Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C7 He Had No Money to Pay the Debt with His Own Body!
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C7 He Had No Money to Pay the Debt with His Own Body!
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C7 He Had No Money to Pay the Debt with His Own Body!

"Please have some tea!"

Jinse sat on the sofa and looked around the room nervously. A robot servant that was comparable to a human would be as soft as a sofa that was above the clouds when she sat on it. No matter how she looked at it, she could not understand the style of the painting... No matter how she looked at it, it gave people the feeling that it was "hard to tell."


"I'm called Lu Qian."

Opposite the sofa, Lu Qian crossed his legs. He was dressed in a well-ironed suit, and his entire body exuded a cold and abstinent aura. A man like him was clearly not good. Enemy!

Jinse immediately muttered in her heart, Guo Guo, mother's card is less than ten thousand yuan. You little brat, just sneak in and don't break other people's things!!

"En, Mr. Lu..." Lu Jinse squeezed out a sweet smile on her face and tried hard to show her gentle and harmless side, "I heard that my son accidentally slipped in, so..."

"No." Lu Qian looked at Lu Jinse with a burning gaze. The white porcelain coffee cup in his hand was casually placed on the table on the right side. The corner of his mouth raised a trace of a faint smile. "My manor is heavily guarded. He climbed in through the door. Such a difficult move, it should not be an accident, right?"

Nani? Shouldn't the usual routine be said that it doesn't have anything to do with decorating the peace? Does this mean that he wants to come and denounce us?

Jinse resigned herself to her fate and closed her eyes. She exhaled a breath of cold air from her mouth. She already knew that this kind of rich person was the most calculative!

"Thirty seven points!"


"No matter what my son did wrong, as his mommy, but as an adult, shouldn't you be responsible for the lack of supervision? After all, he's still underage. " Jinse took out her phone and looked at Lu Qian with a serious expression. "Tell me, what did he break? I will pay you according to the price. Three for me, seven for you! "

Lu Qian looked at the serious little woman in front of him with interest. He laughed lightly. No wonder the little radish liked to bargain so much. It was inherited from here!

Seventy for thirty? Great!

"He destroyed one of my robots, and the robot's body is made of space materials, Wang Yao said. There's no market for it, just five million! The main board was designed by me, at least for 20 years in the market. I'll charge you 1 million! Just these two big pieces will be 6 million for you, the rest will be on me. Thirty seven. Just give me 1.8 million!"

"1.8... 1.8 million?" Jinse's phone's interface was displayed on the calculator's page. She let out an unnatural dry laugh and allowed the phone's screen to turn black.

That damned little bastard repeatedly reminded her not to cause trouble. In the end, in the blink of an eye, 1.8 million was gone?

How could she have so much money!

She had to go bankrupt to pay the down payment for the house, and there was still a bunch of mortgage waiting for him. Where could she take out 1.8 million?

What the heck, 1.8 million?

Guo Guo stuck her head out and muttered discontentedly, "This is extortion, this is extortion. How could my mommy have 1.8 million?" When he saw Lu Qian open his mouth and say 1.8 million, he pretended to rush out. However, he was dragged into the room by Du Qixuan.

What a joke! It was not easy for a woman to let Lu Qian in! He naturally had to do the follow-up work for his brother. He could not let this matter go!

"Mr. Lu..." Jinse pinched the corner of her clothes. Her fingers unconsciously wrinkled her clothes and said fawningly, "I don't have money."

"No money?" Lu Qian looked at Jinse with interest. "Pay with your body!"

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