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Early in the morning, when the silence of the morning was awakened by the rising sun, the earth began to recover.

The low, smiling trees by the side of the road were filled with fragrance, adding a different kind of purity to the world of red and green.

The cars on the street were in groups of two or three. A black, ink-black BMW sped along the fast lane, like a flying street scene as it fell backwards. In the man's deep eyes, besides cold, there was only frost in his eyes.

At the skyscraper, as the BMW pulled up, the security guard bowed to open the door for their president, then drove the car into the parking lot.

Ke Zhengwei was the president of the Motian Group. He was thirty-two years old, had a tall stature, a charming appearance, and an extremely rich and powerful industry. He had always made any woman who saw him fall in love with him, even if she became his mistress.

He, who was born with an unruly disposition, had once lived a rotten life. However, six months ago, a woman had silently ended his diamond bachelor status.

She was Ruan Yinyin.

Thirty-sixth floor, CEO's office.

Drinking the coffee that the new secretary had just brewed, Ke Zhengwei fiddled with the black pen in his hand. Staring at the explosive envelope on the table, Ke Zhengwei hesitated.

To: Ke Zhengwei

From: Nguyen Yen.

Looking at the date on the envelope, Ke Zhengwei angrily shouted at the poor secretary, "Why did you inform me so late?"

"CEO, I called you all night, but …" The secretary revealed the grievances in his heart fearlessly.

"Get out." A handsome face was already shrouded in shadow.

"Yes." It had only been three days and the secretary had already trained her indestructible body, so no matter how loud she shouted, she wouldn't be afraid.

Habits became natural.

Her CEO had been dumped by his wife.

It was understandable that he was unhappy, especially since he had paid her enough to bear his curse.

Before he could steady himself in his chair, the sound of "Ping Ping Pang Pang" suddenly rang out. He bitterly smiled, thinking that he would have to deal with it in a while.

On the pure leather swivel chair, Ke Zhengwei kept spinning.

The coffee cups, the telephone, the pen holder, everything on the table was now lying on the floor, except for the torn plain white envelope, the only thing left on the table.

Coffee brown liquid ran all over the floor...

Looking at the signed divorce agreement on the table, Ke Zhengwei forced a smile.

He lit the nicotine match and the cigar with a strong aroma. He turned around and gently opened the yellow curtain and opened the window. A gust of wind blew in, blowing against the wind and covering the cigarette with one hand. He took a deep breath and released the smoke into the beautiful morning.

There was wind, blowing smoke far away, but blowing a scorching heart.

Yinyin was gone. She had taken away his true love, taken away his longing …

Why did he leave her without trust? Why was it that her decisiveness and ruthlessness surpassed his? To her, he would never be able to harden his heart …

Love is like a tide, either retreating or rising, but always surging with passion.

Love like fine sand, the waves splashed up layers of waves, hit the sand more delicate and smooth, held in the palm of the hand, is the eternal collection of memories with the wind...

At the ends of the earth, there is a search. That is persistence, that is my most true love.

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