Deadly Nightshade/C3 The private detective
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Deadly Nightshade/C3 The private detective
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C3 The private detective

Anna left on foot, towards the motel where he had rented a room. Go into a pastry shop and order a cake. It rests comfortably.

After walking two streets, she entered another confectionery. Anna buys and drinks a coffee, then goes into a store and buys a cheap, sealed cell phone, and a disposable card.

She went to the motel, changed her dress, lay down on the bed, and daydreamed. An avalanche of events in such a short time. Slow motion of what happens in one day. That peasant raped me. Big mistake.

I'm not even sure if he'll know. When you trample on someone's tears, you can end up drowning in your own tears.

I will go to the place where the earth meets the sky. I will find the mystical connection between light and darkness. I will grind the light and the dark until I appropriate their thoughts.

Anna thought about the most useful actions she was going to take. Short and medium-term objectives. She smiled with satisfaction and a little wonder.

Anna forms a phone number.

"Thomas Hill, yes, please."

"Hello detective, you gave me a business card last night. In half an hour I want to meet you at your house."

Silence...Thomas looked a little confused. He had been taken by surprise, not expecting to be searched so quickly.

"Did you give your business card to several people last night?"

"I'm sorry Anna, I'm surprised."

"Detectives, can they be surprised so easily?"

"I ran away, I have to make a little order for you to arrive."

"Don't run, I'll be there in three-quarters of an hour. You just won an extra fifteen minutes."

Anna hung up the phone.

I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm not ready yet. Does this attract me enough of a man to allow me a simple fling? No. Correct response.

I don't beat my head anymore, the next hours will give the answer.

"Anna, my savior, Thomas said excitedly."

"Eh, it's not really an exaggeration. After hitting your head, you fall face down in a puddle. Just a few minutes to stay like that and you'd be done. Kind of gross to end up in a four-inch deep puddle. But it looks like you're a lucky guy."

"You are my luck, and he took her in his arms."

"You're exaggerating," Anna teased him and pushed him away gently." How are you feeling? Are you still in pain?

"I'm fine. I'm dying to know why you're visiting me."

"I need a private detective. A good one. I need discretion and privacy."

"You might have it right in front of you. Please come and talk," Thomas said as he sat down.

"First of all, tell me if you have relations with the company R Richmond, with their partners or competitors. Obligations, contracts, or any other connection."

"We had no professional commitments and we don't currently have any."

Anna looked at him suggestively.

"Thomas, think carefully and tell me if I can rely on your discretion and honesty."

He convincingly approves with a firm tilt of his head.

"How much time do you need to initiate me in the use of audio-video techniques?"

"Two or three days, Thomas said, after thinking for a few moments."

"If the student learns quickly, can you do it by tomorrow?"

"I might succeed. You need to master pitching, techniques, strategies, data mining, and more. That is all?"

"Not. I need the name of an employee who steals from the R Richmond company. Start an investigation, give me a name, give me evidence and you'll get something special from me. The agency where you work doesn't need to know. Be discreet and everything will stay between the two of us."

"We have sources of information in different locations. One of those sources is right there at the casino. If that doesn't work, he can infiltrate an undercover detective. The second option takes longer."

What the hell is this woman getting herself into? Does he know what he's stepping on?

Thomas wondered, then smiled widely.

"Tomorrow I want to leave here with enough necessary technique. The best quality."

"It's not impossible," he said, hugging her.

"One more thing. I can only pay you after a certain time. You must also know that there is never any debt. Do you accept?"

"Yes," Thomas smiled.

"Then let's sign the contract," whispered Anna. She held out the index finger of her right hand, placed it under his chin, pulled him towards her, and kissed him. She unzipped his pants, slowly, very slowly, and began to caress him with her pleasure-seeking fingers.

Anna also had time to tidy up the apartment a bit. She examined the ripped stockings. She dragged them off her feet and stuffed them into her purse.

"Don't look for me on the phone I called you from. It does not have a working doorbell. I will only use this phone to receive messages from you. Thank you very much, I look forward to your messages."

Disappointing. A man of a certain age does not know what to do with a woman. A weak man. It's bad luck to meet such an inept person. He hadn't even managed to excite her.

Dissatisfied and agitated, Anna left without looking back.

Anna entered the motel and went to her room. The man at the door looked down at her legs. He realized he didn't have any more stockings.

"Hey, lady, how much do you want to do oral sex for?"

Anna kept walking as if she hadn't heard anything.

"Do you have the guts to ignore me, foul whore?"

The man approached her, grabbed her by the neck, and began to squeeze tightly.

Anna looked the man in his eyes and pointed a finger at his head.

The man began to shake attempted to speak and then collapsed to the ground.

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