Deadly Twelve Days/C14 The identity of grandpa chen
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Deadly Twelve Days/C14 The identity of grandpa chen
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C14 The identity of grandpa chen

By the time I put away the phone and looked up, Da Niu and Lan Xiang had already tied up Zhang Yu and carried him back to the spirit collapse. The two of them wiped off their sweat and smiled at each other.

Looking at their expressions, I couldn't help but panic. I felt like the two of them were hiding something from me. I didn't believe a word Da Niu said before.

However, this matter has nothing to do with me. In regards to Nanling Village, there are not many things that can make me linger in the village.

However, at this moment, a faint grey shadow entered my eyes.

I looked closely and saw that the grey effect was adhering to Zhang Yuquan's body, slightly humanoid, but the smoky appearance of the mist made it difficult to see clearly.

I thought I was seeing things. I rubbed my eyes and looked again.

That's right, this gray shadow really exists!

However, what was this thing? And when did it come onto Zhang Yuquan's body?

"Did you see that?" Yi Yun had a faint smile on his face.

"I'll be leaving first." Looking at Yi Yun's expression, a strange feeling welled up in my heart. I panicked for no reason and got up to leave.

But just then, the grey shadow suddenly left Zhang Yu Quan's body and floated in the air like a green smoke, like a human balloon.

My scalp suddenly tingled and I was so shocked that I nearly collapsed to the ground. This weird thing had completely overturned my view of the world.

"Don't be afraid, he doesn't have any malicious intentions." Yi Yun lightly placed his hand on my shoulder. A warm feeling flowed from his palm to my body. I couldn't help but feel relieved. I nodded after taking a breath.

At the same time, the grey shadow instantly floated to Lan Xiang's body. It was as if a layer of foam had tightly touched her body.

Her eyes suddenly turned red, as if she was a completely different person. She looked at Da Niu with a ferocious expression, and suddenly, her weak and delicate hands became extremely strong. She lifted Da Niu's body, which weighed more than 100 jins, off the ground, and suddenly threw it to the side.

Da Niu let out a wail. His face was filled with panic as he looked at Lan Xiang. As he backed up, he shouted, "Lan Xiang, are you crazy?"

"Kill!" Lan Xiang shouted and walked stiffly towards Da Niu.

At the same time, the grey shadow behind Lan Xiang also became more distinct. One could vaguely see the outline of a man. He extended his hand to control Lan Xiang's body.

"Master, save me!" Da Niu saw that Lan Xiang was acting strangely and immediately turned to Yi Yun for help.

However, Yi Yun acted as if he did not hear him. He leisurely smiled and said, "There is always someone wronged. Even if you say it's urgent, I won't help you."

Da Niu's expression changed. He gritted his teeth and used his backhand to pick up the bolt and swung it at Lan Xiang.

To be honest, when he saw Da Niu like this, my impression of him had greatly changed. No matter what, this Lan Xiang had quite a bit of feelings for him. If he were to throw the door latch, then even without the control of the shadow on his body, Lan Xiang wouldn't be in a good situation.

"That's not good." Yi Yun smiled. He fished something out of his pocket and threw it at Lan Xiang.

This thing moved extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it had already reached the gray shadow behind Lan Xiang.

With a soft "pu" sound, smoke and dust filled the air and the smell was of a fragrant dust.

As soon as the fragrant ash dispersed, the grey shadow that was attached to Lan Xiang's body suddenly became rich, and fell down like the soles of her shoes.

When the dust settled, I took a closer look and sucked in a breath of cold air. A man was lying on the ground with a face as white as snow. He looked at Yi Yun with a ferocious expression as two streams of blood flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

I looked at the portrait on top of the spiritual altar.

This grey shadow was actually Zhang Quan Yu's ghost, he had come to seek revenge.

A cold wind suddenly blew inside the mourning hall, causing the soul flags in the mourning hall to flutter like a group of devils dancing in the air.

I took a few steps back and felt my legs go weak. I almost fell to the ground.

Yi Yun, on the other hand, remained indifferent. He didn't care about Zhang Guanyu's terrifying face at all as he said in an extremely dull tone, "There is a dark path, and there is a dark path. This is not a place for you."

A series of low and deep sounds rang out, causing one to feel dizzy and confused. I saw Zhang Quan Yu's mouth was wide open as he looked at Yi Yun with a vicious face. However, I couldn't hear what he was saying, so I looked at Yi Yun with a blank expression.

"Despite the grievances and injustice, since you are dead, then you no longer belong to this world. I have already given you a chance to vent my anger, but if you continue to be so stubborn, then don't blame me for being impolite." Yi Yun's expression turned serious as he righteously looked at Zhang Quan Yu.

Zhang Quan Yu did not move at all, his expression becoming more brutal, and another weird voice sounded out.

However, Yi Yun didn't give him a pleasant smile this time. He sneered and pulled out a three feet long red rope from his pocket, wrapping it around his five fingers at a casual pace.

Seeing the red rope slowly wrap around his fingers, Zhang Quan Yu's face changed, as if he was afraid of something.

"One last question. Go? Or don't you want to leave? " Yi Yun's expression was cold, as if he was a completely different person from before. His voice also became a bit louder.

A conflicted and hesitant look appeared on Zhang Quan Yu's face. He let out a low growl and his body instantly transformed into a faintly discernible gust of cold wind as he rushed towards Lan Xiang and Da Niu.

Obviously, Da Niu and Lan Xiang couldn't see Zhang Quan Yu's ghost, but from Yi Yun's words, they must have known that Zhang Quan Yu was in the mourning hall, so they couldn't help but scream and run towards the exit.

However, the speed of these two was nowhere close to the speed of the ghost Zhang Quan Yu. In the blink of an eye, he had already closed in on them, opened his mouth wide, and attacked Da Niu with his blade-like fingers.

"Yang Man Lead the way, Yin Man point the way, Law and Soul Restraint, duh!" Seeing that, Yi Yun bellowed, only to see the red rope on his right hand emitting a strange Qi, after that, he opened his hand and suddenly grabbed at Zhang Quan Yu's spirit body, although his speed was not fast, but the powerful aura was extremely intense, as though it had instantly enveloped Zhang Quan Yu.

The originally arrogant and unparalleled Zhang Quan Yu's soul froze in an instant. His movements couldn't help but slow down. His sharp fingers almost touched Da Niu's throat, but the astonished expression on his face didn't disappear.

"With me here, how could I let you kill me?" Yi Yun coldly snorted. He clenched his right hand, and with a 'pu' sound, the three foot long red rope unexpectedly extended like a spiritual snake as it extended towards Zhang Quan Yu's soul.

Zhang Quan Yu's face was filled with fear, his mouth was wide open, as though he was shouting something.

"Wait." Right at this time, an old and familiar voice sounded out. Following which, I saw a grey shadow dashing over from outside the mourning hall, and before the person could show his face, he saw a bare cane appear between Yi Yun and Zhang Jianyu. That extended red rope had also been tied up, unable to move at all.

"You still made your move?" Yi Yun did not seem surprised at all. With a faint smile, he retracted the red rope with a flick of his wrist. There was a faint smile on his face, but his eyes were extremely sharp as he stared at the entrance of the mourning hall.

"This is the Southern Ridge, it's not your turn to interfere!" Accompanied by an angry old voice, Grandpa Chen's figure appeared in the mourning hall. Dressed in a grey robe, he still looked like an old man with a bent back and a wooden cane.

"I didn't want to interfere. I was just curious to see who was hiding here." Yi Yun smiled and pulled over a bench, inviting Grandpa Chen to sit down.

"Since you know that we're travelling together, then let's each walk our own path." Grandpa Chen blew on his beard, appearing extremely displeased.

Seeing the two of them fighting back and forth, I was stunned as if I was struck by lightning. Even if I wanted to die, I didn't expect that the mysterious person behind them would actually be Grandpa Chen.

At the same time, a black shadow floats over from outside the door. When I focused my gaze, my jaw immediately drops to the floor in shock.

This man had an old face and a haggard figure. Wasn't he Chen Quan Yu's father?

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