Daydream Theatre/C3 Ms Misty Has Some Old Things in Her House
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Daydream Theatre/C3 Ms Misty Has Some Old Things in Her House
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C3 Ms Misty Has Some Old Things in Her House

Because of yesterday's nightmare, I was in no mood to look at her incident book. However, I don't think it matters. After all, the audience is connected to my sensor. If I knew some important truths beforehand, it might destroy the audience's sense of surprise! Of course, perhaps this was just the self-justification of an irresponsible staff member.

The live broadcast will start today, my first mission will be to go to Ms Mistie and interview at her home. I don't know when the director will let the show go live, because all the preparation work seemed so boring. It was nothing more than a polite greeting, as well as asking about the affairs of the family. There's nothing to watch, so I naturally know that the reason the program team selects Ms Mistie is most likely because of the story between her and Emma. Otherwise, I can't think of any value this emaciated woman would have towards Eloi.

As soon as I walked into Ms Mistie's house, I knew that she wasn't rich, because all the decorations and furniture seemed so old. Other than a conspicuous Eloi Access Chair, there were no other advanced technology or equipment. Even some of the furniture seemed to have been moved directly from the waste dump. I also didn't see any simple robots, you have to know that right now every household has a robot butler from Moloch Company, who else would do the cleaning?

"Ms Mistie, I still haven't received the live broadcast signal. We might as well have a casual chat to ease your tension. " I thought she must be someone who had never seen much of the world.

But Ms Mistie laughed and said: "Rather than saying that I'm nervous about the program, it's more about time."

"Time?" "Are you afraid that some things will be too late?"

"Yes, you still haven't read my incident book?" She looked impatient. All I could do was cough and turn my gaze to a photograph on the cabinet. There's a picture of three people on top of it. Other than Ms Mistie, there are two older men and women, I think they should be her parents.

"I read some, but you know, time is tight …" I pointed to the person in the photo and asked, "Ms Mistie, do you live here alone?"

"Yes, I live alone in this room."

"In that case, if you don't act abruptly …"

Ms Mistie did not pick me up, he paused for a moment and looked at the black box in my hands: "Since the live broadcast has not started, I want to know more about the Time Capsule s, after all, I will be using them soon."

"Of course," I said as I brought the wristband closer to the box. It opened with a click — the wristband had the Eloi chip inside, "Everyone will be amazed by it. I often think that if it wasn't for this thing, I wouldn't be doing a live broadcast. "

Because the profession has no freedom, it's just the director's voice box and the audience's sensors, I thought. Then I carefully took it out of the box – a tiny round capsule wrapped in three rings. What was unbelievable was that the Time Capsule was floating within the three rings, and did not directly come into contact with the rings. It was as if it had escaped the gravity of the earth and existed alone in this cosmos.

It shone with a faint light.

"Is this the Time Capsule?"

"Yes, provided by Castari. You know, that mysterious Castari. "

"So how does it work?"

I didn't get any signal from the director, so I went on: "Did you see those three rings? "Actually, there are some scales on it." I put it in my palm. It's about four centimeters in diameter.

"I see it. What does the scale represent?"

"There are three different scales. This blue colored ring represented the range, which was also the spatial range of the Time Field's effects. This red ring represents the duration, which is also the amount of time the Time Field can sustain. This time is equivalent to our current time in reality. The last and most important green circle represents the flow of time, so you can take a closer look. " I put my palm close to her face, and she looked at it very carefully. "From zero to infinity, it represents the different times of the flow of time. The velocity of time in our world is 1. Of course, Castari said it was impossible to create a Time Field with a negative multiple … "

"Even an infinite number?"

"No, it has a certain limit. There will be an adaptive ratio between the spatial range, duration, and flow rate of time. Therefore, it can be said that — I do not know, but the more time passes, the smaller the space will be, and the shorter the duration will be. There is a certain percentage of them. "

"Understood. Then, how do we do it?"

"Rotate the three rings and adjust the values to the values you want — that is, the upper intersections of the three rings, with the operating switch at the lower intersections. Of course, you need to have permission from the Eloi Company to do so. "

"I can't imagine!" I saw surprise in Ms Mistie's eyes.

"This is just some kind of science, it's just that the Castari people aren't willing to reveal it to us."

"Then why did they give you the Time Capsule?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's due to the Eloi Company's request, or maybe it's some kind of experiment. Ms Mistie, as long as you know that we have chosen you, you will definitely be able to use this Time Capsule. " I don't think the audience cared about the details. They just wanted to see the good part.

After displaying it, I placed the Time Capsule back into the black box. Even though I've shown it six times, I'm not bored. This represents the most advanced technology of our time, but ironically, it was used for an entertaining live show. So sometimes I even wish it could make a mistake and suck everyone in the world into that black hole capsule.

However, my "intoxicating" reverie did not last long. I immediately heard the director's order in my ear — I had a wireless headset in my ear: "You may begin the live broadcast. I'll let you ask her some questions. "

I took out a pair of sunglasses from my pocket and put them on. Before starting up, I told Ms Mistie, "We can start the live broadcast now. The sunglasses are for live broadcast, and you can use them as a miniature camera that transmits images to the audience at the Daydream Theatre. Of course, in more detail … You might wonder why I'm still dressed up in this hot weather, with dozens of sensors in my clothes that can accurately convey my actual feelings to the audience. Tactile sense, taste sense, vision are all right, do you understand? "

Mistie nodded her head, but that was obviously not the key point, I felt that she was only interested in using the Time Capsule. In my head came the director's order: "Very good, I have connected the signal. You can start by asking about her parents. "

About his parents? I turned back to the photo of the three men. Then, mechanically, I began with a brief introduction: "Dear audience of the" Daydream Theater, "welcome to the next episode! The protagonist of this episode, yes, right in front of you all, let us welcome Ms Mistie. "

I looked at her meaningfully. Ms Mistie was a little shy and didn't greet everyone, but just stood there in a daze. I continued reciting: "As you can see, I have no idea what this lady wants to use — the Time Capsule. Then, Ms Mistie, do you know the consequences of using Time Capsule? "

Unlike the others, she immediately entered her character, "I know, although I don't dare to believe it … But I know that once I use Time Capsule, I will age faster than those around me. "

"Much faster." I shifted my gaze back to the group photo. "It seems that Ms Mistie has a reason that she had no choice but to use. It seems that this reason is related to … is related to …" Without the incident book, I was at a loss. The director reminded him, "It concerns the life and death of certain people."

"Ah, this concerns the life and death of certain people. Ms Mistie, can you introduce your family to everyone? " I picked up the picture and held it close to my sunglasses. Now, I could even smell something strange in the old picture. I think it's the smell of paper — and we don't produce paper anymore.

"Sure," Mistie pointed at the person in the photo. "This is my mother, Margaret.

"Oh …" I didn't know what else to ask, so I paused. Then I heard the director's stern reprimand — Latimer, your question is too terrible! The Access Rate had already dropped to a new low in history!

I'm just asking what you say, I thought.

"May I ask if Margaret and Allen are still alive?"

I felt like I was the puppet of this program, but I couldn't do it. I could only ask this. There was no emotion in Mistie's tone, I only heard her speak calmly, "Mother passed away five years ago. And my father, was killed by Emma. That's right, that … That famous star Emma. "

I think it must be a wonderful story. I heard the director shout excitedly, "That's enough, the Access Rate is back to normal. Continue to ask, about Emma and her father. "

"May I ask what's going on?"

Ms Mistie didn't even bother to answer me. "Wait for me a moment." She seemed to be going for something. Taking advantage of the break, the sunglasses on my right hand started to stream images of Emma. The structure of the live broadcast sunglasses is very wonderful. They are used to record the scenes on the outside while I can see the broadcast of the program from the inside as well as some information about the projectile screen.

"What a beautiful person!" Looking at Emma's video messages, I couldn't help but to blurt out.

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