Death Contract/C1 She Who Can See Monster Part 1
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Death Contract/C1 She Who Can See Monster Part 1
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C1 She Who Can See Monster Part 1

As I scanned the fairy tale section, slowly touching each book, I came to a halt when my hand came to rest on the book titled, She Who Can See Monsters. I deeply sighed before I decided to pull it off of the shelves.

Ever since I was a child, I have always enjoyed reading children's stories. Because for me, they were more than just a story for the kids. Under those fantasies was a hidden meaning that the writer wanted to give to every child, so when they grew up, they would know how to deal with reality, even without fantasies.

I sighed again before approaching the librarian to borrow the book.

And it's you again? You always read books like that. How old are you? " The lady librarian even tried to catch my eye, but I chose to just focus on the borrowed book. I didn't want to talk, but it looked like she wouldn't let me go if I said nothing.

"Just don't bother me," I said clearly, while still looking at the book. I couldn't help but admire the illustration. There was a princess above the castle while monsters were encircling the castle. And if you look closer, you will see a king who seemed to be fighting the monsters outside the castle.

"You," she refuted, but I didn't let her finish her sentence.

"Please hurry, "I told her. The librarian doesn't seem to like what I did. So, she angrily handed me the book that I borrowed.

"Give it back right away!" she snapped at me.

I just nodded without looking at her. Then, I left the library without looking at anybody.

While walking, I decided to open the book and started reading.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a beautiful princess who could see the monster in people around her.

I flipped the page after reading the first line.

It was so hard for her to live a life with that ability. Other kids wouldn't dare to be friends with her because they feared that those monsters would hunt them down at night.

I tossed the book to the next page again.

That was the main reason why the princess decided to just live alone in the magical castle and hide from everyone. So, she wouldn't have to see the monster in every person around their kingdom.

I was about to flip another page when someone suddenly appeared right in front of me, and it was none other than Albus Wesley, one of the bullies of the Adelaide Academy.

"Here's the freaking Mary!" he yelled.

He was so loud that he seemed to let everyone know that I was coming. He did not stop there. Albus even grabbed my shoulder and moved me like I was his toy, as if he owned me. At that moment, I closed the book I was holding and quickly hugged it while bowing my head.

The fact that I did not want to look at them could not be hidden, which is why I closed my eyes.

When he got bored, he just pushed me on the floor. He was getting annoyed because I was a fun killer and did not join the game he wanted.

That was how pitiful Albus Wesley was. He used to waste his time bullying like a mad man, trying to get everyone's attention.

What a pathetic attention seeker!

Soon, Hailey Perelman arrived. Albus's bitchy girlfriend. The couple loved to bully me every time they saw me.


Like what they said, I was a freak. I wasn't sure if they really didn't like me or if they feared me. Last year, they didn't treat me like this. It all began last month, when our former dean was assassinated inside his office.

Before that incident happened, I met the Dean in the hallway where there were lots of students. I accidentally looked at him straight in the eyes. There, I saw a black shadow of death following him. So, I grabbed the dean's arm and made a scene.

I told him not to go to his office that day, no matter what. I just wanted to warn him, but he laughed and ignored me. All the Adelaide students saw it, and they called me an idiot, dumb, and insane.

Who would be a fool to tell the dean not to enter his office?

But when the incident happened, it seemed like they were all scared of me. They accused me of being a murderer. For them, I allegedly killed Dean Marquez. Fortunately, the police caught the murderer, so I was acquitted of their allegations.

Now, they call me a freak or a witch. And I wanted to scold them for the useless things they used to say.

I couldn't help but regret what I did. Deep inside me, I knew I should have just ignored the death shadow behind the dean. If that was what I did, perhaps my life would not be like this. Yes, not fully quiet, but at least peaceful.

Just like the princess in the book who could see the monster, I was in the same situation. It was also difficult for me to live as Mary Sean Ivanovich.

During the eighteen years of my life, I never had a friend. Having this ability to see the shadow of death and how people die was a major hindrance to my social life. despite the fact that I was uninterested in it. But I wondered how it felt to have a friend and to interact with others without the fear of seeing the shadow of death behind them and how they would die.

I was not surprised when Hailey suddenly threw the frap she was drinking at me. I just couldn't bear the dirt it caused on my jacket and on the book I was holding. I didn't want to fight with a pathetic attention seeker. They could hang themselves while they waited for me to care.

"So you have the urge to face me? Didn't you hear what I told you last time? Drop out, bitch! So I can't see your face! " She shouted. Hailey wanted attention.

She grabbed my face so I could look at her, and I let her do that. I didn't give her a damn and faced her blankly. For that, she got angry and slapped my face really hard, but again, I did not give her any satisfaction. Although it hurt, I remained emotionless.

After that, she seemed to notice that she had nothing to gain from me. That was why she glared at me and left with her boyfriend. That was the signal for the departure of everyone who had been watching us as if the show was over.

At that point, I could not help but gasp as the transparent liquid went down from my eyes to my cheeks. But before anyone could notice it, I immediately wiped away the tears that welled in my eyes.

I got up from the trade while still carrying the book. I turned to look back at Hailey and Albus. There, I saw them again. I saw two black shadows behind them. Two foreboding reapers who will transport Albus and Hailey's souls soon to the other side of the world.

Before they left a while ago, I touched both of their hands and I saw a premonition. There, I began to see them die in a car accident. It was on a road and they were inside of a burning taxi. I could even hear their screams for help in my vision, but no one helped them until the taxi exploded and their bodies were... was...

I sighed again.

"I'm sorry," I whispered meekly. After that, I turned my back on them. I could help, but I choose not to. The truth was that I didn't want to interfere with their fate because I knew that they would not listen to me either.

I put the other things in my locker before I went home. My dad, Arman, greeted me in front of the house. He was dressed and looked like he was planning to take the taxi he was driving.

Why is he still coming out? It's getting dark.

"Dad, are you still going to drive your taxi? It's getting dark, "I told him, then took his hand and placed it on my forehead as a sign of respect. He laughed and messed up my hair.

"You really are my child. You are very thoughtful. Don't worry about me, your father is strong! " He exclaimed, then made a muscle pose like a male model on a billboard. Sometimes, my dad would act cool.

I smiled at him.

If someone asked who could make me smile despite having the ability to see the shadow of death, Without blinking, I will answer that there was no one else but my father.

"Why are you so worried, Mary? Do you think that I will die when I drive today? Do you see a shadow of death behind me? " That was when I lost my smile and quickly glared at Daddy.

"Dad, don't joke like that! It isn't funny." I widened my eyes.

My Dad was the only family I had. My mother was gone. She died before I was born. Certainly not! This is not the case because my mother died when I was little. I am not sure really. Rather, I don't want to remember.

I loved my father more than I loved myself, and I was willing to do everything for him. I couldn't afford to lose him in my life. He was the only reason why, despite my sufferings, I still tried to live.

"Be careful, Mary. I left a dish on the table. I ate early because I thought I would come home late. Carefully close the windows and doors and do not let anyone in. If you want to buy something, I left some money on top of the refrigerator. Buy something you like at the store nearby. After that, go to sleep and don't wait for me. You got it, Mary?"

I was quite offended by what Dad said. Something was wrong. It looked like something was bound to happen, but I just ignored it.

I smiled at him and nodded.

"Don't worry, Dad will still try to get home early."

After he said that, he got into the taxi he always drove. Before operating the taxi, my father peeked at me from the window.

"Mary, you better take a look at my horses." There, I lost my weight and ended up laughing. Dad was fond of horse racing to the point that he even brought one for the upcoming fiesta of Sitio Kalamazoo here in Plamour City.

"Yes, Dad. I'll take care of it. Go ahead and leave. Gosh! Are we going to say our last goodbye, Dad? "I pretended to be annoyed. Of all the people, only Dad could make me express all the emotions I have. Maybe it was because he is my father. My smile widened even more when he touched my face.

"Oh, my very beautiful child." He gently stroked it until he suddenly squeezed my cheek. "Stop talking back at me! You might say something demonic. Do you want to lose your dad? "

"Ouch, Dad!" I quickly walked away from the taxi window. That hurts. I felt like my cheek would be removed. I looked at Dad angrily.

He just made his signature peace sign with a smile. I imitated that because that was what Dad and I always did as a sign of bidding goodbyes. When my dad started the taxi, I just waved at him until the taxi disappeared from my sight.

I sighed before I entered our house.

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