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C3 Kiss me now!

Originally, Su Qianqian did not pay much attention to this matter. Who knew that a week later, Shen Chenyuan would come to pick her up after school one afternoon, and instead head straight for the hospital.

"This is not the way home." Su Qianqian crossed her arms across her chest and cast a sidelong glance at the man driving.

Shen Chenyuan stared straight ahead, "To the hospital."

"What, have you thought it through?" Su Qianqian sneered.

Shen Chenyuan turned his head, glanced at her, then quickly retracted his gaze, "If I'm destined to be your man sooner or later, there's no difference."

Su Qianqian, "…"

Be her man.

Why was she so dirty when she heard that?

"Let me first state that I am only going to apologize to her so that you can draw a clear line between us. I didn't push her. She fell down herself. " The girl looked out the window, her face red with emphasis.


Within the hospital ward, Qiao Mo'er was standing by the window when she heard the sound. She turned her head and her eyes were cold and resentful.

Looking at her was like looking at the person who had killed his father.

Su Qianqian was not surprised by her gaze, "It was my fault for accidentally causing you to fall down the stairs that day. What kind of compensation do you want? If you can do it, I'll do it. "

"Compensation?" Qiao Mo'er sneered, "I can't even dance in this life, what kind of compensation are you going to give me?"

"What? You want me to cut off my leg in compensation?" Su Qianqian casually said, "What I'm afraid of is that you won't be able to handle it."

Su Qianqian's innate arrogance made Qiao Mo'er grind her teeth in hatred, "Why can't I handle it? Don't you like painting? "Alright, then I'll cripple your hand."

"What about you? You also want me to cripple my hands to compensate her? " Su Qianqian looked at Shen Chenyuan and laughed coldly.

Shen Chenyuan did not look at her, but walked towards Qiao Mo'er, "Mo'er, you should know, this is impossible."

Behind her, Su Qianqian's expression changed as a flash of pain appeared in her eyes.

He said it was impossible, but his Su family was too powerful, they couldn't afford to offend them. Otherwise, he would have cut off her hands to apologize to Qiao Mo Er.

"But Chen Yuan, are we just going to let it go like this?" She is the young miss of the Su Clan. Qiao Mo'er felt wronged and fell into Shen Chenyuan's arms.

Disregarding human lives?!

Su Qianqian laughed. This hat was really too big for her. "Miss Qiao, you're currently alive and kicking. It's because you don't want to leave the hospital and say that you view human life as grass, don't you feel embarrassed?"

Qiao Mo'er's expression changed. Just as she was about to speak up, she suddenly rushed over and pulled Shen Chen Yuan's hand back.

Due to the inertia, Qiao Mo'er's body swayed and she almost fell down.

Shen Chenyuan instinctively tried to support her, but the girl's warm and cool voice rang out, "Shen Chenyuan, don't forget what you promised me."

Humph, she had already said that. If someone wants to go back on their word...

Shen Chenyuan's hand was frozen in midair, while Qiao Mo'er's body swayed a little, but she still managed to stand firm.

However, her face was filled with bewilderment and shock, "Chen Yuan, her words …" "What does that mean?"

"The meaning is, he couldn't bear for you to suffer alone in the hospital, so he specifically begged me to come and apologize to you. For this reason, he agreed to draw a clear line between us." If he doesn't say, then she does.

Qiao Mo'er looked at him in disbelief. She took two steps back and asked in a sharp voice, "Is what she said true?"

"Mo'er …"

"I asked you if what she said was true." Qiao Mo'er pushed away the hand he extended and screamed.

The girl's clear laughter came from the side, "You want to know if it's true or not? I'll prove it to you. Shen Chenyuan, if you still remember what you said, right now … Kiss me! "

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