Deadly Nightshade/C9 The boss is Richard Richmond.
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Deadly Nightshade/C9 The boss is Richard Richmond.
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C9 The boss is Richard Richmond.

It was just after midnight. Terry was waiting for her at the compound's entrance.

"Atlantic City," Anna said as she sat in the rear seat of the automobile. She leaned back in his chair and considered the situation. She came to the conclusion that the future looked promising.

"We're being followed," Terry explained calmly. Please take a seat on the floor.

Terry took out a phone.

"At least two vehicles are tailing me." I'm leaving in thirty minutes. "I'll park in the second lot on the right."

"To whom are you speaking?" Anna inquired eagerly.

"With some old coworkers and friends. Temporary measures. And they occasionally seek my assistance. Anyway, we have one more car with my folks from the complex in the rear. "What are you doing in Atlantic City?"

"I'm going to meet Richard Richmond."

"Anything against Romero on that map suggests we're going to be assaulted shortly." Terry drew his rifle, loaded it, and set it on the right seat. Slow down, enter the parking lot, and remain parked with the lights turned off.

Soon after, two automobiles abruptly braked and fixed Terry's car with their high lights.

Five guys ran down with their rifles drawn. Several strong silenced firearms thudded dryly. The five assailants fell silently.

Terry took out his phone.

"The automobile that is arriving now is ours."

Four shadows exit a car as it drives into the parking lot.

The five assailants were squeezed into the trunks of the two automobiles that had brought them here. They left in the middle of the night in the final automobile that arrived.

It had all taken within three minutes.

Terry took his time exiting the parking lot.

"Mrs. Anna, please rise."

Despite the fact that she hadn't seen anything, Anna could readily envision what had transpired in the parking lot.

Shudder. She had set up the appointments with Richard Richmond over the phone. Nothing was installed in the unit.

"Does Romero have any computer experts?" Anna inquired.

"They do work with specialists."

"I used my apartment computer to access the company's data and printed a couple of sheets of paper. That's how they found out about my plans, I believe."

"Yes, and they do it really well."

Terry picked up the phone.

"The attackers were Romero's guys."

"This is not encouraging," Anna says.

Anna was met at the R. Richmond Hotel's entryway. She was escorted to her room and informed that Mr. Richmond would be waiting for her in an hour in his office.

Richard Richmond was a middle-aged guy. Sober, pleasant, and calculating in his motions

He locked his gaze on Anna for a long while. Examine her from head to toe and back again.

"Young, lovely, and intellectual."

Is there anything else?"

"Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Richmond."

"Even after you tell me what you have to say, I will stay of the same opinion, and I will travel to New York frequently." "I'm delighted to hear from you, Mrs. Willis."

"Mr. Richmond, I've summarized my results below. She put a file on Richmond's desk. I'll answer any questions you have after you've read it. Last but not least, I must notify you that we were ambushed by five armed individuals throughout our travel. They were then discovered to be working for Mr. Romero. "I am at your disposal."

Mr. Richmond attentively studied Anna's report.

He tightened his teeth and his eyes glowed with rage. He couldn't keep himself together. He placed his head on his right hand for a few seconds.

"Ingenious technique of theft." Did you come up with this on your own?"

"Yes," Anna said.

"How did you come upon this fraud?"


"What exactly did Romero do to you?"

"He raped me," Anna said, ashamed.

"This must be examined," Mr. Richmond added. "You have the potential to be a gold mine and make your owner wealthy." You have the ability to be a ticking time bomb and destroy your possessor. Mrs. Willis, who are you really? "You continue to intrigue me."

Silence. Long pause.

Mr. Richmond stood up and paced.

He came to a halt in front of Anna.

"Mrs. Willis, I'd like to ask you to dinner." "Do you agree to accept my invitation?"

"Yes, with great pleasure," Anna said, a young smile on her lips.

"What do you suppose will happen after supper, Mrs. Willis?"

"I'm going to feel guilty because I'm not coming to supper."

Anna let out a hearty chuckle.

Mr. Richmond chuckled as well, more subdued but thrilled by Anne's reaction.

"Do you suppose anything will happen after supper, Mrs. Willis?"

"Two things will occur."

"I'm paying attention."

"You're going to notify me that I'll be the general manager of the R Richmond complex in New York beginning tomorrow." Then you'll ask me whether I want to have sex."

You will inquire politely. You'll be worried that I'll mistake a simple proposal, for attempted rape, especially now that you know what's about to happen to Mr. Romero.

New chapter is coming soon
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