Deadly Twelve Days/C3 Four seals grand year
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Deadly Twelve Days/C3 Four seals grand year
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C3 Four seals grand year

I sat there blankly as I panted for a long time before raising my head. The dim light of the street lamps illuminated my surroundings, and occasionally, a gust of night wind would blow by, making me feel like I was standing at the corner of an old Shanghai street in the sixties and seventies.

I stretched my arms and legs a little, and although it still hurt, I was able to move freely.

I stumbled toward my rented apartment at the corner of the street, confused, and looked back to where the man had been lying, but there was no one there now, and the streets, polished by the soles of so many pairs of shoes, shone with a cold, cold light that I drew back my neck, not bothering to think about where the man had gone.

"Shadowgale [1], the Nether Wandering Soul."

"The fourth seal has arrived, Ren Er's Karma is dispelled."

A sad and gentle voice came over, it sounded like a man's voice, but also like a woman's voice. The voice was deep, clear, and long.

It was said that strange things happened every year on the day of birthdays. How come there were so many things different today? Isn't it my birthday yet?

I shivered and took out my cell phone.

The somewhat dazzling screen impressively printed a string of characters: 12 December 2016, 12: 12.

It was like I was struck by lightning. Wasn't this the same time I was born 24 years ago?

This is when I was born!

I remember the year my grandfather died, when my father told me in secret that he should not have come to this world to begin with, so in my life, I had to go through four life or death situations, once every twelve years, once at the age of twelve, once at the age of one, and once at the age of twelve.

This year is the third time in my life!

In the first seal, his mother died.

In the second seal, his grandfather was dead.

The third seal, who could it be? Is that me?

Even though I thought that I had received a high education, I still couldn't help but believe in the strange things that happen every 12 years. I shuddered and unconsciously added on.

"Ding dang", a crisp ringtone came in, it was my phone receiving a text message. I took out my phone and saw that the three blood-red words "I'm here" filled the entire screen in a way that I've never seen before, slowly fading away like it was raining blood.

I took a deep breath. The cold of the early morning froze my brain, and I was sure that this was the first time I had ever received such a specific text message.

I thought I was seeing things. I looked for the information that just appeared on my phone like I was crazy. However, everything seemed to have disappeared. It was as if what I saw just now never appeared at all.

I clearly heard the crunching sound of my teeth chattering. Perhaps it was due to the cold, or perhaps it was due to my fear.

After finding nothing, I ignored everything else and jogged back to my rented apartment.

It was unknown when it started, but the streets were covered by a layer of white fog. It was like a bamboo steamer that had just been opened. The forest fog was dyed a pale yellow by the yellow light of the street lamps, like the clouds at sunset.

However, I didn't have the mood to admire such a beautiful scenery. Breathing heavily, I walked through it, stirring up the pale yellow fog.

At that moment, I shifted my gaze to the corner of my eyes and saw a few figures vaguely appearing from the mist. I forcefully suppressed the fear in my heart and placed my hand on my chest, as though I was trying to hold down the madly beating heart.

Following my line of sight, I counted one, two, three figures walking through the fog. They were solemn, cold, and without any sound, as though they were floating ghosts.

However, for some unknown reason, not only did I not run away, I stood still on the spot, trying to see clearly who it was that had appeared on the street in the early hours of the morning.

The three of them were dressed in dark robes, they were not tall or short, they were fat or thin, and under the cover of the fog they could not see very clearly, but they came so quickly that in the blink of an eye they were right in front of me.

I looked carefully and saw that the person in the lead was a woman. His face was pale, and under the light of the lantern, he appeared somewhat blue. He walked past me expressionlessly.

At this moment, a second person's face appeared before my eyes. It was an old man with the same expression as the woman from before. His white beard hung messily on his face, and his complexion was purple.

However, when I saw him, I had a strange feeling. I felt that this old man looked familiar, as though I had seen him somewhere before. However, he walked past me very quickly.

However, when the third person's face appeared before my eyes, I felt as if my head had been struck by a heavy hammer. The world spun around my head, and I staggered for two steps, almost falling to the ground.

This third person is none other than my father!

He was wearing a black robe that he had never seen before. His eyes were dull and his face was frighteningly purple. He didn't respond to my call at all. He floated before me like a puppet, as if he didn't recognize me.

"Daddy!" I shouted and extended my hand towards him, trying to pull him back. However, I discovered that the hand that suddenly extended directly went through my father's body, as though he had turned into fog.

"What's going on?" I felt a chill in my heart, and I wondered if this was my imagination.

However, I didn't care that much as I chased after my father. It was just that the fog was so thick that every step required a great amount of strength, and in just a moment, my father had already walked further and further away, leaving behind only a lonely and stiff figure.

I stood rooted to the spot, thinking back to what happened to my father. Why did he ignore me? Why did he appear a thousand kilometers away from my hometown? Who were the two people in front of him?

However, at that moment, an idea popped into my mind. I saw an old man in a tattered gray robe, holding a packet of sugar with a sad smile on his face.

I flopped onto the ground, only then did I realize that the old man was my grandfather, whom I had only seen once in my life!

Didn't grandpa die? How could he be with his father?

My heart sank to the bottom as I thought of the woman walking at the very front.

I didn't dare to think about it. I didn't want to think about it, but I instantly understood that the woman who had never appeared in my memory was actually my mother, who had passed away 24 years ago!

At this moment, I collapsed to the ground like an empty air puppet, tears silently pouring down my face.

I finally understood, the fourth seal was too old for me, the third seal was actually my father, if I'm not wrong, my father used his life in exchange for the next twelve years!

However, I was unwilling. I still had hopes in my heart. I stood up with a jolt and dialed my father's number, trembling. Listening to the dull and dull beep coming from the receiver, my heart had long been in the air, hoping that there would be a familiar "Hello" coming from there.

However, after half a minute, there was no response!

Unknowingly, the fog on the street had dispersed. Looking around, I couldn't help but pull back my head and think of countless possibilities. I comforted myself with the thought that maybe my father's phone was placed to one side, maybe my father was asleep, maybe my father had something to go out for.

However, no amount of comfort was able to suppress the increasing unease in my heart.

I was like an ant on a hot pan as I ran towards the more bustling place.

I want to go back, I want to see my father!

It was my only wish!

However, at this moment, not a single person's shadow could be seen on the lonely street, not even an extra light could be seen.

But at that moment, my eyes lit up. I saw a car driving towards me from afar. I rushed towards the car like a madman. Without saying a word, I spread my arms wide and blocked the front of the car.

A screeching screech of brakes sounded and the car came to a sudden halt in front of me.

"You want to die?" The chauffeur cursed angrily.

I ignored him. After looking around, I was overjoyed to see that it was a taxi. I clung to the door of his car and said, "Master, I'm going to Nanling Village. Nanling Village of HN. Take me there. I'll give you money!"

Without a word, I took out my wallet and phone and tossed them to the driver, afraid that he would run away. I opened the door and got in.

The driver looked at me in astonishment. He probably treated me as a lunatic, but I ignored him. I grabbed onto his steering wheel and said, "If you don't want to drive, then I'll drive. Hurry up. I'm begging you, I'm going to see my father!"

"No, there are still customers behind us." The driver looked at me strangely and pointed to the back seat of the car.

"Let him get out of the car, I'll pay him," I said as I took out my watch and handed it to the driver.

"Forget it, I just happen to have something to do in the Southern Mountains. Let's go together," a calm voice rang out.

"What?" The driver was shocked when he heard this.

"Give him his things, the fare is mine," the voice said again, "Let's go!"

With that, he handed over a wad of bills from the backseat.

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