Deadly Twelve Days/C6 Spiritual hall
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Deadly Twelve Days/C6 Spiritual hall
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C6 Spiritual hall

Looking at the dirt on my father's ankles, I was extremely shocked. In my mind, I suddenly recalled the scene where my grandfather and father were together in the early hours of the morning.

But in any case, my father had been miserable all his life, and I couldn't let him just lie there on the dirt, so I gritted my teeth and gently put my father down and started to dig the grave on my grandfather's grave with my hands.

"Fan Youzi, you can't do this." Grandpa Chen quickly walked over and pulled me back, "This is clan blood binding, you can't do this ah!"

"Blood Bind?" After hearing what Grandpa Chen said, I immediately cried out in surprise, while the surrounding people who heard his words immediately cried out in surprise.

This means that your grandfather wanted to take your father away. If you were to rashly dig up the grave of your Mu family, it would be with your grandfather's consent! "Grandfather Chen's expression was extremely ugly as he looked at me with a changed expression." If you want to take away your father's body, you must first look at your grandfather.

"I have an idea." At this moment, a voice came out, and I looked back as if I had seen my savior. I saw that this person's hair was messy, and his hands were full of calluses.

When my father was alive, I had heard of this man. He usually not only made tables and stools for the villagers, but also made coffins for the old people who died in the village. I heard that he had some sort of evil nature and could see things that others couldn't.

No matter what, after a family member dies, they can't just leave them like this. We must bury them in the ground and rest in peace. "As soon as Carpenter Liu spoke, the surrounding people immediately nodded," I've heard of the clan blood shackles. As long as the descendant's blood drips on the grave, if the old man agrees, there will naturally be no problem. "

Therefore, without saying a word, I cut open my finger and dripped a few drops of blood on Grandpa's grave. Just as my blood fell into the grave, it disappeared in the blink of an eye, and at the same time, a cold wind suddenly blew out from all around us, causing the grass to fly in all directions. I hurriedly used my hand to block it, but unexpectedly, my feet unsteadily stumbled and touched my father's body.

Although this strike was extremely light, with a "peng" sound, his father's body unexpectedly rolled on the ground and his feet were pulled out from his grandfather's grave.

"Ya, this is truly a god!" When the surrounding people saw this, they were first extremely terrified, and then they couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

I took the opportunity to quickly carry my father on my back. I walked up to Liu's side and said, "Uncle Liu, I'll have to trouble you to make a coffin for my father so that he can have a decent appearance."

However, hearing my words, Carpenter Liu started to hesitate. In the end, he whispered, "Carpenter, carry your father back first."

With the help of the village's seniors, the mourning hall, incense candles, paper money, mourning garments, and the like were quickly opened. As for me, I knelt in front of my father's memorial tablet with a wooden face, doing the last thing I could do as a son.

Regret, frustration, sadness, and countless emotions intertwined in my heart. Looking at my father lying on the spirit collapsed without moving, as though he was asleep, I even had thoughts of leaving with him.

The words I heard from the tombs were still lingering in my ears. I kept thinking, ever since I was born, my loved ones have left me one after another. Could it be that I will really be the one to kill them?

However, no one could answer my question!

I am the only son of the Mu Clan, and also the only night watchman.

It was already late at night and the rain was drizzling heavily. The helpers all left one by one. I stood up in a daze and knelt beside my father's corpse. I kept throwing paper money into the brazier.

At this moment, a person appeared in my father's memorial hall. I raised my head and saw that it was an old man dressed in black and wearing a pair of black cloth shoes with a white face. He looked extremely clean.

Although I was curious, I gave a slight bow in return out of etiquette.

However, after a short while, there were a few other weird people who appeared in his father's mourning hall. They were all dressed in black and looked surprisingly clean. They quietly came and went.

The whole process was as silent as a silent movie.

I was so immersed in the grief of my father's death that I said nothing but a polite reply.

However, at this moment, "Meow meow", a shrill cat cry resounded through the night sky. My body jolted and I immediately turned to look, only to see that two green, ghost-like eyes had appeared at the entrance of my father's mourning hall. I rubbed my numb legs to get up and take a look.

When I looked into its eyes, I was startled. Why did it feel like this cat was looking at my father's remains?

I was terrified and tried to chase the black cat away, but the black cat was very agile and it took me a while to chase it away.

When I returned to my father's Spiritual Hall to take a look, my heart immediately sunk to the bottom. I saw that my father's Spirit Sink was empty, and what replaced it was the kerosene lamp that was previously placed in front of my father's spirit tablet. As for the black cat, it was unknown when it squatted on top of my father's Spirit Sink and its two eyes were like will-o '-wisps as it stared straight at me.

Shocked, I tried to suppress my flustered thoughts as I tiptoed to the side of the collapsed spirit but just as I took a step forward, the black cat suddenly let out a mournful howl, shocking me to the point that my hair stood on end. At the same time, the kerosene lamp simultaneously flickered, weakening at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and was replaced by a ball of green flame the size of a fingertip and the size of the black cat's eyes.

Ah!" At the same time, the lights in the mourning hall were extinguished with a "Zi" sound. Only the green oil and flames emitted a faint green light, and under the shine of the light, the black cat appeared on the wall beside where my father's spirit had collapsed. Sometimes large, sometimes small, sometimes tall, and sometimes constantly changing.

At this moment, my back was already wet. I didn't know if it was the sweat or the rain.

At this moment, my phone beeped. Trembling, I took out my phone to take a look. A string of numbers appeared on the screen. There was nothing else.

At the same time, I mustered up my courage and clenched my teeth. I rushed into the mourning hall and shouted at the black cat, "Get lost!"

Following my furious roar, the light inside the mourning hall immediately turned bright, while the black cat also fled with its tail between its legs. After the black cat left, the kerosene lamp returned to its normal state as if it was a person who had just awoken. Everything in the mourning hall returned to normal.

Only my father's body was missing.

Looking at the empty and wild Spirit Collapse, I was completely flustered for a moment. I hurriedly searched everywhere.

However, there was still no trace of them even after this round.

I burst into tears. I stood helplessly in the doorway and shouted, but there was no response other than an empty echo.

The pitter-patter of the rain continued to pour down, dyeing the surroundings misty and blurry.

I wiped off the water on my face and my eyes suddenly lit up. Seeing a figure leaning on a tree not too far away, I gritted my teeth and picked up my father's hoe before walking over.

That person was dressed in black and was leaning against a tree as if he was tired. His body was covered in sweat.

I took a deep breath, thinking that this man had been here most of the night. I had no idea what his purpose was, or whether he had been involved in the disappearance of my father's body, but it was certainly not normal for him to be here in the middle of the night.

"Boom!" A loud sound rang out and lightning struck the surroundings. Caught me off guard, I almost fell to the ground. However, with the help of the light, I was able to see the man's face clearly.

His face was pale and he had a faint smile on it. Who else could it be other than my father?

"Dad!" I burst into tears and fell to my knees.

A few more peals of thunder rang out. His father's smiling face was flickering under the illumination of the thunder and lightning, like a loving father looking at his son.

I wiped my face and got up to carry my father again, but just as I was about to stand up and start to straighten up, I felt a chill on my back, and my father took the initiative to hug me on the back.

My nose twitched as I whispered, "I'll carry you home!"

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