Ting.

She once said that if someone loved her like Jack, that person would give up his life for her. That would be great.

Yov Yue stood on the street and watched the crowd rush past her. She held the small box in her hand. After a long time, she finally lowered her head.

She knew.

He was forcing her to meet.

Yov Yue took out her phone. She had already changed many phone cards, and this card did not have Zheng Ting's number. However, she still dialed a series of numbers from her memory. She looked at the series of unfamiliar and familiar numbers on the screen and her heart sank slightly.

"Hello." There was a sound on the other end of the phone. His voice was low and languid.

"It's me." Her fingers tightened slightly and rubbed the edge of the phone unnaturally. Her heart was in her throat.

"Yes." Zheng Ting was not surprised at all. It was as if he knew she would call at this time.

Yov Yue pursed her lips and said, "Do you have time? Let's meet."

"We will meet at the coffee shop next to the Binjiang Line 1 subway station. We will meet in half an hour." Zheng Ting reported the location.

He even thought of the meeting place in advance.

Yov Yue closed her eyes and replied softly after a while, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, she leaned against the wall behind her almost exhausted. She stared blankly at the stream of people and her heart was still tied up. Her nervous mood did not disappear for a moment.

Half an hour later.

Yov Yue arrived in front of the cafe on time and looked up at the familiar building.

The Melton Hotel at the last meal four years ago had now changed to a coffee shop.

"Miss Yov." A shout came from behind.

Yov Yue turned around and saw a white car. The driver was standing by the side. He lowered his head slightly and said, "Director Zheng, please get in the car."

Get in the car?

She looked hesitantly at the coffee shop, then at the back seat. There was already a profile there, and he had a strong figure.

Yov Yue steeled her heart and opened the door to get in the car. She sat beside Zheng Ting and held her breath.

The driver also got into the car. The car slowly moved forward, but the people beside him did not react at all.

Yov Yue could not help but turn her head and coincidentally met Zheng Ting's meaningful gaze. The two of them looked at each other and Yov Yue was the first to make a move.

She took out the box and handed it over. "I'll return this to you."

Zheng Ting did not take it. He squinted his eyes and said, "I will never take back what I sent out."

"I know," Yov Yue said. Yov Yue pursed her lips. "But I have no reason to accept the things that irrelevant people gave me."

After a few words, the smell of gunpowder came out.

"Independent people." Zheng Ting chewed on this sentence repeatedly, and there was a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Zheng Ting, I don't want to play this game anymore. Can you tell me what you want?"

The car stopped.

Zheng Ting looked at her and turned around to get out of the car.

Yov Yue pursed her lips and followed, but when she turned her gaze to the side, she suddenly froze.

This is his house?

Zheng Ting took a few steps forward and did not hear any footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw Yov Yue standing there with a pale face.

"What? You don't know how to walk? Do you want me to carry you into the house?" Zheng Ting sneered.

Zheng Ting felt ridiculous when he thought about how he looked like a fool four years ago when he was looking for Yov Yue.

Back then, when Yov Yue had just left, Zheng Ting learned about her father's matter from the hospital. He had an indescribable feeling of pity in his heart. He attributed Yov Yue's abnormal behavior in those few days to sadness.

Zheng Ting decided to forgive Yov Yue and find her. He wanted to have a good chat with her and let the relationship between the two of them continue.

During those seven years, Zheng Ting was very satisfied with Yov Yue. However, Yov Yue was like a dandelion. He blew at her casually and she flew into the sky and disappeared without a trace.

"Director Zheng, if you need anything, we can talk here." Yov Yue knew that she must be very timid now. Even if she pretended to be very unfamiliar with Zheng Ting, her guilty conscience was written on her face.

"I don't have the habit of talking to others outside. If you want to talk to me, come in." After saying that, Zheng Ting reached out and pressed a string of numbers at the door.

Yov Yue looked at the numbers Zheng Ting pointed at. Those were the numbers she was very familiar with.

Four years ago, Yov Yue would stand at the door and enter this string of numbers every time she entered this house. Yov Yue did not expect that she would actually come back here and think about all of this again.

Before she came back, Yov Yue thought that she might meet Zheng Ting. However, she never thought that this day would come so soon, nor did she think that she would be tortured by the memories of the past.

A breeze mixed with the fragrance of flowers blew past, but Yov Yue shuddered violently. Looking at the open door, she held her breath and strode in.

Zheng Ting had already poured two glasses of red wine and sat on the sofa. His eyes revealed that he had guessed correctly. He knew Yov Yue would definitely come in.

Yov Yue sat opposite of Zheng Ting in a very reserved manner. Her entire body was tense.

The sofa in front of her reminded Yov Yue of the past.

Zheng Ting had always been a more casual person. Every corner of the room had left traces of love between two people.

"It seems like Miss Yov has not forgotten our past." Zheng Ting took a sip of wine and said.

In fact, Zheng Ting had not come back in the past few years, but he had asked people to come here regularly to clean up. He did not know what he was thinking, but he subconsciously followed a voice from the bottom of his heart.

"Director Zheng, say it. What do you want?" In this room, Yov Yue not only handed over her body, but also her heart step by step.

She could not talk to Zheng Ting freely in this room. Yov Yue only wanted to end the battle quickly and leave.

"Why are you in a hurry? We haven't seen each other for four years. We should talk about old times first, right?" Zheng Ting said. He bent forward and picked up another glass of wine. He passed it to Yov Yue.

"Try this glass of wine. It's what you like." Zheng Ting's smile was shallow and almost invisible. However, Yov Yue sensed danger.

"No need. I just want to tell you not to play this kind of boring game anymore. My relationship with you ended four years ago. It's better if we don't know each other in the future." Yov Yue finished all these words in one breath. She wanted to applaud for herself.

Facing Zheng Ting, this was the first time Yov Yue had such courage.

"Who said we are done?" Just as Yov Yue was about to walk to the door, Zheng Ting's cold voice reached Yov Yue's ears through the air.

"Four years ago."

"Four years ago, I only asked you to get rid of the child. I didn't ask you to get rid of our relationship. Yov Yue, I said that the only person between us who said it would end is me." Zheng Ting's domineering declaration also aroused Yov Yue's anger.

When that child dies, it will be the time for me to end this with you. "

Yov Yue was about to continue walking when she was shocked by Zheng Ting's words. She did not know how to move her legs.

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