Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C8 As Long as You Look Good You're Worth Money
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Dear Wife, Let's Remarry/C8 As Long as You Look Good You're Worth Money
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C8 As Long as You Look Good You're Worth Money

"Puchi!" Big brother, aren't you being too frank about chasing a woman?!

Du Qixuan looked at Jinse, who was staring blankly at Lu Qian. He could not help but break out in a cold sweat in his heart. Sure enough, the girl was stunned!

"You want to repay the debt with your body?" Guo Guo turned around and looked at Du Qixuan. She pouted and said, "My mommy is not Tang Seng. There are people who want her flesh too?"

"Nowadays, beautiful meat is worth a lot of money."

Du Qixuan smiled meaningfully.

Guo Guo's eyes lit up. "Good looking meat is worth a lot of money? Then I'm also pretty. I'm even younger and more tender than my mommy."

Du Qixuan did not react.

Guo Guo had already shouted at the other side, looking like she was not afraid of death. "Let go of my mommy, I'll do it!"

Du Qixuan silently cried, "He's not good with your words."

Lu Qian's face was full of black lines,... ""

Lu Jinse was speechless."

Son, I appreciate your kindness.

Because she was afraid her son would hear her, Lu Jinse lowered her voice and said, "Mr. Lu, other than... Is there any other way?"

"I don't need any other way. I only need your..." Lu Qian's fingers rhythmically tapped on his knees. His eyes quietly locked onto Jinse. That kind of light that made one's heart beat faster.

Then, this person gave an extremely ambiguous smile. Two words came out of his sexy thin lips, "Body."

Jinse shifted her gaze away. Her palms were drenched in sweat. A rich and handsome man should not lack women, right?

Was he trying to flirt with her with words? Or did he really mean it? No matter what, he would forget it after a fresh experience, right?

"Actually, I won't hide it from you..."

Lu Jinse wanted to say something but stopped herself.


"I have the smell of a fox."

This little woman is really interesting, she thinks she can escape just like that?

Lu Qian, who had always been aloof, actually replied with a humorous tone, "It's fine. I have the stink of a foot. Don't dislike anyone."

Lu Jinse bit her lower lip. It seemed that this man was definitely going to eat her.

Her eyes narrowed slightly and revealed a trace of cunning light in her eyes. Jinse smiled slightly and changed her face. "Fine. At least let me go home and change my clothes."

"It's the same even if I take off all my clothes."

Suddenly feeling that what he said was very reasonable, she actually did not know what to say.

Just as Lu Jinse was being teased by Lu Qian until her face turned red, Guo Guo suddenly rushed over and looked at Lu Qian with a determined look.

This gaze made Lu Qian feel like he really did something that let Guo Guo down.

"Great God."

Guo Guo took a deep breath and resolutely said, "I have done something wrong, so I have to bear the responsibility. Don't eat my mommy. If you want to eat, eat me. Don't worry, I will come and find you after I wash myself clean. "

... ""

Why did it feel like thunder was rolling?

When Lu Qian heard Guo Guo's words, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He? A brat who had been washed clean and stripped naked, waiting for him on the bed?

This scene was too beautiful and shocking to him. When Lu Qian came back to his senses, he only saw the two of them holding hands as they walked out of the villa.

The back view was so bleak and tragic.


Du Qixuan's devilish laughter made Lu Qian's thoughts quickly return, "Lu Qian, Lu Qian, I didn't expect you to..."

"Shut up!"

Lu Qian gave him a threatening glance, and Du Qixuan shut up.


On the way, Guo Guo anxiously said to Lu Jinse, "Mommy, let's escape."

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