Death Contract/C5 The Fox and The Princess Part 1
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Death Contract/C5 The Fox and The Princess Part 1
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C5 The Fox and The Princess Part 1

"I am Saint, and I'm here to hunt you down, but only because I am sure that you can't get off that body. The Death ministry assigns you to be a living reaper. No buts or anything suicidal. You want your death, right? So then, accept our offer. I want you to die peacefully, Mary Sean Ivanovich. Did I answer your question? " With what he said, I gradually loosened my grip on the bedsheet until I finally let go.

At that point, I suddenly remembered the children's book I had just read last night. It was entitled, "The Fox and the Princess."

"What are you talking about? You're a Grim Reaper, aren't you? If you want to take my soul, take me now. Don't prolong it! I don't want to live anymore, so why am I here in this body? I'm dead, right? Mary Sean Ivanovich was supposed to be dead! I'm not Hailey Perelman. This is not me! It's not my body! " I said it hysterically. It seems that when this Grim Reaper said what he said earlier, I dared to scold him.

I understand what he said, but who is it that common-sense would accept every word he uttered? Somehow, I was still sane.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who ran away to their kingdom.

"It seems to me that you still don't understand me. Then I'll translate it for you. "

I didn't make him finish what he was about to say. My hand hit the tray containing the food I had eaten earlier, and I immediately threw it at him in a rage. But nothing seemed to happen because it just penetrated him.

I knew that sooner or later I would surely go crazy with what is happening now.

"Listen, I understand what you said. I'm not stupid! It's just that I'm still sane and, you see, I am human. You come here and then you tell me you're here to pick me up, but what? For what? You know, I'm stuck in this body, so your death organization ordered you to offer me to be a living reaper of dead souls. For me to die as I want to? But, I am dead, right? Why am I alive again? You know, I committed suicide! You know, I'm dead. But why am I in this treacherous body? Aren't you a Grim Reaper? Make a way for me to get out of this body! " At this point, I thought I was going crazy. It was as if all the wonder I had harboured in the past few days had exploded. All my depression and thoughts that I could not control completely rushed down and drained me.

Upon running away, the Princess got lost in the forest with no one to help her. The Princess was scared but had no other choice other than to stay under a big branch of a tree.

But he just kept looking at me with no expression, as if I was just talking nonsense. "Are you done? You're being too loud. " I stumbled upon what he said.

What the hell with him? What an antipathetic bad spirit!

I would have spoken when he spoke again. "You died and rose again. You should not have died, but you did. They have not been able to accept you because that is not possible. You're not patient, so you have done nothing but merge with others. You possess that body. The problem came when it was time to pick you up. I can't find a way to get rid of you. It's your fault, Guardian of the Soul. So now they are giving you a way. You have to serve them for you to die. You can do nothing other than accept the offer. " He explained.

Wait for what? G-Guardian of the Soul? Who? Me?

"G-Guardian of Soul?" But instead of answering, he just looked at me. "What are you saying?" I asked.

This is so frustrating.

But when a sudden fox appears out of nowhere and gives the princess help, without hesitation, the princess accepts it.

"I'm not here to explain it to you. I'm here to find out what your answer will be. If you accept it, then it's a deal. If you refuse to do it, then live forever and be immortal. You can't die. Just live your lonely life with a different body and identity. " He said that while he seemed very bored talking to me. I couldn't even catch up with what he said.

A while ago, he was talking about the Guardian of the Soul and now being immortal.

That was insane!

At that point, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I immediately asked him. "W-What if I agree? Will you answer my questions?" It was only then that I saw his sudden grin.

"Perhaps yes, but maybe not." I closed my eyes in frustration.

The fox invites the princess to stay in his home for a while. And the princess agrees, not knowing what the fox is currently thinking.

Cunning and sly, he was just like the fox in the children's story. I tried to calm myself down about the things that were going on, but I could not stop them.

What now? Damn! Think Mary!

I took a deep breath.

If I accept the offer, I am sure I will witness various human deaths. But if not, then my life is back to normal. Though, like what the Grim Reaper said, I will just use different bodies. I will never die. I will never see my father again and will live forever. However, there is no guarantee that I will see my father when I die. But if I die, it will end my great difficulty in seeing the deaths of some, and somehow there is a possibility that I will see him again.

That is the most important thing.

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