Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C3 What a Bunch of Money Distribution Children
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C3 What a Bunch of Money Distribution Children
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C3 What a Bunch of Money Distribution Children

"Of course! It's just a few pearls! "The leader's radish was a head taller than Guo Guo. He generously took out a pearl necklace from his pocket. The white deep sea pearls were all the size of a thumb, emitting a warm light under the sunlight.

Seeing the leader take out the pearl necklace, the remaining radish heads... He also took out the pearl ring and pearl bracelet, unwilling to be outdone. Different appearances, different styles, the same were all rare items on the market.

Not bad, not bad!

Guo Guo nodded her head. As expected of a money-making boy, each and every one of them was extraordinary. There was finally a chance for them to give their mommy's birthday present!

"What about yours?"

"Me?!" Guo Guo raised her head, and the corners of her eyes couldn't help but twitch. If he had pearls, would he still need to bet with them?

"With my Hundred Shots skill, why would I need to bet? Just wait and see..." Guo Guo waved her hand and shook her head as she looked at the Supreme Overlord Manor. "Where is that" Da Bai "you were talking about?"

"He'll be here soon... Heh, he's coming, he's coming... " Following his finger, Guo Guo looked through the iron fence at the slowly approaching robot. The robot held a pair of scissors and cut down the lush flowers. Then, it swept the withered leaves into a pile and placed them in the trash can!

"Good... What a smart robot!" Guo Guo stared at the robot that was walking over from afar. Her eyes were bright. This robot in front of her was even smarter than the robots that participated in the technology exhibition on TV, it actually knew how to cut branches. Sweeping the floor!

In Jiang City, where every inch of land was worth an inch of gold, he could build villas and manors, and he could even have such a smart robot butler. Who was the God of Wealth living in this Supreme Overlord Manor?

"Da Bai is here. As long as we can hit the line on Da Bai's head... Big White will give off lightning..." As he spoke, the leader of the radishes took out a pearl from his pocket and threw it at Big White's head. The moment the pearl flew toward Da Bai, the robot extended its "iron hand" to cut the pearl in half and put it into the mechanical stomach.

Good boy, you even used a pearl to hit people. You really are a money-spendthrift boy. I really want to rush in and replace Da Bai!

When the first pearl was cut off, the other children swarmed forward. Da Bai took out various pearls from his bag and threw them at Da Bai through the gaps in the iron bars. Da Bai was quick to react. However, there were many pearls that were thrown down at the same time. Occasionally, there would be a few pearls that would hit Da Bai's head. There was a flash of lightning.

"Kid, it's your turn! The leader's radish head grabbed Guo Guo's shoulder and gave him a pearl. "Let me see what you can do. If you can stop Da Bai... Okay."

What a prodigal!

Playing with the thumb-sized pearls in his hands, Guo Guo slyly blinked her eyes and picked up a stone from the ground," I'll use this. Everyone uses pearls, how can you prove that I hit it... "

"That's right, it's up to you!"

"Hehe!" Using pearls to hit people, Guo Guo isn't a fool like you?

He quickly hid the pearl in his pocket. Guo Guo weighed the stone in her hand and aimed it at the wire on Da Bai's head. She immediately made a cracking sound on the robot's head.


"It's all yours!"

"That's right. Back then, when Lord Guo stood by the river and threw a rock, that floating stone could hit ten flowers..." Guo Guo put her hands on her waist as she looked at the group of children around her who were giving him looks of worship. She proudly shook her feet. "What is it? Do you want to learn from Lord Guo's dominating technique, 'Iron Palm Water Floating'?"

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