Deadly Nightshade/C2 The hotel
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Deadly Nightshade/C2 The hotel
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C2 The hotel

A friendly sun's rays stroked the sky, making for a wonderful morning.

Anna buys two newspapers and continues her walk, looking for a quiet place. He sat on a park bench. Nothing. Waiter Helper, Waitress, Caretaker, and lots of positions for unskilled or skilled workers.

And at the bank, she thought. She stopped by the headquarters of two large banks and left a job offer, and did the same at an internet cafe.

A good few hours had passed and nothing had been resolved. She started walking back to the motel where she had stayed, a little tired but not discouraged.

She stopped suddenly in front of a parked car, turned around a few steps, looked at the car's license plate, and smiled. Anna looks to the right towards the imposing building. International R. Richmond. She headed for the porter at the entrance and slipped a bill into his uniform pocket. Then she asked whose car was parked.

"It's the car of director Jose Romero," he answered politely.

"The company car? Or a personal car?"

-"Personal," he told her shortly.

"You're a cutie. You must know that I always pay my debts. Where is his office?" Anna asked him again.

"The first floor and to the right, encircle."

Anna throws an imaginary strand of hair down her back, enters the hotel, breathes in the luxury of floating around, climbs a floor, and enters the most imposing door. The secretary raised her eyebrows and asked her, annoyed, what she wanted.

"I am an old acquaintance of Mr. Romero and I have something to communicate with him. Anna Willis is my name," she said in a firm voice.

The secretary returned after a short time and invited her inside with a formal hand gesture.

Anna entered, closed the door, strode into the generous interior of the room, stopped at the desk, and paused without saying anything. Romero was a middle-aged man, short, fat, and sweaty. Drunk face. A peasant became a director through who knows what irony of fate.

"We know each other?"

"Yes, Mr. Romero, we have known each other since last night. You were in the car and I was with an umbrella. There was another friend with me. He couldn't go because he hit his head on the curb. And then there was drowning in a ten-centimeter-deep puddle. And you, instead of checking his condition, chose to run away from the scene of the accident."

Romero blushed. His drunken eyes widened, and his lips began to quiver.

"And how does your friend feel now?" he asked in despair.

"As any man with a broken leg and a broken head would feel. He is also eager to sue you and seek damages from a drunk driver, came the reply like a bolt of lightning."

Romero thought for a few moments, his hands shaking violently, he barely lit a cigarette.

"Madam... he said fearfully."

"Willis. Anna Willis."

"Is it blackmail? Do you want money? How many?"

"Mr. Romero, you are wrong. This is not blackmailing."


"I heard that you need a specialist in economic analysis, recording, processing, and data interpretation. A capable and reliable person, an employee you can rely on. Please take a piece of paper and make me an offer I can't refuse," said Anna, syllabifying the last words between two friendly smiles.

Call the boys to get rid of the whore? He could use her. He figured he wouldn't hurt a reliable woman. Very beautiful. And very smart. For a moment, the rictus of sick pleasure reappeared on his face. He looked at her feet for a long time. Then to the breasts. What a woman! This could only happen to me. And that's only because I deserve it. As the great philosopher said, only the smart get lucky. To the smart and strong, I would add. Cough.

He took an employment contract and began to fill it out. Stamp it. He stood up with the paper in hand, walked to the door, locked it, went up behind Anna, and placed the contract on the desk in front of her.

Anna could feel his breath on her shoulder and know what would happen. He wanted to teach this brat a lesson, but he controlled himself. It can kill him in seconds. He controlled himself. She has to climb the corpse to the top of the hotel. He looked at Romero's director's chair and smiled.

"Mrs. Anna, please look carefully at the amount I am offering you, fill in your personal details, then sign. In the beginning, for a short time, you will work at the hotel reception, then shortly I will move you to an office. Considering the amount offered, I think we need to get to know each other better. Only after that, will I sign it myself."

Romero grabbed her brutally and bent her over the desk. He lifted her dress at the back, tore off her panties, and entered her, moving uncontrollably.

He took his place in the chair, breathing loudly, took a pen, and signed the contract.

Anna quickly arranged herself, taking her time, barely restraining herself from throwing up. Read the contract very carefully. She signed it, folded it, and put it in her purse.

Anna looked directly into Romero's eyes for a few moments and slapped him as hard as he could. Then one more. And one more thing.

"This is the last time this happens. You will never get to do that again without my permission. Do you understand Mr. Romero?" Anna hissed.

"I understand," he answered in a subdued voice and clearly shocked by this threat that he had not expected.

"Mr. Romero, now that we have agreed on this, I see that you are a man with whom it is possible to talk. To be more connected to my job, I want a room inside the hotel. And if I'm still going to live here, I wouldn't want to have to go out to eat, I don't know where. Anyway, my friend forgot about last night's accident. So do I. Which accident? What do you think?"

"You will be satisfied, said Romero." He was still thinking about the slaps he received and especially the look of this woman. It was as if his heart had stopped. It was as if death itself had stared at him.

"Today you can bring your things, settle down, get comfortable, and start working tomorrow. Ask Gloria everything you want to know."

"Goodbye Mr. Romero, I'm glad to have met you." Anna held out her hand elegantly.

Romero kissed Anna's hand without saying anything.

The secretary greets her with envy, seeing her stained dress. It looked like sperm. She got up and stormed into Romero's office. A woman's screams were heard. And two or three broken glass objects.

Anna left the room. She went to the bathroom, threw up, cried, and screamed. She splashed cold water on her face and fixed her hair.

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