Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C16 Responsibility
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C16 Responsibility
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C16 Responsibility

The sound of flowing water came from the bathroom. Jinse quickly changed her clothes and tidied up the mess. She wanted to cover it up and make it look peaceful.

"It's time to eat!" Du Qixuan put the breakfast he had bought back on the table and called the two of them to eat.

"No need, I have to rush to work. Ah... I will be late soon..." Jinse looked at her phone and was about to go out.

"Come here!" Lu Qian walked out of the bathroom. His white shirt was rolled up on his wrist and he was wearing well-ironed pants. He looked noble and gentlemanly. Jinse looked at him and immediately lowered her head.

Did she catch those wrinkles on the shirt?

Wuwu, don't meet people anymore!!

"That... I'm in a hurry, I'm in a hurry..." Jinse raised her phone, indicating that she was really going to be late.

"It's okay, you don't have to go to work very soon!"

"What do you mean?" Jinse earnestly said, "I know. I will pay the 1.8 million that I owe you whenever I think of a way. You are magnanimous and don't need a small commoner like me to fuss over it. I was wrong, I was wrong. Can I bow to you? "

Jinse immediately bowed 90 degrees as she spoke.

Those who could build a manor in Jiang City were either rich or noble. With just a flick of her finger, she would lose her job. She could not afford to offend them, but she had to admit defeat.

"You mean you were just playing around yesterday and you are not going to take responsibility?"

Nani? Responsibility? What do you mean?

Jinse looked at Lu Qian. Could it be that he wanted compensation? She seemed to have heard from some third-rate actor that the best cowboys in the industry were worth 30,000 yuan a night? Then her double compensation should be enough, right?

Anyway, a lot of debts did not weigh on her. Jinse took out a pen from her bag and wrote a 1.86 million promissory note on the convenience sign and handed it to Lu Qian.

"What do you mean?" Looking at the promissory note on the paper, Lu Qian was a little puzzled.

"I owe you 1.8 million. It was my son who broke your robot. Sixty thousand was paid to you for last night's expenses..."

Last night's fee!!

Lu Qian instantly exploded. This was her so-called responsibility? Sixty thousand, and she sent him off for a night? To let her do whatever she wanted for a night? She used sixty thousand to make him a prostitute?

"You mean I'm worth sixty thousand?"

Sixty thousand is already a lot! Jinse muttered in her heart but did not dare to say it out loud, "Even the best coworkers in Jiang City are only worth 30,000!"

Even the cowboys in Jiang City are only thirty thousand? Why is she so clear about the price? Had she played with them before? When he thought about how she had once done the same thing to a coworker, or even more intimate things to him, Lu Qian wished he could choke him to death.

Jealousy, and hatred.

"I'm still in charge of the whole thing. You... I didn't do anything to you!" Jinse's voice became softer and softer as she looked at Lu Qian's increasingly gloomy expression.

Hehe, as expected of the woman he liked. She was really not afraid of death and dared to say anything.

"You mean that everything is worth nothing. You want me to return it today..."

"I dare not, I dare not!" Jinse waved her hands repeatedly, her face full of fear.

Seeing her expression, Lu Qian's expression became slightly better. He still knew what was good for him, but he did not expect the next sentence to send him to hell again, "You, I can't afford to play..."

He was so angry that he laughed instead. Lu Qian was completely stifled by her. This woman really had the ability to anger him to death just by opening her mouth. All these years, his world had always been like a pool of spring water, calm and composed. In the past year, there were not as many emotional fluctuations as today.

"Puchi!" Du Qixuan suppressed his smile. Finally, at this moment, he completely broke through his cultivation. His cheeks puffed up as he finally let out a puchi sound and laughed loudly.

Haha, as expected of Bingqing's friend. He was simply the best of the best!

This was the first woman who dared to speak to Lu Qian in such a way. This was the first woman he had ever met who had made him angry but could do nothing about it!

Lu Qian looked at Du Qixuan and threw a cold knife at him. Du Qixuan's eyes were cold. He quickly shut his mouth. The muscles at the corner of his mouth twitched, but he could not hide his smile. He could only wave his hand and take his leave. "I will go to the bathroom."

"Haha, haha..." The twitching laughter in the bathroom was heard without any disguise.

Lu Qian was angered and annoyed by his good friend's laughter. He could only force himself to remain indifferent, and his entire person became colder and colder.

"What is he laughing at?" Jinse was baffled.

"He is laughing like a madman!"

A stroke on my nerves? Was it a disease?

"That... Sir, if there's nothing else, I'll go to work first!"

"Lu Qian!" Lu Qian looked at Jinse and spat out his name word by word. His expression was indescribable seriousness, "Shouldn't you remember the creditor's name?"

Alright, you are the creditor. You are right!

"Give it to me!"



Lu Qian eagerly handed the phone over and dialed his own phone. After a wave of ringing, he returned the phone to Jinse. "My phone number, remember to come whenever you want!"

"Call me whenever you want? I just owe money. There's no need to put my life's freedom on the line, right?" Staring at her round eyes, Jinse looked at Lu Qian unhappily and protested silently.

"One million is not a small amount. What if you run away? Of course, you have to come with the call. This will just be your interest."

He knew that capitalists would not lose money!

Jinse nodded her head fiercely and fiercely put Lu Qian's phone number on it, marking the creditor!

Lu Qian watched Jinse leave with satisfaction, then carefully set Jinse's number at the top of the phone, marking, "Future wife!"

When Du Qixuan came out, he saw Lu Qian staring at the phone with a serious expression and glanced at it. Future wife? Damn! He had only seen her once, and now she was already his future wife. How disgusting!

"He got his phone number so quickly?"

Lu Qian raised his head and looked at Du Qixuan with a matter-of-fact expression. What else could he do? How long would it take for him to get his phone number?

F * ck, isn't this a bit too tsundere? Didn't they say that after that incident, Young Master Lu viewed women like a flood and a ferocious beast? When he saw women, he couldn't speak at all, and his EQ was zero?

Then who was this "fast, ruthless, accurate" man now?

"Let's go!"

"What is it?" Du Qixuan saw Lu Qian leave with his hands in his pockets. He pointed at the hot fried dough sticks and soy milk dumplings on the table. "You haven't eaten breakfast yet. I specially went to the vegetarian house to buy it for you..."

"Hey... Damn, he left just like that? What a waste. It would be a waste not to eat... "Du Qixuan picked up two buns and stuffed them into his mouth. He hurried to catch up with Lu Qian.

Jinse waited for the car as she stood by the side of the plate. She took out makeup and paint from her bag.

Even if she knew that she would not get any good results when she went to the company today, she could not give up on her slovenly face. The more she wanted to lose, the more she had to show off!

She looked down on the other party in an imposing manner. Not for herself, but for the over ten thousand fans on Weibo!

"Get in the car!" Lu Qian's Maserati stopped by the roadside in a high-profile manner. He looked at Jinse, who was still waiting for the car, and rolled down the window.

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