Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C2 Make His Antidote
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C2 Make His Antidote
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C2 Make His Antidote

"Lu Jinse, you want to leave after killing someone?"

"What do you mean?" Jinse looked up at Mo Chenyuan in a daze. Didn't her father say that it would be easy for the father and daughter to get together?

"If you kill someone, you will pay with your life. Officer Liu, take her away!" Mo Chenyuan waved his hand coldly. Two men in uniform walked over from the crowd and pushed Lu Jinse away.

"No, I didn't kill anyone... I didn't kill anyone..."

Jinse hid in the corner of the wall. The sound of the prisoner grinding his teeth and snoring clearly echoed in her ears. The constant life had already made these prisoners numb and stiff like machines. Was her life going to be spent in this prison?

Lu Jinse bit her arm and tears flowed down helplessly from her face... No, she did not kill anyone. She wanted to get out!

"Let me out, let me out. I am innocent if I did not kill anyone. Lu Yanran... Lu Yanran..."

She was tired and crazy. Finally, she fainted.

At 12 o'clock in the morning, two men in black stood quietly in front of Lu Jinse.

"Is that her? She looks not bad, but it's a pity..."

"What's a pity? She's a condemned prisoner anyway. It's her honor to be able to cure Master!"

"Who are you to let go of me..." Jinse looked at the masked man in horror and screamed. However, what answered him was only the man's more ruthless actions. Like a knife cutting flesh, the knife cut deep into her body.

After an unknown amount of time, her body seemed to have been pressed by a truck. Every inch of her skin was numb and she could not feel anything.

"Drag her out and clean her up!" The cool and ancient male voice gave the order. Someone carried her body out one after another.

"Brother Long, are we really going to take her to Sunset Bay? Isn't it too time-consuming? Besides, she's already a condemned prisoner, and now that she's cured of the poison of the "Hibiscus," do you still expect her to live? Why is it that our master isn't a person who shows compassion to the fairer sex..."

The weather in the twelfth lunar month was dark and gloomy. One breath was enough to make one's teeth ache. The wind was blowing, and it seemed like a heavy snowfall was about to fall. Brother Long looked at the blood on the white blanket and nodded. The car turned around and drove towards Pan Shan Avenue. He threw Lu Jinse into the forest.

Five years later, outside the Emperor Hao Manor, a group of radish heads eagerly looked at the end of the path.

"Don't tell me that little bastard is afraid!"

"He must be afraid. He said something like a hundred percent success rate, and he was just bragging!"

"Daring to stand us up, we'll teach him a lesson in the future!"

"Lord Guo, I'm here!" While the group of radishes were discussing amongst themselves, at the end of the path, a smiling little shota ran over. Along with his running movements, he even lifted his shoulder belt pants from time to time.

One, two, four, five or six seven. Guo Guo looked at the seven radishes in front of her. They were wearing custom-made children's clothing. Her originally smiling eyes seemed to be even brighter. The business of the seven shoppers would definitely not be small today!

"I'm coming!" Guo Guo stood in the middle of them. Her eyes were naked as she looked around, "Did you bring the thing I wanted?"

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