Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C4 It's All Lord Guo's
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C4 It's All Lord Guo's
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C4 It's All Lord Guo's

All the kids' eyes are bright, but isn't it a little cheaper to follow a little radish head study that's even younger than theirs? For a moment, no one said anything!

"Cough cough... Don't be in such a hurry to brag. You only managed to hit it once. Who knows if you were lucky or not?" The leader had his hands behind his back as he took out his big brother's style and said, "Wait until you stop smashing Da Bai first!"

He was not going to give up until he saw a rabbit!

Lord Guo's technique was not something to brag about. If he smashed it, then so be it. Just wait till you blind your eyes!

"Hand it over..."


"The pearl!" After tricking a pearl, Guo Guo threw another stone at Da Bai. With a crackling sound, lightning crackled above the robot's head. When the group of children saw that Guo Guo had a hundred percent chance of winning, they also became interested and began to smash. They didn't hit as accurately as Guo Guo. Many pearls were scattered on the ground of the manor before they even touched Da Bai.

"Haha, this is great! I've never felt so good smashing it. In the past, it was Da Bai who bullied us! Today, he will show us how powerful we are!"

You've all come to other people's territories to bully Da Bai, but now, you're blaming others for bullying you? Truly... your intelligence is touching! Guo Guo had a strange expression on her face, but she didn't say anything. As long as you have money, you're my master. As long as you're happy!

There was no way for them to hold back their numbers, especially since the stone Guo Guo used was even more destructive. After a large stone the size of a palm smashed into the electrical wires, Da Bai began to crackle. Black smoke came out from the lightning's head, completely stopping the engine!

"Yay, it stopped, Da Bai stopped..." The children cheered.

"Flute... Flute..." A sharp alarm sounded from the manor.

"Sh * t, someone's coming, run..." The children scattered in all directions!

"Hey, hey, hey. Where's the pearl? Who was it? A bunch of cowards!" Guo Guo stood by the door and watched everyone run away. She helplessly sighed and muttered to herself, a bunch of cowards. There was clearly no one!

Guo Guo's round eyes turned as she stared at the pearls scattered all over the manor. She simply couldn't move her feet.

She had promised him that these unreliable fellows would leave a long time ago. Then these pearls should be given to him as compensation, right? It would be a waste not to take the things that had fallen to the ground. Not to mention... Staring at Da Bai's stomach, Guo Guo could no longer open her eyes. This fellow had cut off quite a number of pearls into his stomach!

Mommy had to work so hard to get a down payment for a suite in this Linluo District. These pearls should be enough to buy a car. If this money were to slip away, the God of Wealth would definitely not let him off!

God of Wealth, please bless your believers to win the war!

Guo Guo smiled and narrowed her eyes. She looked at the two-person tall iron gate, rubbed her hands together, and her eyes turned red. It was a pair of eyes that were flashing red with money...

Her hands grabbed the iron gate and her calves were hanging on it. She used both hands to pull them up and kicked them up. Her movements were like a chestnut-like mouse and she quickly climbed to the top.

"Rich people are just hypocritical. To install a gate, you need to erect these things..." Looking at the sharp iron column at the top of the iron gate, Guo Guo carefully flipped over. Her two hands grabbed the iron bars and slipped into the manor like a wisp of smoke.

One, two, three or four... all of them belonged to Lord Guo!

Putting the pearls on the ground into his pocket, Guo Guo was still not satisfied. Her eyes stared at Da Bai's stomach as she moved around in a strange manner. " Anyway, it's useless for a robot like you to ask for these. You might as well give them to Lord Fruit to buy breakfast. Lord Guo will pass the time for you at home... "

Thinking of this, Guo Guo was just about to reach out her hand when someone grabbed her pants and hung her in the air...

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