Deadly Nightshade/C8 Fraudulent operations
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Deadly Nightshade/C8 Fraudulent operations
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C8 Fraudulent operations

The complex had never worked so well. Romero congratulated himself once more on how he had been right about Anna Willis.

She had turned out to be smart, even smarter than he had thought.

Anna had been so good at running the complex that you could have sworn she had at least ten years of experience in the field.

Romero remembered with great pleasure how Mr. Richmond had praised him for tracking down the group that had stolen such a large sum of money.

His income had increased by a certain percentage of the profit.

Thank chance or whoever brought Anna Willis into his office that day.

It had already been three months since Anna had installed audio listening equipment in a hotel room.

Ever since she worked at the front desk, she had noticed that one of the apartments was being held by Romero. She had thought he was using it to roll with some female employees.

Romero met there once a month with Roger Nolan, the economic director of the complex.

It was an apartment located at the end of the hall, so access to it was much easier if you used a side staircase, out of the way of prying eyes.

After listening to the recordings made during three meetings, Anna understood that Romero was stealing large sums of money together with Roger Nolan. The money went through several companies to lose track of them. They were carrying out various fictitious business and fiscal operations.

With great difficulty, she managed to remove the screen clothes woven by Roger Nolan around the financial accounting operations.

After enormous work, after many nights lost in front of the computer in her study, Anna found a thread.

She gripped it with the pincers of stubbornness and pulled at that thread until he retraced the route of over a million dollars. The money passed through the accounts of seven companies in five countries until it reached the accounts of the two accounts opened at banks in different countries in Europe.

Roger Nolan was a true magician in this kind of fraudulent operation. And this was just one of many other almost identical operations.

On the computer in her apartment, Anna wrote five sheets of paper.

Anna explains this operation so thoroughly that it would have been easily understood by anyone in the field.

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