Deadly Nightshade/C5 One step ahead
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Deadly Nightshade/C5 One step ahead
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C5 One step ahead

The secretary glared at her, raised her eyebrows, and asked what she wanted.

"Mr. Romero invited me to come to his office. Anna Willis is my name."

"I know your name dear," she said, grimacing, got up, and went to announce her presence.

Anna respectfully greeted her headmaster, closed the door, took a few steps, and stopped in the middle of the room.

"Come closer dear, come closer to my soul," said Romero, seized by a slight tremor. His eyes were shining, and a trickle of saliva was dripping from the left corner of his mouth.

Anna raised her index finger and shook it disapprovingly.

"No Mr. Romero, it seems we have established something. Or not?"

"We agreed, that's how this agreement is," sending the animal instincts to sleep. "What is the purpose of this unexpected visit?"

Anna approaches the desk, and leans towards Romero, fixing him with a look that paralyzes him.

"Please write down somewhere the names of employees who steal from you. I have no idea how these names came into your possession."

Anna dictated to him word for word everything that was mentioned in the message.

I actually have a good memory. She congratulated herself.

Romero was perplexed. He barely recovered after a few minutes.

"Mrs. Anna..."

"Yes, Mr. Romero."

"If what you told me before..."

"I didn't tell you anything, Anna snapped."

"If what is written on this paper comes true..."


"Well, I will probably become Mr. Richmond's most appreciated manager. And you will be promoted to my deputy director."

"It is an important position that I appreciate a lot. After I am in this position, I will prove to you that I am still in charge of the financial integrity of this complex. When I have more evidence of such a thing, you will know. Of course, all this remains just between the two of us."

Anna smiled knowingly, a smile Romero didn't know how to perceive.

"What do you think? We have our secret, Mr. Romero?"

"Please leave me alone. I'm excited, I'm overwhelmed. Send the nurse in. I have to unload myself somehow or I'll explode."

Five months had passed and Anna was occupying the second position within the R Richmond International complex.

Is it about chance? Chance is only met when you are prepared to receive it properly.

Or about the intuition that had grown in her over the years? Intuition is a sophisticated and very capricious notion.

My head is still resting on the bleeding stag's horns as I continue to sleep.

My eyes and hands go up. I see the light with the eyes of heaven.

If fate doesn't dance for me, I dress in the aura of destiny and sing and dance while I dream of the caress of the stars.

Whether it be days strangled by darkness or nights energized by light.

The world was created without me and it will perish with me.

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