Death Contract/C6 The Fox and The Princess Part 2
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Death Contract/C6 The Fox and The Princess Part 2
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C6 The Fox and The Princess Part 2

So, just like the princess in the story, I answered him.

"I accept it." The thought that I would never see my father again scared me the most. Death is the only way for me to see him again. I will endure no matter how long I stay in this world as long as it pays for my death.

When I saw the Grim Reaper, named Saint, his sudden grin gave horror to me.

Unbeknownst to the princess, the fox is currently planning how he will eat the princess.

"Then it's a deal."

I was surprised when he suddenly walked towards me. His footsteps could be heard throughout the room. I can also feel the cold caused by his presence. Suddenly, the cloak on his coat disappeared like a bubble. When he got close to me, he held out his hand and a piece of paper appeared.

"W-what is that?" I asked while trembling.

For no apparent reason, all the nervousness, fear, and horror that I had felt before returned.

"It's a paper. Are you blind? " He asked casually.

Is that a joke? Do I have to laugh? Am I obligated?

"It's not a joke, and don't you ever try to laugh."

At that point, my eyes immediately widened.

Oh my gosh! Is he reading my mind?

The tone of his voice became more terrifying this time, as if at anytime he could do something bad to me, like kill me immediately.

I thought that was in my favour, but I think he can't do that, and they can't do that because there seems to be something wrong. However, he would not tell me that. So instead of asking, I just kept quiet.

When they arrived at Fox's house, Fox immediately invited the Princess to sit down. He even fed the princess and gave her water to drink, not knowing that the fox had put poison in it.

"This paper is a contract from the Death Ministry. You should not break any of this if you do not want to receive a punishment. " He handed me the paper. I accepted it and read it. Yes, it's a weird paper because it's glowing. But I didn't know that the contract itself was much weirder than the paper.

First, this should be a secret. No human would be allowed to know about you—being a living grim reaper, and, of course, your true identity as Mary Sean Ivanovich should remain a secret too.

As if someone would believe in me even if I told others.

Second, fulfill your responsibility as a living reaper. It's like hunting lost souls and fetching death souls. That includes submitting weekly reports, death notices, and other important information.

So, it looks like I have a job, huh? an unrealistic job. Wait, am I in a drama? This is bullshit!

Third, work together with your partner. Don't nag, don't argue, and don't demand. Just listen and so be it.

This is insane! Can I cooperate with my partner? Who is that partner? This annoying, antipathetic bad spirit? Oh hell no! That will not happen.

Fourth, be strong—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Okay, this part was perfectly fine for me. But something is off with this. I can sense a creepy feeling about this one. Goosebumps!

Fifth, you have to learn.

This is the same as number four. If you read it, it seems okay, but something in me is saying that this is not as easy as I think. Creepy!

Sixth, you have to fight!

Huh? Is there boxing?

Seventh, dating is strictly prohibited.

Okay, what the hell is this? Seriously? Is that some kind of horrible joke or something? This is out of line. I can feel that any time from now I will lose my sanity. My gosh, what is this? How else do they think I can still date in this situation?

I looked at him with wide eyes. "Is this serious?"

"Would I give it to you if it's just some kind of joke? Do you think I am capable of joking, huh? "

I closed my hand and rolled my eyes. I once again lost my fear of the grim reaper, who was now in front of me and suddenly replaced it with annoyance. He had a bad attitude.

"You should sign it," he ordered. "You said it's a deal, right? So, right away, Ms. Ivanovich, you have to sign it. "

I silently gritted my teeth in anger to prevent annoyance. "How?" I casually asked him.

"Using your blood." He immediately made eye contact with me. It was emotionless, and he seemed to be just staring at an empty wall.

In the end, I didn't have a chance to change my mind, so I cut my finger using the bread knife on the side table for some blood. So, I could sign that weird contract.

In the end, the Princess ends up being the Fox dinner for the night.

I think that I would be this anti-pathetic bad spirit for dinner for the whole day. But then, after I signed the paper, he suddenly disappeared, along with the darkness in my consciousness.

The End!

At this point, I think the story, The Fox and the Princess, wants to tell us that we shouldn't trust others that easily because everyone has their own motive for approaching us. Or maybe this story is saying to us that "There's no such thing as a helping hand! Don't be hypocrites. " But I think I'm into the first one.

Now, I wonder what that antipathetic bad spirit's motives in approaching me are other than his job.

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