Death Contract/C3 The Zombie Man Part 1
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Death Contract/C3 The Zombie Man Part 1
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C3 The Zombie Man Part 1

"Oh my god!"

"Mom, she's awake!"

I was wakened up by the noise of the strange people who were talking out loud near me and by the sound of a machine. I can vividly hear how loud it was.

Slowly, I opened my eyes.

At first, the image was blurred. I couldn't say clearly what was happening around me. Not until I began to see the person in front of me. From the tag attached to him, it was a man who wore a white lab gown and was named Dr. Charles. He was saying something I couldn't hear or understand. The doctor stared into my eyes with a flashlight, dazzling, but I could not close my eyes.

Where am I? What happened? Why does it seem like there were so many people around? There seems to be something wrong.

The last thing I remember was...

Oh, no! What is the last thing I remember?

I closed my eyes to think carefully about what was happening.

That was the first thing I remembered after my father died. I cried a lot and blamed myself for what happened. After that, I thought...

I was stunned when I realized something.

So, I hung myself and lost my breath. Wait, does that mean I'm dead? Right, I should be dead. I committed suicide, but what was there? Why did it feel like there were so many people here? Am I in a hospital? Does this mean I am alive? How did that happen? I have no other roommate or acquaintance at home who would save me. I also locked the door, and I could still feel, up to this time, the seemingly endless thing that holds my breath.

That was when I decided to open my eyes. From lying down, I sat and let out a deep, loud breath as if I was drowning. At that point, everything became clear to me.

I am surrounded by people I do not know. There are also some American doctors around. Based on their posture, I can tell that they are rich. The place was full of white, so I think this was surely a hospital.

What am I doing here? Who are they?

"Jesus Christ, my daughter! Are you okay? What do you feel right now, baby? " I was surprised when a woman suddenly hugged me, and I could tell that she was rich because of the jewelry she was wearing.

But wait a minute, what? D-Daughter? B-Baby? When else did I have a mother? What is going on?

My forehead was immediately furrowed.

Suddenly, the doctor, whom I first saw, approached the woman. "Hon, our daughter is in a state of shock. She can't breathe. Let's give her some space. " That is when my eyes widened even more.

D-Daughter? Wait, my father just died and now this doctor is saying that I am his daughter? Are they fooling me?

I could no longer hold back from everything that I heard, so I decided to speak up. "W-Who are you? Maybe you are mistaken, sir and ma'am. I'm sorry, but I'm not your child. " It was difficult, but I was able to tell them that, which I knew that they understood.

But, maybe not.

What are you talking about? They are your parents, and I am your sister, Hazel. " Another woman who was also wearing a lab gown spoke. Her face was strict, and it gave me a shiver.

Oh my god! When else did I have a sibling? What was going on?

I was taken aback. Maybe that was the main reason why my heartbeat was no longer normal. For some unknown reason, my body was slowly shaking as if I was going to collapse at any moment.

"But-" the woman did not finish her words.

"Doc, her pulse rate is rising. Don't pressure your daughter. " It seemed like I was suddenly hit by something that made me slowly lose my consciousness. I could even feel how my trembling increased and I felt the gradual acceleration of my heartbeat. A second later, it slowed down. slowly, until I could no longer feel like I was breathing.

To hell with it!

"Doc, her oxygen saturation!"

"Airbag!" I heard the doctor scream. That was when the commotion started in the emergency room.

At that point, I don't know what's going on anymore.

"Doc, cardiac arrest!" Some have even started shouting.


"Come out first."

"200 joles clear!"

"Hailey Perelman!"

"Doc, still nothing."

"Gosh! Hailey."


"No! no!"

"Hailey! Hailey! Hailey!"


But before I lost consciousness, I heard them calling me by a different name, which made me want to ask them why, but I couldn't.

What the heck? H-Hailey Perelman? Hailey? Who am I? Oh my gosh!

When I opened my eyes again, I knew that I was in a different room this time. But now it is quieter and a bit darker. Upon realizing it sooner, this was not an emergency room anymore. Starting with a spacious room, a cleaned ledge, a refrigerator at the side, a desk, and a mini sofa, I think this was a private hospital room indeed.

I was about to go when I felt someone holding my hand, so I immediately turned to look at it. There I saw the doctor who said earlier that she was my sister. She held my hand tightly as if to say, "She does not want to lose me."

Gosh! This is not right! Something is wrong.

But then again, I chose to close my eyes and ask myself a hundred times.

What the hell is going on? If what happened a while ago was not a dream, then what the hell is happening now? Why did she call me Hailey earlier? Damn it!

I can honestly say that I remember who I am. For Pete's sake, I am not Hailey Perelman because I am Mary Sean Ivanovich. But why the hell are they all calling me by that name?

Are they insane?

Gradually and slowly, I removed her hand grip on my hand. I also tried to get up, even though I felt dizzy. I tried my very best not to faint.

This time, it seemed like I just wanted to run away from everything.

I immediately removed the dextrose from my hand. It was a bit painful and it bled.

I think I got it wrong.


"So stingy," I whispered.

When I thought I could handle the dizziness and pain, I decided to go down to the hospital bed and stand up. But before I could even take my first step, I immediately stopped when I felt dizzy.

My initial plan was to run away, but it looks like I can't go out.

What am I going to do? Where can I go?

I turned around to look for a place to turn until I turned my gaze to the bathroom door and noticed that it was slightly open.

Maybe I'll just be in the bathroom first so that I can somehow wake myself up from this nightmare.

That was when I decided to slowly stand up without making any noise. Although dizzy, I immediately reached the bathroom, and when I entered, I sat on the toilet bowl. I took a deep breath, then stood up again to get closer to the sink. I'm planning to just wash my bloody hands and also wash my face.

I am really confused. I thought I could vividly remember that I must be dead by now because I committed suicide by hanging myself.

Thinking about it while looking at every scar on my hand made me wonder how I got those scars. Why did they call me Hailey, and also, how did I end up here?

When I turned on the faucet, the water immediately dripped on my hand. At that point, I feel like it has been a long time since it was last sprinkled with water. The next thing I did was wash my face. I even slightly rubbed it, wishing that it could make me wake up. But when I looked at my face in the mirror, my soul and strength almost ran out of my body. Suddenly, my eyes widened, and I was stunned.

Why is my face like this? What happened? Why do I look like Hailey Perelman? No, this is wrong! Am I just dreaming?

I tried to rub my face and stared at it, hoping my own eyes were just fooling me, but it didn't. Nothing changed!

Damn it! What is going on?

"Hailey! Where are you? Oh my gosh! Where are you? " Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and a woman named Hazel came in. Without hesitation, she approached me and hugged me tightly. "You scared me to death, bitch! I thought we were going to lose you! I love you, little sis. I love you. " She suddenly kissed me on my forehead, which surprised me even more. That's when I accidentally pushed her away. It was not strong, but I was able to get rid of her hug. I'm not used to that and never will be. "W-Who are you? W-Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I? " I asked in a daze.

Damn it! This would break my head.

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