Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C6 The Tree Is Going to Bloom
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C6 The Tree Is Going to Bloom
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C6 The Tree Is Going to Bloom

The crisp ringtone interrupted the silence. Lu Qian took a look at the caller and reluctantly picked up the phone. He let go of Song Family's young lady's blind date feast. Was his mother here to denounce him?

A trace of impatience flashed across Lu Qian's brows. He was about to strike first, but was interrupted by Hsu Jiaren's voice.

"Son, your grandfather is coming back..."

Grandfather is coming back? Lu Qian was stunned on the spot. The hand holding the phone suddenly trembled. Ever since that incident, his grandfather had a heart attack due to guilt and moved to a sanatorium abroad for treatment. It had been five years since he had left. His body was already in a bad condition. If it wasn't for some urgent matter, he would never have come back from such a long journey. This time, he came back... Could it be that he was preparing to return to his roots?

Sensing Lu Qian's sudden rapid breathing, Hsu Jiaren's voice softened. “ The old man's body could not take it anymore. If he did not come back this time, his body would not be able to take the turn for more than ten hours in the future. Your grandfather blamed himself for that matter. He was afraid that you would... Sigh... "Hsu Jiaren let out a long sigh.

Since childhood, her parents had been busy with their careers. It was her grandfather who had raised her. Her grandfather had been very strict with people in his life. Only towards him. It really hurt to the core of his heart. That matter was not his grandfather's fault either. He had never blamed Grandfather, but Grandfather still blamed himself. His body quickly collapsed.

"I understand!" Lu Qian hung up the phone and his body quickly became heavy. His ink-like eyes were filled with grief that could not be dissolved.

"What's wrong?" Du Qixuan looked at Lu Qian and asked, "Is the old man back?"

"Ahhhh... The old man is really back? If he comes back and sees that you're still alone, then he won't feel at ease even if he dies... " Seeing Lu Qian's line of sight, Du Qixuan licked his lips and smacked himself in the face again. He let out two dry laughs. " What?"

"Master, master, there are guests visiting, there are guests visiting..." The two of them were silent when a robot slid in front of Lu Qian. A delicate little face appeared on the liquid crystal mirror on its stomach.

"It's my mommy!" Guo Guo suddenly jumped onto the robot's stomach and trembled as she looked at the woman in the mirror and howled. "What should I do? My mommy is here. If he knows that I stole something... God of Wealth, please save me!"

Guo Guo turned around and hugged Lu Qian's thigh, "Fifty fifty, fifty fifty, I agree! Thirty, seven! "Guo Guo gritted her teeth," Three, you seven! "

Still not moved? The capitalists were too much of a scam! Guo Guo was in tears!

"At most, I'll give them all to you!" Looking at Lu Qian staring at the crystal screen, Guo Guo's small face collapsed. Great God's iron and impartial appearance, was he going to pay for his son's debt?

Lu Qian did not pay attention to Guo Guo. He only looked at the person on the screen.

This woman's eyes... were so familiar!

It was almost the same as the pair of eyes he had dreamt of!

Lu Qian's heart could not help but heat up. He looked at the woman on the screen in astonishment. There was always a voice in his heart telling him that it was this person! It was this pair of eyes!

At this moment, this pair of eyes had appeared in his dreams countless times. Finally, it's clear in front of his eyes... In these five years, he had a vague dream of a face every time. He hugged her, kissed her... and did countless things that couldn't be described.

But every time he wanted to see that face, the dream would stop. Only that pair of eyes were like limpid autumn water that had been imprinted in his heart.

So she looked like this?

"Let her in!"


Du Qixuan looked at Lu Qian in disbelief. He actually let that woman in? It can't be, right? One should know that in this place, except for the few brothers... Even his aunt was no exception. Now... Lu Qian actually wanted to let a woman in?

This was a ten-thousand-year-old tree that was about to bloom?

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