Deadly Twelve Days/C12 Next door shock
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Deadly Twelve Days/C12 Next door shock
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C12 Next door shock

As soon as this burly man spoke, I was immediately at a loss. To be honest, if Yi Yun hadn't brought this up, I wouldn't have been interested in going in. Besides, I had my filial piety, so it wasn't appropriate for me to go into other people's homes.

"Return my man to me!" A roar sounded out, and immediately after, a woman dressed in filial clothing pounced over like a lion, grabbing onto me without any hesitation. Her strength was extraordinary, causing my arm to ache.

I was angry at once, thinking what did your man's death have to do with me, that I didn't kill him.

At the same time, I looked over and saw two spirits collapsing on the left and right of the mourning hall. I couldn't help but feel a chill in my heart.

Yi Yun did not make a sound. Instead, he calmly stood to the side and carefully observed the woman with swollen red eyes. His eyes were like water, without the slightest bit of emotion.

"A debt has its master. Your man really shouldn't have died at this time." Yi Yun's tone was flat, as if he had been synthesized by a machine.

The woman was stunned for a moment before letting go of me. She looked at Yi Yun with a dull expression.

"What do you think?" Yi Yun revealed a mysterious smile as he bent over and whispered.

The woman's face paled, and then she ran away as if she had seen a ghost. She actually ignored us.

That burly man should be their relative, so when he saw the woman acting like this, he could only glare at us hatefully before turning around and leaving.

However, Yi Yun was in no hurry to enter. Instead, he began to look around, deep in thought.

Inside the mourning hall, there were two Soul Lamp. Two of them were collapsed, and those two photos left behind were so filial that they made my heart sink. At this moment, I was thinking of my father.

"Let's go, we'll wait for a while." Yi Yun looked at them for a moment before raising his eyebrows. He then pulled me back to his father's house.

I sat at home and stared blankly at the portrait of my father that was placed in the middle of the front room. Listening to the gongs and drums ring in the next room made me feel strangely stifled.

However, at this time, the sound of the funeral procession came to a halt, as if it had been cut off by someone. The surroundings immediately became eerily quiet.

The silence didn't last long, no more than a few seconds, then followed by a noisy and messy shout coming from the next room. It made my scalp go numb like boiling water in an oil pan, and my heart skipped a beat, thinking, could something have happened again?

"Come, let's go take a look." Yi Yun was even more anxious than me. I had just reacted when I saw his back disappearing in the direction of the door, running in the opposite direction.

Thus, I followed him out the door. As soon as I stepped out, I was knocked by someone. I looked closely and saw a large group of people rushing out from the mourning hall next door. They appeared to be in a state of panic.

I looked around and saw Yi Yun crazily rushing into the mourning hall, so I quickly followed him. Standing at the entrance of the mourning hall, I saw that the hall, which was just filled with people a moment ago, was now empty, and there were only a few shadows inside. Looking around, I realized that the woman from before was currently being supported by a big and tall man.

When the man saw Yi Yun appear, he immediately looked at him for help as if he was looking at his savior. When he saw Yi Yun's flustered eyes and pale face, he also followed to help.

However, when I entered the mourning hall, I saw that there was no one on top of the two collapsed spirits. The two corpses that were previously lying on the ground had already disappeared without a trace.

I quivered and immediately felt my scalp tingle. I remembered that the same situation happened to my father's body last night.

"Put him down!" Yi Yun shouted at the man with a calm expression.

With a "hmph" sound, Yi Yun pinched the woman several times. The woman woke up slowly, and after a short period of confusion, she started to bawl. Two people died in the family in a single day, and no one could accept that.

"Hehe, mom is crying." A voice that was neither stupid nor stupid came from the door. When I looked carefully, it was actually that foolish son of his.

When the woman heard the sound, she was stunned for a moment before crying out in pain, "Why is my life so bitter?" She then started to wail again.

Yi Yun no longer paid any attention to the woman. Instead, he sized up the man beside her and asked in a low voice, "Who are you?"

The man's face paled and he stuttered for a long time before replying in a low voice, "I'm his big brother."

"Is that so?" Yi Yun softly hummed as he revealed a smile that was not a smile. He sized up the empty space on both sides before coldly snorting, "Where are the two of them?"

"Run." "He's gone," the man replied with lingering fear in his heart.

"It's fine if they really run away, but the thing I'm most afraid of is that they'll come back." Yi Yun shook his head and sighed as he walked out of the room. In the end, his gaze stopped on that foolish son for a moment. He pointed at that man and asked, "Who is he?"

"He's a bad guy." The foolish son looked at the man and his face turned fierce. "He always beats up his mother."

"How do we fight?"

"He and mother stripped naked and were fighting on the bed. Grandfather and I saw it." The foolish son's mouth slanted to the side as he said something that made me extremely shocked.

Wasn't this man claiming to be a woman's big brother? Foolish son doesn't know what this fight is about, but we all know it.

"You son of a b * tch, I told you to speak nonsense." The man's face alternated between green and white, about to step forward and grab his foolish son.

However, just as the man took a step forward, a black shadow instantly appeared and pounced on the man's face with a shrill scream.

So it was that black cat again!

The black cat pounced on the man's face with its four hooked claws and scratched at it shamelessly. It was as if the man and the cat had a deep grudge, and in a blink of an eye, dozens of streaks of blood appeared on the man's face.

The man frantically grabbed the black cat and threw it into the distance. His face revealed a sinister expression as he glared hatefully at his foolish son once again.

"The black cat is psychic. It is said that it's an emissary from the Underworld. It's able to see many things that ordinary people cannot see, but it's very powerful." Yi Yun completely ignored this man and stood to the side with his chest crossed. It was unknown if he was speaking for me or for this man.

Although I was a little surprised by the ambiguity of his words, they did not affect me much.

On the other side, the man trembled and almost collapsed when he heard Yi Yun's words.

At this time, the woman also walked out. She glanced at us with fear in her eyes, but didn't say anything.

"If you tell us the truth, you might have a chance to save them." Yi Yun looked at the two and said indifferently, "If you hide even the slightest thing, I think you will know the result."

"Why should I believe you?" After the man and woman looked at each other, the man gritted his teeth and stepped forward to look at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun smiled faintly and replied noncommittally, "I didn't ask you to believe me, but people are watching. The heavens know a lot of things that others don't, just like what he just said."

Yi Yun pointed to his silly son who had a silly smile on his face.

The woman looked up and down at her foolish son, and then she reached out to hug him and silently began to cry.

At this moment, the man's face was extremely unsightly, as if he was beating his chest and stomping his feet. He looked at the black cat that he had thrown far away with some fear in his eyes.

Yi Yun wasn't in a hurry either. He stretched out his hand and beckoned to the black cat, then gently squatted down.

The black cat seemed unusually meek at this moment. It swayed its tail leisurely and ran into Yi Yun's hands. Yi Yun raised his arms and hugged the black cat. He turned around, looked at me and said, "It seems to be afraid of you."

I smiled awkwardly. Staring at the black cat's emerald eyes, I couldn't help but feel a chill in my heart. I recalled the scene from last night once again.

"Boom!" Suddenly, there was a clap of thunder in the sky. It illuminated the area with snow-white light. Soon after, a light drizzle began to fall.

"Please take a seat inside." The man's body trembled as he suddenly stood up. In the end, he sized up the black cat with some concern and said, "However, it cannot enter."

Yi Yun smiled and gently caressed the black cat's smooth back. He said softly, "Wait here for a while."

Having said so, Yi Yun gently put the black cat down and stepped into the mourning hall.

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