Death Contract/C9 Alex in Wonderland Part 1
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Death Contract/C9 Alex in Wonderland Part 1
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C9 Alex in Wonderland Part 1

Three days passed inside Perelman's mansion. No matter how hard they tried to get me out of the mansion, I would not do it. I don't even know if it's because of the fear of seeing another person's death again or if I just don't want to socialize with others.

The Grim Reaper has been visiting me with Albus' body for almost three days now. We don't talk much, but I will usually be surprised when that grim reaper appears somewhere in the mansion while he's not possessing Albus' body.

One time, he appeared in the bathroom while I was taking a bath, so I slapped him. That's when I realized that I could touch him. Especially when he doesn't have his hat.

Then, once again, Hazel saw him in my room because his Pandora hat was removed. It was good that he returned it immediately. I also realized then that he became visible in the eyes of people when he was not wearing his hat.

Just like today, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw him immediately. The Grim Reaper is now sitting on the mini sofa in my room. He did nothing but stare at me.

"So, are you awake?” he asked.

“Is it obvious?” I also asked sarcastically, but he ignored me. So, without minding him, I yawned and chose to get up from lying down, then slightly straightened my hair and rubbed my lips, thinking that maybe there was sour saliva there. When I was satisfied, I turned to the Grim Reaper again. He seemed to have no intention of taking his eyes off of me.

With that, a random thought enters my mind. Don't tell me that he stared at me all night.

“You don't stare at me all night, do you?” I asked incredulously.

“I did.” That's all he said. My lips quivered.

Is he serious?

My eyes blinked quickly before I asked again. “Are you not sleeping?”

He looked at me as if my question was the stupidest question he had ever heard. "That's because I'm not human." I was stunned by what he said. "I guess you are too content with being locked up here in this mansion to forget that. May I remind you that you are not here to enjoy life? Or maybe you have changed your mind and you do not want to die now. "

I lost my cool when he said that. I was so stunned that I could not speak at all.

At that moment, my head suddenly seemed to heat up, but I knew it was not because I was angry with what he said, but because I knew in my heart that he was correct. I guess I enjoyed hiding inside this mansion to forget everything. For three days, my life became quiet. I don't have to go out or socialize with anyone who might have grim reapers on their back. There are also a few people here at home, so it's not totally like on the outside. Apart from the grim reaper in front of me, I don't see anyone else.

Whether I admit it or not, I know it is not just because I did not want to be away from Dad that I committed suicide. One of the reasons for it is that I am afraid to face strange things alone that only I can see.

The grim reaper in front of me is okay, but I don't think I can do it if I add more like before. Now that I'm all alone,

I suddenly remembered the children's book I read yesterday. It was entitled "Alex in Wonderland."

Alex, a young girl, always slept late at night. She always ignored what her mother always said: that a girl who falls asleep late at night will have a nightmare.

I took a deep breath before choosing to calm myself. He is right, so why should I complain?

“I will just take a shower.” I just said before turning my back on him.

Until one night came, Alex slept at exactly midnight. But when she opened her eyes when morning came, the young girl was no longer sleeping in her bed but in another unknown bed.

I can't help but compare myself to Alex, who just fell asleep and woke up in another room. Just like what happened to me. That is something I can not deny.

At that point, I let the water from the shower flow all over my body, regardless of the cold. After that, I decided to get out of the bathroom while wearing a bathrobe. Fortunately, the grim reaper is gone, so I can dress freely.

Satisfied, I left the room and went downstairs. Hailey's family, who were sitting in the living room, immediately greeted me while talking to Albus. It looks like the grim reaper has possessed Albus' body again.

However, I could not help but wonder if, as far as I knew, they still had patients. Hailey's family are all doctors. Her father is a cardiac physician, her sister is a neurologist, and her mother is a dentist.

"Oh, she's already here. Hailey, my daughter, come, Albus is waiting for you. ” Mrs. Perelman happily said it when she noticed me.

I smiled sparingly at Mrs. Perelman before approaching. I greeted them with a smile, then I turned my gaze to Albus, who immediately stood up to kiss me on the cheek. When he first did that the last two days, I was really surprised, but as time went on, I got used to it.

After that, he held my hand and helped me sit up. Hailey's family watched us with a smile.

Sometimes I wonder why Hailey's family seems to be kind, but what just happened to her?

“Your boyfriend asked for permission to let you out. It just happened now because every time you go out back then, you two don't ask for permission, "said Mr. Perelman.

“You're right, dad. I don't know if I'll be grateful for that or be weird. ” Hazel replied, confused.

They are all wearing their lab gowns. They look ready to leave, but we are still given time to talk.

"But if you come out, don't speed up the car, okay?" Mrs. Perelman is worried. But she was still happy.

"Sure, don't worry, aunt. I will take care of her. ” With what Albus said, we were finally allowed to go. However, they still forced us to eat breakfast before leaving.

“So, where are we?” I immediately asked after getting in his car. “Wait, do you know how to drive? As far as I can remember, the grim reapers don't know anything about things—"

I almost didn't finish what I was going to say when he suddenly started the blue Ferrari he was using.

"Stop watching entertainment. Those are not real. "

I just frowned there and chose not to look outside. Of all the grim reapers, he seems to be the only one I am not afraid of the most, but when it comes to others, I can hardly cope.

"Today I'll be going to teach you how to be a living reaper." I took a deep breath after hearing what he said and nodded in agreement. "And the first lesson is that you have to train yourself to stare at souls, grim reapers, or whatever else you see that others do not see. In short, you have to deal with fear. ” That's when I turned to him. Albus' face is blank, so it looks like the natural face of this grim reaper is in front of me. "In this world full of hypocrites and fear of change, try to accept the fact that there are things in the world that only a few know and have the right to know.” when he also turned his gaze to me. There, we stared at each other, and silently, I agreed with what he wanted.

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