Death Contract/C2 She Who Can See Monster Part 2
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Death Contract/C2 She Who Can See Monster Part 2
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C2 She Who Can See Monster Part 2

I woke up to a loud knock at our door. I couldn't help but get irritated. However, I still tried to stand up just to make sure what time it was and when I saw that it was 1 in the morning. My forehead immediately frowned.

Who was it? Is this Dad?

I sighed before I decided to go to the living room. I opened the door, thinking that maybe it was my father. But I was shocked to see that it was not Dad who knocked, but Uncle Henry.

He's one of my dad's close friends. He was anxious and seemed to have run from somewhere up to here. Uncle Henry was panting, and it made me wonder why.

"What is it, Uncle Henry?" I asked. He sighed as he looked at me. His eyes also dimmed, as if crying. Mercy can also be seen in his eyes. That's when I felt cold. I do not know why I was suddenly nervous.

"Mary, your father."

An idea entered my mind as Uncle Henry began to say something. I knew it was something I didn't want to hear. I was immediately taken aback, so by that, I quickly grabbed the doorknob to support myself so I wouldn't fall.

No, no, no, please don't. Calm down Mary, that's not it. T-That can't happen. You didn't see anything, you didn't see a shadow of death for your father, so it's impossible.Calm down! "

"My father is not yet here, Uncle. You can just come back tomorrow if you want to talk to him. " After that, I planned to close the door, but my eyes began to blur. I think I knew what Uncle Henry would say next, and I also knew that I would not accept that.

But when the old man repeated what he had said, I suddenly felt cold again.

"Mary, your father got into an accident," then he added, "Mary, your father is dead."

I was stunned as I stared at the old man. I feel like I just want to get rid of him and ignore him.

What is he saying? Is this old man crazy?

I immediately rejected it.

Uncle Henry immediately offered me support when I almost fell. "Uncle, I think you're making a mistake. My father is alive. I know that. " I said it coldly, and after that, I immediately closed the door.

But when the Princess decided to lock herself into the castle, she thought it had a magical power against the monsters. The King of their kingdom, her father, tried his best to fight against those monsters who would try to enter the castle.

My eyes swelled as I sat on the floor, hugging the huge picture of Dad Arman. Yet, I was still able to continue reading the book with tears in my eyes.

The last three days were hellish, and it continues to this day. I don't know how or when my tears will stop shredding. I'm grieving about my father's unexpected death.

This is too much for me. This is too much.

My dad was buried yesterday. Only a few sympathized because we don't have so many relatives here in Plamour City. I also have no friends, so I am all alone facing this pain and loneliness.

I flipped the book to read the next page.

What the princess did not know was that the castle wasn't a magical one. It couldn't protect her from the monsters, but the king made his daughter believe that it did. Despite the gradual weakening of his body due to the fight for the peace of his beloved daughter, he managed to sing a song so his daughter would hear him for the last time.

I remembered what the police told me last time about my dad's death. They said Dad's taxi was allegedly crashed into a large tree. The taxi leaked information, including that one of Dad's passengers was smoking that night, resulting in the taxi explosion. It only made me feel worse when I found out that Albus Wesley and Hailey Perelman were Dad's rides. Those were the two people whom I chose not to help and interfered with.

Damn it! They died with my father. It's all my fault. I'm such an idiot! Of all things, why did I not notice the plate number? I knew that something like that would happen. But why? Why did I not see a death shadow behind Dad?

At that point, I almost burst into tears. I blame myself for my unthinkable decision.

Despite trembling, I was still able to move the page of the book to see what happened next.

The Princess heard the King but refused to look outside in fear of seeing monsters. But when the princess decided to look where the hymn came from, her father had already been eaten by his monster. Finally, the king dies, and the princess discovers that she, too, has been devoured by a monster named Fear...

What if I helped Albus and Hailey that day? What if I tried my best to talk to them and warn them? Would there be a possibility that Dad wouldn't die?

What if I did not let myself be eaten by fear of being judged again by someone? Would anything change? Will this never happen again?

Why does this have to happen? Is it not enough that I suffered so much in my daily endurance to see people die without doing anything, even though I had an idea? Isn't that enough suffering? Of all the people in the world, why me? Why does it have to be me?

I look at the last page. I could not stop my eyes from shedding tears.

The End.

Every fairy tale has a moral, and for this one, that is "Be careful in making life decisions" or maybe "Being a coward is sickening". And frankly, every story had only two outcomes. It's either happy or sad.

And I think mine is the latter.

After finishing the book, I decided to stand on a chair and hold the rope that I hung from the roof of the house. Without hesitation or fear, I wrapped the rope around my head. I cried as if there was no end to it. For the last time, I glanced at Dad's picture while the book She Who Can See Monsters was on it. After that, I closed my eyes while saying the word. "Let's be t-together again, D-Dad. Just wait for me there. "

With that, I jumped out of the chair while tears welled in my eyes. I felt the pain, I felt how the rope was making its way to choke me, but I just closed my eyes and let it be. For a few moments, I could not feel anything else. Everything went blank and I knew nothing.

All I could think of was that I wanted to die.

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