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C6 Terry

Anna looked with restrained delight at the interior where she was to carry out her work. She had never imagined such a thing. Or if she had really desired such a thing, what intimate spring made her deny it?

For several hours he read the job duties very carefully. It was important to know them exactly.

She entered into the computer the three codes he had received to be able to access the personal files of the employees.

Gloria Kerr. Routine checks of integrity and loyalty without any observation. The kind of employee you put in a place and do the job. It works like clockwork.

Terry Berger. Head of Complex Security. Former Secret Service officer. Special training of an exceptional degree is carried out in the strangest locations. Kicked out for gross indiscipline.

An episode from the military school was described. Three months remained until the end of the training period. Then an instructor laid hands on him. He had drawn her attention not to touch him again. The instructor touched him again. The instructor also woke up in a hospital with a broken hand in three places.

After two years of reassessments, he was readmitted to complete his training.

In the last two years, he had drawn up seven reports. One caught Anna's eye. An employee from the vicinity of the casino is suspected of being a private detective or a simple employee recruited by an investigation firm. He had been seen by a private detective, Thomas Hill. Checks were continued to determine who they were working for.

Anna put a sum of money in an envelope and wrote on it. "Thank you, Anna."

Anna dials a phone number and requests that Terry Berger come to her office.

"You called me, he said as he entered the room."

Anna looked at him for a while. Sporty allure, well-proportioned, charming, discerning taste in clothing.

Anna took a sheet of paper from the desk and handed it to him.

"Read it."

He read without moving a muscle of his face.

"What did you understand?" Anna asked him.

"That I lost my job."

"The director asks me to fire you. If you have carefully read everything written on that piece of paper, it means that you have also read the resolution written and signed by me. So you will work for another three months. After that, I... are you looking at me? I will make a decision. If you are curious, I can tell you right now what that decision will be. Terry Berger will remain an employee of the company and work for me. In addition to the position of -Head of Complex Security-, starting from this moment you will occupy two more positions that are now vacant. The post of the driver and the post of my personal attendant. You will receive the sums of money related to the three positions. Questions? Concerns?"

"Everything is clear, answered Terry" in a cold, inflexible voice.

Anna examined him. Not a single expression on his face betrayed him. He didn't show any emotion. Impassive. Anna smiled to herself. Eventually, I'll get into your innermost feelings. I will taste them individually. You will bring my pleasure with the tray to my bed. Morning, noon, and night.

"The beginning looks good, said Anna. We'll continue the discussion when I get back. How much time do you have to check here if there is a listening technique or other weirdness?"

"I'll solve it in an hour."

"How often do you think this procedure should be repeated?"

"A professional does it daily."

"I wasn't even thinking about anything else. Do the same in my apartment, and Anna handed him the keys."

On the way out, Anna leaned into the porter's ear.

"The first thought was to kick you out. But it never hurts to have an extra friend."

"Thank you very much."

"Never take money from strangers," Anna told him and winked at him narrowly.

She liked to walk alone. It really did him good.

Put the money envelope in Thomas' mailbox.

He reached a park and sat down on a bench. He stayed for almost two hours. Thinking.

Terry Berger was waiting for her at the office entrance. He bowed his head respectfully.

"Don't let me walk alone again. She stopped suddenly and turned to Terry. He had just swallowed."

"Come on in," Anna said, beckoning him with her hand.

Terry walks in and places the keys to the apartment on the edge of the desk.

"Please make yourself comfortable," said Anna, pointing to one of the armchairs.

"In one of your last reports to management, you called attention to an employee controlled by Detective Thomas Hill. Why is there no research conclusion? Why was it not completed?"

"There is a conclusion, but it's just my personal opinion, as long as I don't have evidence to prove it."

"And what would this conclusion be?"

"I suspect that Detective Thomas Hill is working for a shadowy structure. Collecting information from inside our company without having a signed commitment with an entity interested in us is more than bizarre. And as a curiosity to me, he has been interested in you for about two weeks."

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