Deep Love to You, Severe Harm on Me/C1 You hit me because of her?
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Deep Love to You, Severe Harm on Me/C1 You hit me because of her?
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C1 You hit me because of her?

The silent night was suddenly broken by a clap of thunder.

The sleeping woman in the pink curtain opened her eyes. Fear was written all over her face.

Boom!" Yet another bolt of lightning struck the horizon.

Ah!" Su Qianqian screamed and curled herself up into a ball. She covered her ears and closed her eyes as her body trembled.

She was afraid of thunder.

He had been afraid since he was young.


The bedroom door was kicked open.

The drenched man had a gloomy look on his face. Like a wronged water ghost, he wanted to take the life of the person who killed him.

Ah!" Su Qianqian screamed again. She was so scared that she almost cried.

Just then, a dazzling bolt of lightning flashed past, and she was able to clearly see who was standing on the other side.

Shen Chenyuan, her 18th birthday present.

"How did you get so wet? Don't all the cars at home have extra umbrellas in the trunk? " Seeing it was him, his originally frightened heart miraculously calmed down, leaving only concern for him as he frantically grabbed a towel, "Wipe it first, I'll go get some water for you." "Someone, come …"

When his wrist was grabbed, a growl came from the man who was gritting his teeth, "Su Qianqian."

"What, what is it?"

What answered her was not the man's words, but a slap in the face.


It was extremely loud, causing Su Qianqian to stumble and fall onto the ground.

"Miss, what's …" The servant was stunned as he heard the voice. He turned to leave.

"Stop," Su Qianqian stood up from the ground. Her face was burning with pain as she continued, "I don't want to hear any words about this from father. Do you understand?"

"But Eldest Miss …"

"No buts." Su Qianqian's tone turned serious. "Otherwise, get out of the Su Clan."

The servant obediently nodded his head.

"Go down and prepare a bowl of ginger soup." Despite being slapped, he was still worried that Su Qianqian would catch a cold. 'Su Qianqian, you're the one who got beaten up!'

But what could he do? After all, she liked him.

She couldn't be saved, she just couldn't extricate herself from liking it.

At the 18-year-old coming of age ceremony, love at first sight.

Actually, Su Qianqian had thought about it more than once. If she didn't say, "I want him, he is my birthday present" and her father didn't force him to come over from the Qiao family to act as her bodyguard, his impression of her would have changed.

However, there were no ifs in this world.

The stinging pain caused the pampered little princess to feel wronged. "You hit me because of her?"

"Yes sir!" Without the slightest hesitation, Shen Chenyuan looked at her coldly, "She was originally the most outstanding ballet dancer. But now, she has been ruined by you!"

"So, this is your birthday present for me?" With her red lips slightly raised, she stroked her face that had been slapped, lowering her eyes.

Then, she walked step by step towards him, raised her hand and returned the slap without any hesitation. Her red lips spoke word by word, cold and sharp, "If you are doing it for you, then I will accept it. "Since it's for her, I'll return the slap."

Shen Chenyuan did not dodge, allowing the palm to land on his face, he coldly looked at her.

Su Qianqian lifted her delicate chin. Her eyes were slightly red and the imprint of a palm on her beautiful face was very obvious. "She fell down on her own, it has nothing to do with me. As for her future, if it's ruined, then so be it. As for you, seeing that your beloved was injured and had her leg ruined, I will not care about this slap. "Now, scram!"

The man stood in front of her, not moving. He looked straight at her, his dark eyes deep and cold.

Another clap of thunder rang out from outside the window. Su Qianqian's face turned pale as her originally imposing manner disappeared without a trace.

She couldn't stay here any longer. If she continued to stay, she would only end up in an even more miserable state.

The moment she brushed past him, she heard Shen Chenyuan's indifferent yet determined voice, "Su Qianqian, I don't like you."

"So what?" Su Qianqian pursed her lips, "Do you like it important? As long as I still like you, you're mine. "

She was the little princess of Mighty Heaven Corporation and had been doted upon by thousands since she was young.

Even if she wanted the stars in the sky, her father would pick them for her. Not to mention, he was a poor brat without any power or influence.

"Is it interesting to guard someone who doesn't have you in his heart?"

Su Qianqian smiled. With her back facing him, a sorrowful and beautiful smile appeared on her face as she said, "Who told me to like you. It's enough as long as you stay by my side." "So what if you like Qiao Mo'er? You are just the Qiao family's adopted son. If I say that I like you, I want you. They can only obediently let you go."

These words had obviously enraged him.

The man suddenly stretched out his hand and fiercely gripped her wrist. His strength was so great that it felt like he was about to crush her wrist into pieces.

Su Qianqian's face turned pale from the pain. She frowned and said, "Shen Chenyuan, let go of me."

The man's hand did not move. His eyes were cold and sinister.

"Not letting go?" She suddenly laughed, her beautiful facial features filled with provocation, "You want to take revenge for her, and break my hand? "You can try and see if my dad will break your hand or destroy the Qiao family."

"Su Qianqian, come at me if you have anything to say." The man angrily shook off her hand with a dark expression.

"I'm only after you. It's a pity that you don't put me in your eyes at all. What can I do?" The girl helplessly spread her hands, "I know you like her and can't bear to see her and her family suffer even the slightest bit of harm, so wouldn't it be better if you obediently stayed by my side and let me be happy? That way, they will have a good life. "

Finishing his words, he turned around and left with big strides.

It was just that at an angle that the man couldn't see, sparkling tears silently rolled down his face.

How could he not be sad when someone he liked said with absolute certainty that he wouldn't like her.

Half an hour later, when Shen Chenyuan came out of his bathroom, he saw a servant rushing in with a panicked expression.

"What's wrong?" The man frowned. His eyes were cold, and his expression was clearly displeased.

His momentum was strong to begin with, and his sullen face became even more frightening.

The servant stammered as he struggled to speak, "Miss, she …" She's gone. "

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