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C4 Gloria

Gloria was an attractive brunette with a short haircut, small in stature, with a smile always hanging on the corner of her sensual lips.

In school, she was considered a lonely person. She was sixteen when men began to look at her with great sexual interest.

He looked at himself in the mirror more and more often. The shapes were beginning to show. She could become an actress. Or a writer. She had kissed a few boys a little older than her and that was it. Gloria saw how the men were getting closer to her. Physical. The brave ones had started to touch certain parts of his body.

She started reading more and more. Now she loved books and was no longer interested in boys.

She was very happy when she was accepted into the university.

She had a scholarship, and on top of that, she worked four hours in the evening at a nail salon.

She imposed behavior on herself so that she would no longer be considered a loner. Gloria had really wondered if she was really alone. You can't be alone when you read so many books. Or especially when you write, when you create characters. There could be a problem here, that she loved the characters she created more than the people around her.

The colleagues discussed everything with each other, but mostly about men, about sex. They told each other about their adventures, which they described in lavish detail.

She listened. The girl with books had nothing to tell them. She responded to the invitations of some boys, went out with them, kissed, groped, felt their desire that wanted to come out of their pants, and that was about it.

One evening, her roommate had come home groggy from a party. Then she told her that she was squinting at a book while the rest of the girls were squinting at something much more pleasant and that all her classmates were talking about her not going out with men anyway, because she liked women.

She received Anna with great friendliness. Led her to the apartment. Hall, living room, bedroom, bathroom.

Anna was trying on a dress when she felt Gloria's hand on her bottom. Maybe it just seemed to him.

He really liked Gloria. A woman of action, who didn't think long.

A well-drinking customer touched Anna's chest and asked her how much money she needed to pay for one night. Gloria slapped him twice, with a short gesture, called two agents, apologized to the customers present, grabbed him by the collar, and led him to the exit.

Anna had rented two safe deposit boxes on the hotel premises. One in her name, where she kept some personal photos. The other was rented under a fictitious name. Here she kept the audio-video equipment received from Thomas and a mobile phone.

For almost two months, she met many employees of the company. He tried to talk to them as long as possible. She was looking for them and they were looking for her. They loved her even more. It was enough to invite her to the most colorful places where an intimate relationship could have started. She refused them with great politeness and understanding. Such a relationship is not appropriate now.

Anna would meet the people who worked there again and recognize the returning customers. They lose significant amounts of money and keep coming back here.

She felt those who played for pure pleasure. They never got angry, had time for dialogue, and had a healthy and honest laugh at a good joke.

Many are addicted but do not admit it. Possessed by a vice that makes them vulnerable to tragedy. The game becomes their only world. Wanderers in this world lose their friends, family, job, or even life. They end up stealing or selling information in their field of activity. They hide this addiction because any company would fire them for interacting with such pursuits. Quite difficult as they tend to frequent locations in other cities or countries.

A message had been sent to him a few days ago.

/Steve Benton croupier. Sara Hardin cashier. They devised a system of fraud. Fictitious earnings are attributed to real customers. I withdrew large sums of money from the casino cashier. Proof - View surveillance camera recordings. Warning- Since they know they can be caught using these recordings, they are making efforts to recruit the head of video surveillance to their group./

Anna read the message several times until she was able to reproduce it in its entirety from memory.

Dear Thomas, I asked for the name of a poor thief who steals I don't know what from around here, and I found myself with a real organized fraud network inside the casino.

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