Deadly Twelve Days/C18 A strange baby
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Deadly Twelve Days/C18 A strange baby
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C18 A strange baby

After the black fog slowly dissipated, Yi Yun turned his head back. It seemed that he had done something extremely ordinary.

"I'm sorry, it was my negligence just now. You don't have nether fog protecting your body right now. In front of this tiny resentment, you're like a naked baby and have no strength to retaliate." Yi Yun smiled without a single trace of guilt on his face.

I couldn't help but darken my face. If it wasn't for the fact that my father had just passed away and was still in low spirits, I would probably have had a huge argument with him.

I shook my head and didn't continue pursuing the matter. I slowly condensed the faintly discernible Qi in my body and moved towards my palm. After a while, my palm felt a little hot. I felt that the time was right. I gently pressed my palm against Lanxiang's abdomen.

However, it was still alright for me to not make this palm print. The moment I did so, the seal bloomed like a water droplet falling into a hot pan. Lan Xiang's lower abdomen instantly swelled up with bubbles that looked like droplets of water.

"Don't move!" Yi Yun's cold voice came from the side.

At the same time, streams of icy cold aura pass by where my palm and my lower abdomen came into contact. At the start, it was enough to freeze my mind, but later on, the cold feeling would become weaker and weaker, and the bubbles would slowly calm down. In the end, I was able to recover my composure.

I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. Was this the legendary 'anger'?

However, before I could even take a breath of relief, I heard a mournful growl coming from Lan Xiang's lower abdomen.

Yi Yun, who was beside me, took a step forward. Perhaps he wanted to help me, but his speed was obviously slower than mine. In the end, my hand left Lan Xiang's stomach.

Taking advantage of the time I retreated a few steps, I stared fixedly at that weird stomach of mine. I could finally see clearly what was emitting that shrill and weird sound.

A soybean-sized red dot emerged from Lan Xiang's navel, floating in the air like a bubble. My eyesight wasn't good, so I couldn't see very clearly. However, Yi Yun, who was at the side, just cried out in alarm, instantly waking me up from my dazed state.

"Phantom form?" Yi Yun cried out in alarm. At the same time, he quickly jumped and pushed me to the other side. In the process, he stretched out his left hand as if he was trying to find something.

However, before Yi Yun could take out anything from his bosom, the soybean-sized object immediately grew in size. In just a few breaths' time, it had turned into a baby the size of a human head.

The infant's entire body was covered in long, scarlet red hair. Both of his eyes were like fire, giving him a sinister and terrifying appearance. His wrinkled face carried a strange smile, and his mouth constantly issued out strange sounds as if he was crying or laughing; he appeared extremely sinister.

When I took a glance at it, I felt my scalp go numb. I wanted to pull back but found that I no longer had any strength left in my body. It was as if all of my strength had been sucked out in that instant.

"Mu Fan, run!" Yi Yun saw that it was too late and shouted anxiously.

But even so, I was powerless to do anything about it. I looked at the demonic child, whose entire body was scarlet red, charge towards me like a bolt of red lightning.

Instantly, my heart sank to the bottom.

Although I don't know what this baby will do to me, but from Yi Yun's tone of voice I knew it was bad.

As soon as the baby got close enough, the little mouth full of fangs opened wide to the side of my face, and a tongue/head, red as a snake's tongue, danced towards me. At the same time, a wave of nauseating stench assaulted my nostrils, unstoppable even if I wanted to.

I felt dizzy as the sharp teeth approached my neck.

I thought it was a foregone conclusion.

However, at this moment, a dark, dried up wooden stick came from the side, accurately piercing that snake-like tongue three inches away.

I tilted my head to look and saw that it was Grandpa Chen. He no longer had his usual aged look, but had a straight back and dagger-like eyes. He was steadily holding that walking stick.

Although I was a little surprised, I didn't dare to hesitate after being saved. I didn't know where I got the strength from and hurriedly retreated to the side with my hands and feet.

At the same time, the infant with the long tongue felt as if it had been struck by an electric shock. His entire body twitched, and the excitement in his eyes instantly turned into resentment as he screamed and rushed towards Grandpa Chen.

"Yin, go away. If you slow down any longer, this good sapling is finished." Grandpa Chen unexpectedly showed a little fear on his face as he yelled at Yi Yun.

"Bu Yang, don't worry." Yi Yun took out something from his chest as soon as he finished his sentence. When I took a closer look, it was actually a few thin and long embroidery needles.

Yi Yun had also changed from his usual self. His face was filled with excitement and his eyes were full of fighting spirit. He looked at the back of the baby that was charging towards Grandpa Chen with a burning gaze, and quickly threw it several times.

The sound of wind breaking could be heard as the silver needles that were hard to see with the naked eye turned into streaks of silver lightning as they headed straight for the baby's back.

At this moment, the infant had clearly placed all of his attention on resisting Grandpa Chen. He never expected that Yi Yun would suddenly attack and was caught off guard by the silver needle.

What surprised me the most was that although this silver needle was small, it was extremely powerful.

The moment the silver needle hit the baby, black fog rose from its body. Its solid body slowly floated in the air like if it was blown away by the wind.

At the same time, the baby that was hit by the silver needle let out waves of ear-piercing howls. His figure flew up and down in the air, tottering about as if he was on the verge of collapse.

As for Yi Yun, who had regained his composure upon seeing that the attack was about to hit, his hands naturally hung down as if he was relaxed.

It was only at this moment that I felt that I had returned to my body. I heaved a sigh of relief as I felt a large patch of moisture on my back. A gust of cold wind assaulted me, causing me to unconsciously shake a few times before I felt better.

Yi Yun turned his head to look at me with a calm expression before glaring at the toddler. Although his expression was relaxed, it was obvious that he hadn't completely relaxed yet. He bent his left hand over, ready to take out something else at any time.

However, in my opinion, the baby is already on the verge of death, so there is no chance of any more splashes. Its small body slowly turned transparent, its body became smaller and smaller, and in a blink of an eye, it was only palm-sized. Looking at it, it was actually a cute little doll with its mouth wide open, crying.

Looking at this scene, I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him. I felt that this child was too pitiful. No matter what mistakes the adults had, the child was still not wrong.

I turned my head to look at the unconscious Lan Xiang. I was silent for a moment before I slowly walked to Yi Yun's side. Yi Yun was completely focused on the infant, not paying attention to my movements at all.

Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the baby was like a dying flower. He let out a long sigh and put down his hand. His raised knuckles slowly straightened. It seemed like the baby was definitely going to die.

Grandpa Chen also put down the crutch on his chest, returning to his old self. His face was a little pale, and he let out a long sigh. He glanced at Lan Xiang with a complicated look in his eyes, then turned around and was about to leave the mourning hall.

However, it was also at this moment that the child that was only the size of a fingertip suddenly let out a strange cry. Without any hesitation, it charged straight towards me.

If it was before, then perhaps this baby would have already been suppressed by the two people by my side before he could even do this. However, now that everyone thinks that it has no way to reverse the situation, it is also the time when all of us are the most relaxed.

I saw that baby's flowing light rush towards my forehead like a moth pouncing on a flame. Before I could even make a move, I felt my body turn cold. My head went blank. Just as I was about to dodge, I was struck.

A wave of pain went deep into my soul. It was as though someone had nailed me down. I wailed in grief and immediately fell to the ground, clutching my head, no longer having any strength to resist.

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